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Well here is the situation A few months back one of my best friends and a local safford boy was murdered in cold blood by his own biological dad, he has left behind 3 wonderful boys and a beautiful daughter.


On November 20th at Graham County fairgrounds we will be having a fund raiser for these kids held by the 50 yarders. there will be a horseshoe tournament a ton of food, jumping castles for the children who attend and a raffle and all proceeds go to help the family out. I know some of you live to far to make it but what I am asking is if anybody would like to donate any thing for the raffle or just to donate your help would be greatly appreciated.


One of the reasons I love this site is because so many good people are on here so if you would like to help just pm me and I can give you the name and number of the treasurer of the 50 yarders or you can deal with me directly


THANK YOU COUESWHITETAIL.COM and I hope I didnt cross any lines by posting this Amanda



Thanks all for taking the time to read this

Cory Barker


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