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Chevy Truck Owners

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Might be forced into buying (yes forced, long story) a 2008 4.8L Silverado 1500 4x4 soon and I am looking for some real world input on fuel economy. EPA estimates are 14 city and 18 HWY but those usually just get you close. Also, this truck has a 6 inch lift with big tires (not sure what size yet) and I would like to know how much that is going to hurt the fuel economy.


Anyway, if anyone has this motor in their truck can you please let me know what kind of mileage you are getting. If you have one with a lift, even better.



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2002 Dodge Dakota Reg. cab

4.7 liter v-8

3 inch lift

gas is little on the negative side but it does what i want when i want and i can move anywhere like a jeep :D

city:15 highway:18

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