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Can anybody tell me WHY

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Other than 100% pure politics, WHY did the NRA get involved in the approval of the Jennifer Martin appointment to the G & F Commission?


I think the 11 organizations that Amanda listed on the other thread should be encouraged to educate their members (newsletter, website, meetings, etc) about what the NRA did. Hopefully these organizations have a lot of members who are also NRA members and hopefully they will feel inclined to contact the NRA and voice their displeasure over the NRA's actions/tactics.


For those of you who are unaware, a 7 member senate committee was set to vote 6 - 1 to not approve the appointment. At the last minute (literally, the morning before the meeting), the NRA got involved and was successful in swinging 3 of the nays to yeas and the rest is history. :P


There is nothing we can do about it now but hopefully we can make enough noise to prevent this type of thing from happening again or at least make organizations think twice before they consider doing this again in the future.


As for me, I am going right to the horses mouth and am going to contact the 2 NRA field reps in AZ. In case anyone else is interested, their names are:


H. Dean Hall (480) 664 - 9222 dhall@nrahq.org

J. P. Nelson (480) 357 - 4057 jnelson@nrahq.org


Sorry to bring this up again, it is just still really bothering me.


I do not know what I will do if the G & F moves forward with their proposed changes. With all the difficult issues they have to deal with, they choose to focus on putting more people in the field during hunting season and reducing overall hunter success rates. It is about enough to make a person boycott the government all together. How much would a little ranch cost somewhere to get away from it all? CB

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Here is an email I received back in Febuary. David



Dear Fellow Sportsmen and Women,



The National Rifle Association's decision to support Jennifer Martin's nomination for the Arizona Game and Fish Commission has resulted in unnecessary turmoil.


The NRA strongly supported a candidate for the commission, Nancy Lewis, who we felt had the experience, know how, and knowledge to sit on the commission and best represent hunters.


The governor nominated Jennifer Martin instead of Lewis, leaving the NRA with three choices: A) narrow-mindedly oppose Martin's nomination, :P support the nomination, or C) stay neutral.


Opposition to a governor's nominee should generally be reserved for those rare occasions when some sort of conflicting ideology is unearthed--such as dogmatic subscription to the animal rights agenda--that could potentially negatively impact hunting or wildlife conservation in Arizona. Yes, staying neutral is always safe, but there are those occasions when it's better to weigh in.


After I met with Ms. Martin, I recommended that the NRA support her nomination. She is extremely qualified, competent and we're confident she will represent the best interests of hunters and the rights of gun owners.


She is strongly pro hunting and sees hunting as an important, integral part of wildlife management. She strongly believes in expanding the opportunities for the hunter who can't afford $50,000 sheep hunts and $20,000 elk hunts. This is critical to the future of hunting in Arizona, and during my interview she discussed several ways of expanding hunting opportunities in the state.


She rejects even the concept of landowner tags, which elite, wealthy hunters would love to see come to Arizona. She supports proactive conservation projects like those that are accomplished by the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, FNAWS, DU, Arizona Desert Bighorn Sheep Society, The National Wild Turkey Federation and the many other outstanding groups that work tirelessly on behalf of this great state's wildlife.


She strongly supports the philosophy that Arizona hunters should come first, before out-of-state hunters. She strongly supports existing shooting ranges and the development of new shooting ranges.


This is just a sample of the issues I discussed with Ms. Martin.


Coupled with her past employment by the Arizona Game and Fish Department and her clear understanding of the issues it faces today, she will make a great contribution to the commission.


The folks who oppose Ms. Martin so vehemently have never stated any real reason to oppose her. They attempt to say that she has no knowledge of the issues. This is utter nonsense. Ms. Martin understands the issues important to hunters and conservationists and if you talk to her yourself you will agree.


The leadership of the group opposing her are the same folks that brought you the following political shenanigans:


1) The ?million dollar prop 102 boondoggle?. They spent over $1,000,000 of your money on a failed attempt to pass the wildlife initiative which lost by over 20 percentage points!


2) The Governor's symposium on elk, which was nothing more than a veiled attempt to sell the concept of landowners tags to hunters. Thankfully hunters saw through the smokescreen.


3) They supported the sale and /or lease of all or part of the Ben Avery Shooting Facility. Thankfully they failed, but only because the NRA exposed them.


4) They vehemently opposed the Ben Avery Protection Bill in the legislature two years ago and lost without getting even ONE vote. The bill passed unanimously!


5) They support a bill in the current legislative session that would gut the authority of the AZG&FCommission, which creates a new "committee" to control wildlife projects in AZ -- SB1300.


It's important to know the process. Nominations to the G&F Commission are just that, nominations. It is NOT an election, and the most popular person doesn't necessarily get the seat. The Governor and the Senate have the right to confirm or reject the nomination. "We the people" can be heard on the nomination and if so desired, we can try to influence the Governor and the Senators. But that's where it ends.


Those who oppose Ms. Martin are working overtime to convince you a nominee can be forced on the governor. Even if this group manages to get the votes to deny Martin's confirmation, why would the governor suddenly change her mind and "hand" them the person they want, when the same people just trashed her first choice?


Political amateurs like this, who are either ignorant of the process or deliberately misinforming you, could well force a nominee onto the commission who doesn't know anything about hunting and fishing, intent on closing the Ben Avery Shooting Facility and granting landowner permits to everyone who holds a cattle lease.


Please support Jennifer Martin and call you senators to let them know you do.


You can find out who your senator is by calling 1-800-352-8404.


Also, please contact the members of the AZ Senate Natural Resources Committee and tell them you are a hunter and a sportsman or woman who supports Jennifer Martin's nomination.

Members of the AZ Senate Natural Resources Committee:


Senator Jake Flake, Chairman (Republican) jflake@azleg.state.az.us

Senator Robert Blendu, Vice Chairman (Republican) rblendu@azleg.state.az.us

Senator Tim Bee, Member (Republican) tbee@azleg.state.az.us

Senator Marilyn Jarrett, Member (Republican) mjarrett@azleg.state.az.us

Senator Marsha Arzberger, Member (Democrat) marzberg@azleg.state.az.us

Senator Robert Cannell, Member (Democrat) rcannell@azleg.state.az.us

Senator Rebecca Rios, Member (Democrat) rrios@azleg.state.az.us


Please call and email today!


Thank you




Todd Rathner


Member, NRA Board of Directors


Chairman, NRA Hunting and Wildlife Conservation Committee

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