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my dec 2011 buck

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this hunt for me in 36c was a memorable one and a very very fun one! long story short, i saw my buck on fri the 29th at about noon around 2000 yards away! moved on him but couldnt get a shot. next day me and my dad went to the same spot i had glassed him up the day before and found him again! i took my first shot at 385 yards. he jumped and ran 10 yards towards me, took my second shot. he jumped hunched his back and layed right down! i then began to glass him up. to my dismay he was still moving his head around! took my third shot at 345 and he jumped up and walked 3 yards and layed down again! this time i was sure he was down! but no! still lookin around! at this i walked until i got to about 85 yards across a ravine and layed down and got him in my sights! took my shot! he stopped moving. i thought i had got him... until he moved his head again. at this i leveled my sight lower on his back and my 30'06 did the rest! he jumped and landed on his back with his legs up in the air! i had got my buck! when i got to him i thought i was a terrible shot! but when i looked, he had 4 distinct holes in him. 2 in his chest, 1 of those the final kill shot. 1 through his neck. and one a little back on him. this buck had no desire to die!

i am blessed to have been able to take a buck and go out as many days as i was with my friends and family! thanks to all who helped on here and in person!

though this buck may not be ginormous, he was the largest buck i saw in 2 weeks and it was a very fun and successful hunt!post-6120-0-93200800-1325717770_thumb.jpg


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NIce Buck. I also like the mass he carries. Every Coues is cool in some way..........congrats.

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