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NM Non-Resident Tag Increase

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My Dad went over to NM today to do a little scouting and buy his license for the upcoming turkey hunt. He just called to inform me the cost of a license and tag went up $65. It will now cost $175 for non-residents to hunt turkey in NM.

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I guess this $65 increase is for all big game species. Here is what I found on their website regulations under important changes. On last year’s license it called small game and was optional for non-residents.


1. All Hunters Must Purchase A New License

All hunters wishing to purchase or apply for any big

game or turkey license, MUST FIRST PURCHASE

an annual Game-hunting License or combination

Game-hunting and Fishing License. By itself, a

Game-hunting License is valid for hunting all small game,

both upland and migratory game birds. The purchase of

a Game-hunting and Fishing License is valid for fishing

in addition to hunting small game.

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$175.00 for a turkey tag is a big jump. But it is $221.50 for a non resi tag in Az, and it is a draw. Most of the units in NM are otc for shotgun or archery. Plus the second tukey tag was $10.00, not sure if that went up too, but 2 tukeys for $185 is way better than AZ.

I'm just glad AZgfd is increasing the otc spring archery turkey tags each year. I can't afford the gas to get over to NM anymore.

Thanks for the heads up.

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