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Brothers jr hunt 2012 93" coues buck

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We started the first morning of the hunt by glassing a canyon where we have always found big bucks, however we looked for several hours and only found a couple does with two little forkies . My dad brother and I decided to walk further down the mountain where we had some luck last year. My dad and brother split off from me and I started glassing on my own, within a couple minutes I had found another little buck that walked right out of a little ravine. I watched him for a while and suddenly a huge buck walked right up to him. I found exactly where he was in my Vortex Kaibab 15's and called my dad and brother and told them to hurry up to where I was, I had found a shooter buck. By the time they got down to me I had the deer ranged at 450 yards. We decided that was to far of a shot for my brother, so my dad and him got everything they needed had quietly walked down the mountain to 300 yards. The wind was blowing hard and my brother missed. He shot three times and I watched every bullet miss the big deer and watched him and the little buck run over the ridge. We looked for some more deer only to see a couple little bucks and called it a day and headed back to camp. The next morning we walked down to the same exact spot as where he had missed the day before. My brother and dad spit up from me once again going on the other side of the mountain. Within minutes I found a little buck which looked to me like the little buck I had seen with the deer we missed yesterday. I focused on him knowing that there was a good chance he was with another buck. I watched him for about 15 minutes before seeing a coues butt sticking out of a tree. It was hard to see but I could make out some pretty nice antlers and called my brother and dad to hurry up and get down to where I was once again. My dad and brother got down to me and we got his tripod with his swarovski 15's on the deer. This time me and my brother snuck down the ridge and got to within 350 yards. We waited and waited but the deer had bedded down and we couldn't find them. Then my brother and I finally pinpointed where the big deer was, however he never got up. Eventually the little buck got up and walked down the ridge and disappeared to reaper 30 minutes later this time 10 yards in front of us which was pretty cool to watch. I wondered if the big buck had gotten up and possibly snuck off with out us seeing him, but my dad assured me he hadnt taken his eye off of where he was and that he was still there. We waited from 11:30 am to 3:30 pm and finally there he was he had stood up! We had waited him out I got my brother on the tripod and he aimed his way. I quickly went over with him the wind factor and where exactly to aim. The deer turned broadside and bang first shot rang out, miss I told him calm down make a good shot. 2nd shot Bang, the deer ran down the mountain about 40 yards and fell over. My dad called right away and said you guys got him, he's down!! We were all realy excited all our hard work had paid off. post-9264-0-74447800-1351113026_thumb.jpgpost-9264-0-95827300-1351113030_thumb.jpg

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