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3A-3C General Mule Deer Hunt Success! Big Bucks!!

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Koury Guide Service had 5 clients for the general deer hunt in unit 3A-3C for 2012. The hunt started and on the opening evening Tyler S. from California harvested his first Mule Deer. We glassed this buck at about 3:30 in the afternoon with five other bucks. They were 660 yards when they stood up to start eating for the evening, we were able to close the distance to around 479 yards before we ran out of cover to hide in. We dialed the scope and Tyler's first shot went just high but the second shot hit the mark and Tyler had just killed his first mule deer. Here are some pics of his great deer.


Here is a couple pictures of Tyler's deer from some video we took in early August 2012.


Kill Photos of Tyler's buck!



Check out the video of Tyler's mule deer hunt. ENJOY!!!!

Tyler's father Jack and younger brother also had the same tag and after glassing up some nice buck but just not being able to close the deal they all headed back to California to work and get back to school. They were to be back on Friday morning and to hunt the last three days of the hunt. So I headed over to help a friend and also my guide Josh that was guiding two hunters for me. While helping Josh try to find a buck they had located earlier in the morning we located this buck right at dark and Jake made a great shot at just over 300 yards as last light was fadeing to anchor this beautiful 4x4.jake+patterson+005+copy.jpgAfter Jake had killed next up was Joel his father. Joel had taken a back seat so far so his son Jake could kill first but now it was his turn on the gun. Josh had located a wider buck that Joel wanted to shoot and called me for a little help in watching the deer while they closed the distance for the shot. As they stalked the deer he decided it was time to get up and move over the ridge he was bedded on. After the buck went out of site Josh, Jake and Joel made the move to in position for the evening when the buck would get back up and start feeding. Around 1:30 josh glassed up the nose of a mule deer at approx 275 yards from there location, they got Joel ready and when the buck finally stood it was all over for this great 4x4.


With a couple days before Jack and Alex would be back from California to hunt I went over to help a good friend that was having a little trouble finding a good deer. I walked into an area with Pat that usually holds some good bucks. After 45 minutes of glassing I had located a very tall 3x4 with 5 other bucks. After looking over all the bucks Pat decided he wanted to try and harvest the tall 3x4 so the hunt was on. This buck walked over a small ridge where he was out of our site just about the time we though he was going to bed. We had the move and glassed this buck in his bed and Pat made the perfect shot on this bedded buck. Here is a picture of Pat's buck from August of this year.


Here are some kill shots of Pat's buck!



Here is the video of Pat's hunt! ENJOY!!!!Friday morning all of the California boys were back and Alex was next on the gun. After walking into a back canyon I glassed 6 bucks and there was a 3x4 that Alex decided he wanted to shoot. We made a short stalk and then Alex made a great shot at almost 300 yards to anchor this awesome buck. Alex is 15 and this was his first Mule Deer also. Here are a couple pictures of his buck from a prior video of the buck.



Here is a kill photos of Alex's first Mule Deer!


Video of Alex's hunt! ENJOY!!!!

With both of his kids tagged out it was finally Jacks turn. Me and Jack hunted a spot where I had a really large buck that was very hit and miss for the first evening after Alex killed with no luck. The next morning we hunted the same spot but with only two days left we did not have time to loose just looking for the giant, so I had my two boys go to another area and glass for a good buck. At about 7:45am I got the call "Dad you need to get to us, we have a possible shooter". After a quick trip to there location they had found a buck that I had seen earlier in the hunt and he was a very large 3x4. After Jack looked at this buck through the spotting scope he decided to hunt this buck. We thought this buck would be the low 170's as a 3x4 and we were right on. As me ad Jack closed the distance my two boys stayed back and burned some video of this awesome buck. Just as we were getting ready to shot this buck in his bed wild horses got this buck and his friend up and had them running down the ridge quickly. With a well placed rushed shot Jack had just completed the 3 for 3 quest on AZ Mule Deer.

Here are some pics of Jacks buck.




Here is the video of Jacks buck ENJOY!!!

I would like to thank all my hunters for the chance they gave us to make there AZ Mule Deer Hunt a success. A HUGE CONGRATS to all our General Deer Hunters, you guys were awesome!!!5204296356815905627-5915929978990892878?l=kouryguideservice1.blogspot.com


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Looks like the burn didn't hurt the game population much, just opened things up so you can glass, nice job tagging out your hunters. My family hunted an old burn my Dad drove a water truck on when he was 14, we hunted it for 25 years after that and always found stuff to shoot.

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