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WTB - Outdoorsmans Pistol Grip head and/or Medium Tripod.

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I am looking for a new or used Outdoorsmans Pistol Grip tripod attachment, as well as one of their tripods (preferably the medium size), and possibly their Pan Head attachment.


If you have any of these items and would be interested in letting it go, please let me know and we'll make a deal.


Similarly, if you have a tripod and/or a pan head attachment for sale from a different shop or manufacture please let me know. I might be interested in something outside of the Outdoorsmans line, depending on model, price, and condition.


Thank you for checking out my post and have a great day!


- Jon P.




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You might try calling Outdoorsmans directly.....I was just speaking to Cody Nelson at the store and he said they had some used stuff in stock....Outdoorsmans is a longtime sponsor of this site and as you know they make some great gear. So give the store a call and maybe they will have some discounted used gear you can use. You can get their number off their website:


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Good thought CouesWhitetail, I spoke with Cody a few weeks ago and he didn't mention any used gear...I'll bring it up the next time I get a chance to call. Thank you azslim as well.

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