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Gun yard sale plus some pics added

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This is probably isn't a good idea well getting rid of it is just not all at one time. Oh well if you want pictures it will be tomorrow I left my camera in the office. I'm not funding another project this stuff just does not get used hopefully it all finds a good home. I guarantee that everything I own has scratches on it they are for go not show. Also I don't want to break anything up like sell the bullets or dies separate You can email me direct at concretepete1@gmail.com or simply just call me at 602-931-1869 I live in Goodyear

Thanks for looking, oo=original owner



Up 1st.SOLD Sig Sauer stx 45 acp original owner shot 20 times I believe It has 2 clips oo $900.00


2nd SOLD Browning a-bolt 243 wssm with base and rings I have maybe 15 rounds and some brass and dies for it. 00 $475.00


3rd marlin 17 mach 2 with base and rings bull barrel also have some bullets for it $300.00


4th Howa 22-250 bull barrel big bushnell scope lots of bullets to go with it. $500.00


5th Winchester 30-30 buffalo bill addition with some bullets $500.00


6th Sig sauer mosquito 22lr OO $325.00


7th Remington 700 custom shop 300 weatherby with brake and leupold 8.5x25x50x30mm $1750.00

With bullets

8th custom 257 weatherby on weatherby action Dave Vanhorn built it no scope but bullets,dies,brass,load data OO $1200.00


9 Shepard scope 3x10x40 $350.00


10 leupold 3.5x10x50x25mm heavy duplex $400.00


11. Garmin rhino gps 120 radio's (2) OO $220.00


12 Garmin gps 12xl OO $75.00


13. Pse super short 23-26 draw 50# bow was wife's to short axle to axle for her. Sights $350.00


14 Browning a-bolt 300wsm wood furniture leupold 4.5x14x40 b&c reticle absolute tack driver with custom load data this one has a lot of scratches only if they could talk. $800.00


pic 1 257 weatherby

Pic 2 remington 300 weatherby

3. Browning 300wsm

4. Howa 22-250


Thanks For Looking









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All are right handed, the twist not sure shoots 85grain bullets great, and pics will be tomorrow when I get my cmera from the office.


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Just did some reading on these.ill take them pending meet up location.

My contact info is on here just let me know

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