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MDF Phoenix chapter has proudly adopted the Gold Bar Ranch! Through the AZGFD Adopt-a-ranch program. We will have our first project later this month (July 25, 26 & 27, 2014). We are restoring & cleaning a historic ditch that is fed by the Hassayampa River. The ditch feeds the private lake, campground and alfalfa fields on the Gold Bar and returns to the Hassayampa downstream. We will be shoveling out soot that has built up in the ditch, removing any downed foliage that is present, patching any concrete cracks and replacing culverts. Please bring shovels, work gloves & pruning shears. Our goal is to have the two mile ditch debris free for optimal flow above and below the ranch. The ditch and lake are used by all wildlife in the area (prime Mule Deer habitat). The private campground will be our camp. Amenities include restrooms, showers, electrical hook ups for trailers & access to the privately stocked lake and ranch. So bring a fishing pole and tackle for down time. We hope to see some new faces and make new friends!


For more info about the Gold Bar Ranch contact owner/operator Ella McCracken.

Or visit their website



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