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AES Banquet meeting Schedule

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Hello everyone,


I thought that I would post the schedule of the AES Banquet Committee meeting schedule. I know that a few of you have come to the meetings, THANKS! We could sure use a lot of new faces to help out, the more the merrier. I am not going to kid you, it is work but we have fun doing it. The rewards to Arizona's Elk and other wildlife are great. This also help's to fund our Youth Education/Hunts events as well.


Banquet mtg schedule 2015.pdf



Banquet Meeting Schedule



Jan 7th – Shriners 6:30

552 N 40th St. Phoenix AZ. 85008

Jan 14th- Bass Pro Shops 6:30

1133 N Dobson Rd. Mesa, AZ. 85201

*Jan 19th – Shriners 6:30

Jan 28th –Shriners 6:30

Feb 4th – Shriners 6:30

Feb 11th - Shriners 6:30

*Feb 16th – Shriners 6:30

Feb 25th – Shriners 6:30

Mar 7th Sort Day – Location/Time TBD


*** These meeting dates are scheduled on a Monday

- Banquet Saturday, March 21, 2015 –

Any questions, please feel free to call:

Jen Godbehere – Banquet Chair

Cell: (623) 693-4990

Email: jen.azelk@gmail.com

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