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Mathews Heli-m $550-SPF

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Mathew Heli-m 70lb 27" cam with the D loop its about a 28inch draw, comes with a trophy ridge crazy 8 sight, trophy ridge whisker biscuit rest, peep sight, d loop, stabilizer, and upgraded focus grip.

Great little hunting bow with archery season right around the corner.







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^ No kidding. I am looking for a reason to buy another backup...


The problem with shooting a Mathews is, you don't have much use for a backup.. :)


Good luck with the sale on a great bow.

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willk if you like to try it i have it with me i am in the valley this weekend, mathews seem to run long in there draw length and if it would not work the way it is i would let it go for the 50 differance so you could get a cam. give me a call 928-965-5388 thanks norm...

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