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Does anybody NOT buy scent free products for archery hunts?

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I pretty much have bow hunted since I started hunting. I have spent lots of time in the woods hunting, scouting, photographing and taking video.

My take - The scent free wash is good but you must put the clothes, immediately, in a zip lock. Using scent destroying spray and especially powder helps. Using the scent free wipes helps. Using cover scent helps. I use the natural plants rubbed on and it helps.

If you are challenging a mature representative of the species, and usually his girl friends, at close range THE WIND IS YOUR BEST FRIEND.

My thoughts are that if I get in a situation where you need just a few more seconds to be successful the above products will help. Many times during hunts those extra seconds are the difference between the quarry blowing out and success. I am not obsessive but I know what works for me from experience.


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