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Gila Wilderness Hunting

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I utilized Tommy's scouting services this year (2007) for my Burro Mountain Coues Deer hunt (a unit 23 subunit).

Tommy provided me with ample information about the unit, gps coordinates and a very detailed map. We chatted on the phone and he shared a bunch of information about the unit and what I should expect.

Going in I knew where to camp, where to glass, where to find deer...everything but where to s_ _ t (I figured that out by watching a bear).


Well, anyways...I got a few weekends of scouting under my belt and validated everything Tommy said. I got to my glassing spot a bit late on opening day (7:30 a.m.), I glassed for a whole hour (sarcasm) before seeing the nice 3 point that I then shot.


The deer isn't a monster but, it is the trophy I chose to take. I'm very pleased with the deer and grateful for the help that Tommy provided.


Tommy, I hope to get the chance to hunt in your neck of the woods again...Thanks for the help!

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Ok....since it's man law...here's a photo....my apologies, the camera I took into the field was not up to the task and I had to take a photo back at camp with the backup camera.

I'll have to try and add photo as an attachment since I don't know what the heck I'm doin'....if it don't work...oh well.


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Wow...Tommy & Vini...teaming up! That's fantastic. I know I'm a little late in reading this, I've been in a BIG DARK CAVE!


Anyways, I need to tell the CWT.COM World about MY experience in Tommy and his mapping service. But before I do, I noticed a lot of posts about what a great guy Tommy is. How good of a job he does. And then to hear my pal vinihunt is going to join him???!!! I was like what the...????


And folks, I've got to tell you that that was the best news I read today! I couldn't be happier.


Back in...oh a few years ago...I was still trying to shoot a deer with a bow. After several unsuccessful seasons and fails stalks and attempts, Tommy suggested I come over to Ole NM and he'd get me lined up! So my good friend Allen and I, et al...drove to NM. With the info tommy provided me I FINALLY harvested my first deer with a bow the first afternoon I was there. That was probably the happiest I'd ever been to shoot anything. A nice 3x3. 15 yards...and I owe it all to the help and guidance of one Tommy Maldonado. Thanks again Tommy. I'll be back again one day and this time I have elk on the menu!


Scott G.


PS- On the morning hunt I screwed up a stalk on a 170" class buck. Tommy knows where to put you.

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Bumping this post to see if this is still available. This is an awesome idea and service for most DIY hunters who can't get time to scout. I wish someone in Arizona did this( hint, hint)

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