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AZ Ground Pounders

Archery Giants with AZ Ground Pounders

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Good friends Joe and Chuck decided to book their 2015 Early Archery Elk Hunts with the AZ Ground Pounders Outfitters. After months of scouting and preparation the AZ Ground Pounders were ready for the hunts.


Chuck struck first on the 7th day of the hunt with a beautiful 386 typical six by six bull. Chuck made a great shot and the Ground Pounders found the bull. Congrats to Chuck it was a pleasure to hunt with you!








During the second week of the hunt Joe's hunt turned epic when his typical bull was located by the Gound Pounders.  Joe finally made a great shot and killed the 406 inch typical six by six. The bull was truly a giant with 63 inch main beams and a 27 inch 4th point! Congrats to Joe on his typical bull of a lifetime!













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Awesome job guys. I like that the actual guide service hired found the bull, these days that's becoming less and less of the case. The ground pounders are really impressive, and in my eyes seem to be one of the hardest working guide services in the state. I have a feeling in a couple more years their name will be at the front of names mentioned when it comes to guides as it should be. These dudes do it the old fashioned way, and that's on their own. I hope i get to meet you guys someday in the field and say hi. It's always an honor to meet guys doing it the way you guys still do things, and that's on your own minus the dog and pony show. Hats off to the hunters and you guys!!!

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