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Kuiu Icon Pro 7200 Pack...who has it? Question for you.

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My brother recently ordered and received his Icon Pro 7200 pack. Last night we were packing it up and he pulled up the Kuiu video on the Icon Pro 7200 that shows off all the features






In the video, which was published in 2013, there are two buckle compression straps on the bottom of the bag that can be used for attaching a sleeping pad or something similar.


On my brothers Icon Pro 7200, he doesn't have those straps on the bottom of the bag. He is also missing an internal zippered pocket that is shown in the video as well.


He called up Kuiu today and asked for an explanation and they assured him that the new model, which he received, had those features taken off in the last update a couple years ago.


I find it odd that the straps on the bottom of the bag would be removed since I would think everyone would want that feature. I also find it odd that Kuiu would have an old model of the pack still in their warehouse.




Does anyone have a Kuiu Icon Pro 7200 that has those straps on the bottom?


My brother has the non-camo, phantom colored bag if that means anything.


Also, I have a couple items of clothing from Kuiu myself and have nothing but good things to say about them so far.


Thanks in advance

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