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Capt. Don Martin

Unit 18B Muzzlelaoder success with the Utah Boys!

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I had the pleasure of hunting with two of my friends from St.George Utah on the opening weekend of the HAM hunt in my favorite javelina unit, Unit 18B.


Dan Driggs and Bryan Beckstead, who was on his first ever javelina hunt, came down to spend some time in the Arizona Wildlife Outfitters camp.


I had to assist my brother on opening day, so I sent the boys off their own.


None of us did any good, but others in our camp filled out, so Gary was going to have some help the next day.


I wanted to be a good host, so on Day 2 I had the opportunity to go out with these two, who I affectionately call, "My Mormon Boys."


First place we stopped it didn't take Dan long to glass up a small herd up on a hillside about 700 yards away.


While I watched through the Swarovski spotting scope, (my knee was busted up and I couldn't hardly walk!) the boys made a move on the pigs but of course they moved around the mountain where I couldn't see them anymore.


When the boys got there I told them the pigs had moved and to look in the thick brush where they had gone. I told them if they didn't find them to use a varmint call to try and make them move.


Turned out to be good advice. They didn't see the pigs until after Bryan did a couple of calls. The pigs started huffing and clacking their teeth, and they moved out of the thick brush across onto a semi open hillside.


Dan got a shot at 160 yards and dropped his pig.


Bryan shot and just missed.


But he reloaded and his second shot was on the money at about the same range. Pretty good shooting by those guys with smokepoles!


Both pigs were good size. Dan's pig, which is the second one he's taken in the past 4 years, weighed 39.74 lbs. Bryan's beast, his first, weighed 40.05 lbs.






Glad the boys tagged out.


The second pair of "My Mormon Boys," Colby Adams and Roy Echols, will be coming in tomorrow for the start of the general rifle hunt.


Oh, on Wednesday, my brother connected on an "oops" pig. He though he was shooting at a big boar, when in fact he shot a small boar.


I don't wanna embarrass him, but I've taken jackrabbits that I think are bigger than that one!


Good hunting guys!


Don Martin

Arizona Wildlife Outfitters




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FYI, the Arizona Game & Fish offers HAM (Handgun-Archery-Muzzlelaoder) hunts every year in Unit 18B.


Don Martin

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All of my weights are always field dressed..


Don Martin

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