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A Fun Little Gun Followed Me Home

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The only experience I have with the 7.62x39 is in the SKS, Mini 30, and AK47 rifles. I have never been able to shoot better than about 6" groups at 100 yards, so I'm not a real fan of the round. It would also be a good introduction to accurate reloading because I know the bolt action will be more accurate than the semi autos and along the way the kid can learn brass prep and all of the tricks to reload properly and be able to see the results better than a round like the 223 that is far more accurate. For me I see it as an experiment or another hobby to get a round that has a not so good accuracy reputation and play around with to get to shoot better trying all of the home remedies like bedding, crown and reloading.

The 7.62 x 39 suffers for 2 reasons. The majority of the ammunition produced is intended to be inexpensive, not accurate. The majority of guns chambered for it were never intended to be highly accurate.


Take a look at its offspring. The .220 Russian has a respectable reputation. The .22 PPC & 6mm PPC have won plenty of matches. The 6.5 Grendel is performing well in AR rifles.


With a decent quality gun and handloading it can produce impressive results. I had a friend who shot the round in a Contender.


NOTE if handloading for the 7.62 x 39 the standard bullet diameter is 0.311 not 0.308 like 7.62 NATO.

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I have not started loading for it yet but will at some point. I am saving my lapua cases for loading.


I think the round is under rated too. For 300 and under on deer size game or smaller, I think it will perform well.

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I have a FS CZ-527 in .223 Remington that came with an absolutely beautiful Turkish Walnut tiger stripe stock...My guns are for shooting and I've pretty much made this my go-to rifle for mid-range predator hunting...carrying an old school wide angle 3x9 Redfield and using 55gr factory cartridges this gun easily shoots moa at 200yrds...would love to find a FS CZ-527 in 22 Hornet......


Like this one?



Very close but this is the rifle I'm looking for:


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