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2016 Trail Camera Photo and Video Contest!

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Hey All,

I thought it would be fun to have another Trail Camera photo contest.

We will have five categories and each person can submit up to 2 entries per category. To submit the photo, you must post in this thread and state which category you want the photo to be entered in. If you do not tell us which category you are intending the photo to be for, then it may not get included in the contest. You do not have to post all your photos at the same time, but please limit it to two entries per category and make it clear which category the photos belong to.

You may not submit a photo that was already submitted in any previous trail camera contest on CouesWhitetail.com. The photo does not have to be from this year, it just can't have been submitted to a prior contest on CouesWhitetail.com.

Again this year, we will have a video category. This is for unedited video taken by your trail camera that is 1 minute or less in length.

Prizes will include a two great items donated by Garmin.....a Fenix 3 multisport training GPS watch and a Garmin eTrex 20 GPS unit with the awesome AZ Huntview maps on it. For more info about these products, please see the following links:









We also have an Outdoorsmans Muley Fanny pack donated by Outdoorsmans. This is a great fanny pack!



I will also be donating a band new DLC Covert Trail Camera, some CouesWhitetail.com tshirts, some Havalon Knives and perhaps other items donated by our sponsors.

The plan is to narrow down the submissions to the top 5 for each category and then set up a poll so everyone can vote for your favorite in each category. This contest is always very popular! Don't forget about the trail camera video category!

Categories (submit up to 2 entries per category):

1. Best Coues Deer Photo
2. Best Non-Coues Deer Photo (includes all wildlife except Coues)
3. Funniest Trail Camera Photo
4. Best Wildlife Series (a series can be 2 or more photos taken in succession)
5. Best Trail Camera Video (these are unedited video clips from your trail camera, please keep videos less than 1 minute long)

To submit the photo, you must post in this thread and state which category you want the photo to be entered in. Do not post photos of photos on a computer. Submit the original photo. You may do slight cropping if you need to for some reason, but it has to be clear that it's a trail camera photo and not a photo of a photo on a computer screen.
For videos, please email the clip to me and I can upload it for you. amanda@coueswhitetail.com

Photos and videos must be submitted by November 30, 2016, 5 pm to be eligible.


You can look at some prior year's entries here:



or watch the summary video I made from all the entries from 2011:


Don't have a trail camera? Get one! I recommend the Covert brand which you can buy here at the store. In case you didn't know it, Covert has a wireless camera that is compatible with Verizon now!

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I was having trouble with rabbits getting in my garden until this bobcat started hanging around my yard.

Please enter in best non-coues category


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