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Gamegear clothing review

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Gamegear clothing review...

I'd like to first state I have no ties with gamegear clothing and have purchased the items I'm reviewing in this post. I'd like to pass on another option for guys as gear is evolving and it doesn't hurt to try new things. Gamegear is out of Utah and states their gear is made in the USA. They are a relatively newer clothing company but imo it doesn't show by the quality which I was very impressed with. I just got back from hunting Sitka blacktails on Kodiak island Alaska, which is one of the most brutal location when it comes to gear/clothing wear and abuse. It's full of alders, goose berries, and horrible wet footing that unless you haven't been there you might not understand (as I didn't). It's like a crossfit obstacle course full of sloppy footing and thorns catching you on most steps. The temps while I was there was lows in the 20's, highs in the 30's, rain, sun and snow all in a weeks time. On my hunt I wore the tala series and for the extreme conditions it performed better then I expected. The pant and jacket material is as tough as they get and extremely water repellent treated with dwr. I had heard rumors the tala material on the pants was loud but I never had an animal alert to my clothing noise and I was sneaking into several bucks during the trip. I never noticed any unusually louder noise from the pants vs other pants I've worn in the past. With gaiters and good boots i never once had water soak through either item and I stayed dry. The last day it snowed good on us and I stayed dry under the clothing. After the first day of the hunt I expected by the weeks end to have several rips and tears in the pants from the goose berries but was surprised to have none. Another great note on the pants for you taller guys is the lengths are extremely generous and no flooding if you get me. Also the base layers were extremely comfortable and kept me warm in the chilly temps when I stopped to glass. I also wore the poloma gloves which are well made, tough and great for bow hunting as they're a next to skin fit. I wore the hunting cap majority of the time, which is comfortable and they offer xxl sizes for guys with big domes like myself. I also wore the odina beanie which was nice but it ran a little small for my big head and didn't cover my lower ear lobes. One thing I like as well is the pattern which blends very well in most environments and will work in all environments imo as long as the hunter watches his movement. All in all I'm super pleased with this gear and for their gear pricing I think it's a great deal on great gear.... and I killed two Sitkas :-)

I'll be wearing this gear this January hunting coues in Az.





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Thanks for the review! Seen a few ads but have not heard anything until now. Really excited to see Made in USA hunting clothes. Hope they can stick around for awhile.

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