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Tracking Snow Fall and Precip

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I came across a great resource for tracking and viewing precipitation, snowfall, and snow depth. The site is RealEarth, the link is directed to a table of contents. There are hundreds of data sets (which they call Products) but the first four are what I thought most interesting.
Go to http://realearth.ssec.wisc.edu/products/ and click on one of the following options:
1. 1hr Precip Total
NEXRAD: 1Hour Precip (National Composite)
2. 24hr Precipitation Forecast
WPC 24hr Quantitative Precipitation Forecast (QPF)
3. 24hr Snow Depth
SNODAS (Snow Data Assimilation System) Daily Snow Layer Thickness Imagery from the NASA MODIS instrument, courtesy NASA NSIDC DAAC.
4. 24hr Snow Fall
SNODAS (Snow Data Assimilation System) 24hr Snow Accumulation Imagery from the NASA MODIS instrument, courtesy NASA NSIDC DAAC.

From there you can just click the "View in RealEarth™" link near the top of the page and go to the map. Or, specify a time frame from the additional links.

Once your on the map you can view the data and change the time frame under the "Products Tab on the bottom half of the left hand side.
All the layers are available through the map too. Jut click the little x to remove the product and a long list of products appears. For snow data; go to the 'Winter' tab.

To go directly to snow depth: http://realearth.ssec.wisc.edu/?products=SNODAS-Thickness

Its not my map, just thought it was cool and something the CWTers could use.


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