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Weatherby Vanguard Sporter 257 wby SOLD

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This is a two year old rifle. Been on two successful Coues hunts. This is the latest vanguard version with improved trigger. And that's a big upgrade. I had the older vanguard before. Worst trigger ever. This is easily adjustable and has no creep and a nice break. Still surprises me. Has a beautiful walnut stock rose cap. Blued barrel not matte which makes for a nice looking rifle that doesn't scratch on each tree branch
The recoil lug is bedded from the factory. An improvement they do on sporter model. It's a #2 barrel 24 inch
1:10 twist There are very minor blemish from field. Can't even get them in pics
Barrel was broken in with a 30 round process. Cleaned after each round first 18 rounds then after each three to 30
Only shot one factory box. Spire point. The cheap ones $39 a box. Shot MOA
I hand load and can give you load for Barnes TTSX that this rifle loves
I've taken two coues with this rifle and Barnes. Deadly. 370 yard and 330
I know here are plenty of good coues caliber but I'll put the 257 up against any. Zero at 200 and shoots flat out to 500. You can use holdover easy without a fancy scope. Hits like a truck. But recoil is very shootsble
I love this rifle. I'm only selling because I moved to a mark V 257 wby
I'll attach a target at 100. Sub MOA. The one round higher and left is oiled barrel. The three group is after fouler oiled shot cooled
These rifles are $800 or more retail
$500 NO bases or rings

Rife and Leupold dovetail rings and bases $550
No sling no box









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Hard to pass up, if I was still capable of big game hunting this would be my rifle. I have seen them sell at $850, super deal for anyone who need a big game rifle. Good luck on he sell apache12.

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Great gun in a great round. Someone needs this.

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I have a 257 already, but in plastic.

I just want your stock !

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Dennis. Just saw your reply. IM in phx. But I have a buyer set to meet Friday. I'll txt you if it falls through

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