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Remington 700 6.5X284

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I have a very nice rifle for sale. This is a Remington Model 700 with a 26" Apex barrel chambered in 6.5X284. The barrel is free floated and the action is bedded on aluminum pillars in one of the most beautiful walnut stocks you will find.


The rifle has a Timney trigger set at 2 lbs. and was recently re-blued in a matte finish. All work was done by Horns Custom Rifles.


The scope is a Leupold Long Range 6.6-25X50 matte finish. The scope has a 30 mm tube and is mounted in Night Force light weight rings on a Seekins 20 MOA rail. Trifle has approximately 200 rounds down the barrel.


This package includes:


100 once fired Lapua brass.

250 140 grain Berger Pro Hunter bullets

75 140 grain Nosler Long Range Accubonds

35 140 grain Sierra Match Kings

Redding micrometer seating die

RCBS FL die set




Call or text 928-853-2119















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