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2017 Desert Buck

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I was able to add another solid desert buck to my collection this weekend. It was a tough 2 days of hunting seeing a ton of smaller bucks, deer and quail hunting pressure, and my target bucks disappearing (as usual). Finally turned one of them up about 3 miles from where I had last seen him. Made a move and got in TOO close as he was up feeding and bumped him. Made a off hand shot at 250 yards and he stopped/slowed down long enough for me to run about 75 yards closer and put him down for good. Best of luck and happy hunting to you all. post-11766-0-55304900-1511363423_thumb.jpg post-11766-0-25499000-1511363430_thumb.jpg post-11766-0-10273000-1511363438_thumb.jpg

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