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So a friend of mine asked me to take her hunting earlier this year. She has never hunted before. I put her in for a hunt that is pretty much a guarantee draw near town in case we could only do day trips. Our busy and opposite schedules made it difficult to practice shooting as she was borrowing my uncles .243 but I wasn't too concerned since she said she shot handguns and AR's before.


Unfortunately, she had a family illness that kept her out of the State for several months. When she returned we were only able to practice two times and only out to 100 yards before the hunt. I also found out that the AR she had shot was a .22 so the .243 was the largest caliber she has been around. Needless to say I was a little nervous.


During the hunt she had a steep learning curve. This isn't "hiking". We get up early. No door slamming. No loud conversations as we walked or glassed. Watch the wind. Walk slow with your head up. Pay attention, etc. To her credit she learned quickly and stayed out for eight days, only coming into town once. She even spotted deer several times before I did. She had a blast glassing and schleping up the hills.


There were about five opportunities to shoot at some bucks. On the second day my brother was with us and we spotted a really nice buck at about 250 yards. She couldn't find him with just her eyes. When she did finally see him, he began to walk away and she couldn't find him in the scope. By the time she got him in the scope, he was about 350-400 yards away. Too far for her to shoot. This was repeated several times for the next few days.


On the fifth day I glassed up a spike and two does at 300 yards. Given the terrain, we could not get any closer. She said she felt comfortable taking the shot as the buck was broadside and stationary. My uncle and I weren't so sure but we let her. She shot twice at him. Missed. To be absolutely sure, and show her the right thing to do, we went to check as my uncle stayed back to watch. Nothing.


Day eight. She's still in good spirits and said she's in it till the end. My brother is with us again and we're on our way up another mountain. As I come over a small rise I spot a fork at 180 yards. He has no idea we are there. We get her in a sitting position with the tripod and wait for the buck to come out from the trees. The buck was initially walking away but he popped out broadside at 140 yards. Told her to breath, concentrate, put the crosshairs on him and squeeze. BOOM. Buck drops but it looked like a marginal hit. Tell her to get ready to put another round in him. The buck went into a small thick ravine. She finished him at about 30 feet.


I don't remember putting in this much effort for a deer hunt before. She was extremely grateful, excited, and a little emotional. She now has the bug and wants to try for mule deer next year. She'll be buying her own rifle and gonna put in lots of range time. If you've read the whole thing, thanks. I want to thank my dad, uncle, and brother for their help. My friend deserved the write up for sticking with it and having a great attitude.


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Well done

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Great story, Nice of you the help her out.


Congrats on a great buck.

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