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jacobo cortines

help for bow hunting near phoenix

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Hello everybody, i need some help, i am a hunter from Spain currently living in phoenix until February, i have got a over the counter deer tag for bow in December.

i have been looking to go hunting to unit 22 or 21, just because are close to where i live,  both have good acess (i don't have a truck to go far off road) and i  have just weekends to go hunting or scouting. Already have been scouting three weekends, hiking and camping in unit  22,  first one ,     i went to the left side of  highway 87 in Sunflower, i hike about 7 miles and camp in high spot to glass,  i didn't see any deer but a lot of tracks. Second time i went to Tonto basin, right side of the 188 rd in the way of Roosevelt lake, i saw just two mule does in the hills but i did see and a lot of track . the 3ª weekend i crossed the rio Verde just below the horseshoe dam and hike a few mile into the Mazatzal wildenest, i saw again just too doe mule deer and 2 doe White tail deer, but i didn't see many tracks.

This weekend i will try 21 to go to the left side of Seven spring road, trail 245 in Onx map, near to Camp Creek.


It is been very difficult to me decide where to go,  i am not looking for a big trophy, i don't mind if it a mule deer o coues, i just want to have some fun and at least try to spot and stalk once in Arizona before i go back home, i am already having a great time jus scouting such a nice mountains. 

If someone can give some help, not saying that i want a honey hole but meaby some better areas to look for or any other advise will be great.  my brother is coming all the way from spain just for the hunt and it would be great at least see some bucks.

we will try to film the hunt and posted in our hunt channel in youtube " Certeros Ballesteros " it is all about hunting and fishing video in Spain.

thanks all!

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Keep looking as they are around. I have found they will find a little pocket away from the well traveled areas and hunker down. If you will be happy with a small buck or spike, look for the girls. The bigger bucks won't be there. At least not the Muleys in Dec. You will always find them wherever you happen to find them. .  If your binos aren't your best friend, get a new friend. 22 can be tough as it gets pounded for the same reason you are looking at it. Hiking two miles in will get you into some prime areas and give you an opportunity to chase something.

Good luck.

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