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Tagged my first coues

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Drew a unit 23 antlered whitetail tag for the late December hunt. I took a few days off of work and had my two closest buddies make the trip out to help me find a buck.

Friday produced nearly thirty deer, all does. Saturday afternoon at 1pm my buddies spotted a lone buck, the first we'd seen. Without knowing how big he was, I maneuvered in closer. 

Taking a look for the bedded buck:


He stood after I began my stalk:



He finally came into view at around 430pm. Knowing I had my friends with me for only one more day, I decided to pull the trigger on the 3x3. One shot at 460yds did the trick. 


The fun part:


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57 minutes ago, wildwoody said:

Nice buck, who has the fever now.

Thanks. I've had the fever for awhile now but could never finish. I had leftover tags for four straight years down south and only located a spike. Spent a few years overseas and missed out on hunting altogether. Came back last year and helped a buddy tag a good 90"+ buck on his December rifle hunt. It's been difficult but I get better every time. 

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7 hours ago, CatfishKev said:

Congrats. Is that a thunderbeast can?  Looks real  similar to mine. 

AAC SDN-6. Wish I had a direct thread can.

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