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2018 Athens Altitude ($500) *POSSIBLE TRADES* RH 30" 60-70lbs - Sand & Black

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0110192128.thumb.jpg.9c83d657424c0a0ec98f33694e1b1db3.jpgAWWWWWWESOME BOW!

Right handed

60-70lbs, 30" fixed draw cam specific

Sand color riser black textured limbs all factory.

Lifetime warranty for defects follows bow no matter how many owners!

342+ ibo

 33 1/8th ata

BH just under 6" i believe 

70lbs feels like 62 on 1 of these.

Super smooth draw cycle followed by sweet valley and then you hit solid wall NO HUMP 

Fast, Quiet, NO vibration. The only down side is next thing you will want 1 of each Athens to try. Nobody could shoot this and dislike it! 


Roughly $1k if you had bought bare bow new which was still good price for this quality. 


🎯$500 cash. I may consider trades to help get you in a Athens but prefer cash. Trades=optics, pistol, o/u 20 ga, semi auto 20 ga but honestly the smaller the item the better like a pistol 😂 

Parts were swapped for color purpose only so i did not time it since i dont a 30" dl guy will be the buyer if so i will time it. I have a 31" dl Altitude you can shoot if you want to see how they feel before you buy the 30" if 31" is practical for you to try! Threads=string and cables stay the same if you have to swap cams for dl.

 If you need shorter or longer you will need to buy cams i would do so used thru a Athens forum and then just sell these. Roughly $55-$85 for used k2 cams shipped then again just sell the 30's (C cams).👉 I can help get this done. A=31", B=30.5", C=30", D=29.5, E=29"...etc... I actually have a set of D=29.5" but they are Yukon Brown powder coated not black.


N.phx, i do not want to ship unless you pay paypal friend and add $50 shipping if out of state. In state you can wait and see what exact ahipping cost is with insurance.

















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$500 so now half price for a like new bow that is well worth the original retail price of $1k if you wanna compare to some of the big "names" and a heck of a lot sweeter to shoot then a few of them for sure, actually enjoyable.

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100% American🇺🇸 made and 100% warrantied against defects not stupidity for life with whoever owns it.

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2018 Athens Altitude. 100% American made. 100% lifetime warranty for manufacture defects. Simply a killer hunting or 3d bow. I can easily help you get correct cams if you are not 30" dl.

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