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20190608_203304.thumb.jpg.1ad250fdf02c34702ecbb2c294af2ed5.jpg20190608_203247.thumb.jpg.048b2b36ab7b75e2e253494e6bd0a8f9.jpg20190608_203221.thumb.jpg.e2f83dac3c5537d9d72b461e358bd862.jpgCleaning out the Safe. Need two make room and reduce some clutter.  I have the following:

I have 10 boxes of 40 Ammo. 680 rounds total, 250 rounds of Remington 155 JHP. 200 Federal 155gr. JHP, 50 of FMJ, 32 of Liberty Ultra, 8 JHP unknown Plus 90 rounds of winchester FMJ Herters 40sw FMJ, Remington, Remington 40 SW FMJ  $125.00








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3 minutes ago, antlers1972 said:

40 cal ammo$

I have Boxes of Federal 155 gr and Remington 155gr. Where are you located? I'm in Tucson. I think I have 10 combined boxes. Can post a pic of those tomorrow. 


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