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Today's update is more about Old Town. 

Home to French and Spanish influenced architecture, Plaza Machado is one of Mazatlán’s most eye-catching squares and the social centerpiece of Mazatlán’s Old Town. Come here to admire antique buildings, dine at stylish cafés and see local musicians perform.

Built in 1837 with money donated by wealthy Filipino merchant Juan Nepomuceno Machado, the square was a popular evening meeting place for locals in times gone by. Today, the surrounding buildings have been restored to their original splendor. Inspect the attractive colonial architecture, which is characterized by arcades, Parisian-style balconies and pastel colors. Some of these buildings house bars, cafés and restaurants with outdoor seating areas, ideal for casual diners who want to watch the world go by as they eat. Other buildings host shops that sell handicrafts and jewelry.


Dominating the center of the paved square is a 19th-century iron gazebo. Local musicians and bands often use the gazebo as a stage for free concerts. Enjoy the square’s ambiance from the comfort of a tree-shaded bench. Towering over the plaza are tall palms and rows of pretty orange trees.


Located just south of the square is the beautiful restored Angela Peralta Theater with its superb 800-seat opera-style concert hall that was named after one of Mexico’s most beloved singers whose winding life (and death) story involves a scandalous love affair, yellow fever, and a truly uncomfortable wedding.


María de los Ángeles Manuela Tranquilina Cirila Efrena Peralta Castera aka Ángela Peralta (1845-1883) was a world-famous soprano, composer, harpist, and pianist. At the age of 38, she arrived in Mazatlán to a rousing welcome, only to die of yellow fever soon after, along with 76 of her operatic troupe’s fellow members as well as many citizens of Mazatlán. She never got to sing in Mazatlan. Still, Peralta’s golden voice lives on in the theater that bears her name. 

Built in 1874 as the Rubio Theater, the grand opera house that is now the city's finest performance space had fallen into decline during the 1920s when the owner decided that the ornate theater was most profitable when showing films and hosting circuses and boxing matches. By the 60s, the space was completely unusable. After being shuttered for decades, the theater was completely renovated in 1992, bringing the space back to its lush operatic roots.

While she never performed there herself, ever since its restoration, the Ángela Peralta Theater has remained one of Mazatlán’s main attractions, supporting programming of a quality and caliber that give credit to Peralta’s name.


The city also supports the professional baseball team called the Mazatlán Venados (deer). They play in the 10-team Mexican Pacific League from October through December with playoffs in January. Some of the other cities in the league are Hermosillo, Cullican, Obregon, Navajoa and Los Mochis. The teams are comprised of mainly Mexican players with an allowance of a few foreign players per team. 


A game in Mazatlan's newly renovated stadium is a bit different than the ones here. It's like a big party with lots of activities during the games. They even have cheerleaaders, and the mascot, Venny, is a hoot. The giant screen does the kiss cam, and shows people in the crowd. There is so much going on, you can sometimes be distracted from the baseball game! 


The hotel usually puts a group deal together for a game. Cost is about $20 per head, which includes transportation, good seats right near the Venados' dugout and your drink of choice. A team leader of sorts goes along to organize everything. 

About transportation:

Pueblo Bonito EB runs a free shuttle bus every half-hour from early morning until about 10 p.m. to/from its sister resort in the Golden Zone. It's about a 12-15 min. ride. From there, plenty of places are within a short walk or buses with AC are available to take you anywhere you want to go.The fare is like 11 pesos, roughly 75-80 cents. 

Mazatlan is also the birthplace of the pulmonia (pneumonia) -- an open air taxi about the size of an old VW beetle. They are all over the city and cost a bit more than a standard taxi. Three people ride comfortable; four if two are skinny. Short hops are normally bout 40-50 pesos, and you usually get to enjoy loud music.  



Another update of more things to see or do manana. 

The next bid must be $700.

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Lest anyone forgets, the auction ends at 6 p.m. Sat., June 22. If anyone is planning on bidding just before the close, be aware that you might not be the only one. As I mentioned in the opening post the time stamp on late bids will determine the winner. 

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Today's update is a few more things to see and do:

The El Faro Lighthouse in Mazatlan is one of the highest (2nd highest?) lighthouses in the world. The 19th-century tower stands atop the Cerro del Creston, which at 523 feet (159 meters) above high tide, is one of the highest points in Mazatlan. At night, the bright beacon reaches a distance of around 35 miles. You can visit the lighthouse during the day via a moderately steep path that's smooth and then switches into 300 paved stairs. In addition to the  old lighthouse at the top of the hill, there are awesome views of the entire city.  





The malecon is about a 13-mile long seawall that runs the length of the main bay. It's the equivalent of a boardwalk, only it's all concrete.   


Along the malecon, there are many monuments and statues to see.  such as the Monument to Family, Pacifico Brewery monument, Pulmonia (taxi) monument, and the main monument in Mazatlán, the Fisherman's Monument.  




Folks walk, run, and bicycle on the malecon from early morning to late at night. There are a number of fabulous beach seafood restaurants next to the malecon to enjoy.  These range from palapas (open-air, palm-roofed structures) to full on buildings. 

If you are in the Golden Zone near the beach near Joe's Oyster Bar, you'll have a fabulous view of the malecon at night with the lights of the Avenida del Mar and the hotels.

Two years ago, the city of Mazatlán installed free Wi-Fi along the malecon. The network name is: "Un solo mazatlan por ti", and there is no password required.

The cliff divers also dive in the afternoon until early evening next to the malecon at a spot called El Punta de Clavadista (Divers Point). The tradition of diving here is said to have begun in the 1960s after a local man accepted a bet from his friend. 

So join the crowds that line up along the sea wall and marvel as the divers leap off a 45-foot (14-meter) high perch into a pool of water studded with dangerous rocks. The divers time their jumps with the arrival of an incoming wave to take advantage of the slightly deeper water. While it is technically free to watch, tips are welcome; many of the divers live off the money they earn for risking their lives.






Another update of more things to see or do manana. 

The next bid must be $700.


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man this is a great deal, too bad I have an elk tag and deer hunt(s) to go on with myself and kids.... too much time off from work.

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Pretty sure I’ve been sold on living there. If only I could convince my company  to let me work from home. I fished Comedero with my dad and cousin for a week when I was about 14 or 15 and the stories are not at all exaggerated. Big fish of the trip was 12lbs 2oz caught by my cousin. Whoever wins this is going to be very happy with their trip. 

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Here is the last from me of some other things to do or view. There's more, of course, but I'm getting worn out. 

Stone Island, also known as Isla de la Piedra, is a must for any new visitor to the area. The island is just southeast of Old Mazatlán and boasts a beautiful, long sandy beach bordered by coconut groves. It's one of the most popular day excursions for snorkeling, swimming and relaxing on the beach under a thatched palapa. You can even rent an ATV or horses and ride for miles along the Stone Island beach.


Unlike Mazatlan beaches where sneaky waves can make swimming dangerous, the water at Stone Island beaches, due to its protected location, is calmer and warmer, making the beaches popular with locals as well as visitors. Beachfront cantinas string up occasional hammocks along with tables and chairs set out under palapas to provide shade for customers and their ice-filled buckets of beer.


Though there are tours, it's easy to get here by water taxi – boats depart frequently (6 am to 6 pm) from the Playa Sur embarcadero (main port dock). Cost is about 30 pesos RT.


There's lots of golf available if that's your thing. There are four golf courses in Mazatlán: 

Estrella del Mar 
El Cid 
Marina Mazatlán 
Campestre (city owned 9-hole & not so hot)

There is also a new driving range, Pacific Golf Centre and Driving Range. 

Estrella del Mar golf course, designed by Robert Trent Jones, Jr., was built in 1996 and offers 18 holes of play on a championship layout. The Estrella del Mar golf course is located within an exclusive, gated community on the beach and is one of the top-rated golf courses in Mexico.



The El Cid golf course is the established golf course in the Golden Zone. It is actually three 9 hole golf courses: Marina, Moro, and Castilla. The Marina Course is a 9 hole, par 36 hole, 2243-3457 yard course. This course was designed by golf legend Lee Trevino. The Moro Course is a 9 hole, par 36 hole, 2352-3423 yard course. This is a more challenging course. The 8th hole is called the 'Monster' and is a 611 yard par 5 hole! The Castilla Course is a 9 hole, par 36 hole, 2230-3200 yard course. Caddies are required.

Marina Mazatlan, 18-hole Golf Course, par 72, designed by renowned designer David Fleming, opened in 2009. It is a Challenging and Fun Golf Course, the greens are huge and undulating. Access is easy from anywhere in the city and the prices are comparable to any of the other resort courses. You do not need to hire a caddy at this course.

Estrella del Mar is also the home of the sea turtle sanctuary where they rear and release thousands of baby turtles each year. The batch below was being released the day I took the photo.


Several tour operators offer zipline trips, ATV excursions, kayaking to the off-shore islands, tequila factory tours and whale watching outings. 





Just about 1/2 mile from Pueblo Bonito Emerald Bay is the Mazagua Aquatic park. Makes for a good afternoon visit if you have any younger folks with you.



The Acuario (aquarium) Mazatlan houses over 250 species of fish, a marine museum, Gulf of Mexico Oceanic Fish Tank, walk-through aviary and crocodile and frog area. There are also three shows: a sea lion show, bird show and diving exhibition. For those daring folks, there is a swimming with sharks activity available! The aquarium is located 1/2 block from the Malecon at the sea lion sculpture intersection.



And of course, you can simply enjoy the fabulous beaches by swimming, renting surfboard or jet ski or perhaps viewing the beach from the air via parasail ((about $35). In her much younger days of wearing a skimpy bikini, my wife never missed out on the parachute ride when we visited. 




And of course, EAT! If there is anyway to cook shrimp that isn't available in Mazatlan, I'd like the recipe. My favorites are cheese-stuffed w/bacon on the grill, battered with a coconut coating and the hot and spicy shrimp diablo. But it's all good, and you can count on fresh shrimp in the Shrimp Capital of the World!


Lastly, some nights you'll get to see that green glow when the sun starts dipping below the ocean horizon. So enjoy that too.


As of 9 a.m. today, crankbait's bid of $650 is the highest. The next bid must be $700.

Again, the auction ends today at 6 p.m. sharp! If anyone is planning on bidding just before the close, be aware that you might not be the only one. As I mentioned in the opening post the time stamp on late bids will determine the winner. 




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Dang, I posted from my phone and apparently there’s a slight time difference 😢

Have fun Crankbait!

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4 minutes ago, Crankbait said:

Yes Sir, Daryl can jump in a lake, maybe Roosevelt or Apache.  I’ll try the lakes down south!

See the private message I sent.

Now it's almost past my bedtime. 😎

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