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first archery coues

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It's been a lot of years trying in NM and a couple in AZ and I finally managed an archery coues.  my first velvet buck as well.  I went In for a few days opening weekend and saw a lot of bucks, even had a few spikes and does in range but nothing I could justify shooting.  When I got a few days off my girlfriend encouraged me to go back in.  I saw a lot of deer but still got my but kicked for about 3 days in the back country.

 The last day I decided to take it easy, slept in, dried my gear out by the fire for a few hours, struck camp and started hiking out around 9 or 10.  I wanted to stop and do a little glassing on the way out but before I could even get to my ridge I spotted a nice buck across the canyon from me.  I tried to slide off of a steep hill to cut him off in the bottom but before I made it far a train of about 8 horse riders came down the trail between him and I.  

  Naturally he ghosted, a few does ran out the far side and I gave up.  I decided to drop down under cover of their commotion, hit the bottom and slowly worked my way up canyon expecting nothing but still moving slow and quiet just in case.  Sure enough despite the riders he had kept right along his line and I spotted him in the bottom.  I was able to connect a shot at 33 and had him out in a few hours.  beat the heck out of packing an elk out!

looks like it wont let me upload a file.  I'll try to get a pic in a follow up


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Wonderful buck congrats

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