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Unit 10 Cow Elk Help

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23 hours ago, lefty said:

my buddy had the tag and never saw an elk, g&f have ruined that unit, its all about the $$$

Yup thats what I was thinking last year during my dad's cow hunt.  We spooked some elk before legal shooting light one morning, but only saw the few bulls in the herd, the cows had disappeared into the thickets.  We agreed to do a hunt with no more than 400 tags in the future.

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Well we assisted three hunters=one  juniors-two adults and got three cows!

I'm just gonna say that we didn't hunt in the areas others here are saying you'll find elk.

We glassed up every elk herd we found, and some were over two miles away! Never did any "blind hikes!"

Tough hunt for those that don't do a lot of hunting up there. I've been hunting on the Boquillas since 1972 so got a "feel" for the elk there.

I agree there are too many tags in this unit.. I have no issues with the kid's hunts, but for the AZGFD it is a money maker!

The quality of the bulls have gone way down over the last 10 years too, but we saw a number of 6x6's in the herds we hunted.

If anyone knows someone with a late rifle bull or muzzleloader hunt tell them to call me.

We offer 2x1 hunts for $2200 ($1100 each) and have almost 100% success.

I don't really care for the late antlerless hunts, cows are pregnant, and it is a lot tougher to find the herds.

Here is what we got in October.

We do juniors hunts for less..


Don Martin

Arizona Wildlife Outfitters





Johnny. Joe and Jimmy Hererro Unit 10 Oct. 2019.jpeg

Bill Schleeter Unit 10 antlerless Oct. 2019.jpeg

Robert & Carl Coles Unit 10 juniors )ct. 2019.jpeg

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