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would anyone be willing to rent out their satellite phone?

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This is a shot in the dark, was going to buy one but really don't see myself using a sat phone again.

We normally hunt a Mexico ranch that is not too far from the boarder and has service nearly all over the ranch. This year we are headed about 5 hours past the old ranch and we do not get service anywhere on the ranch. Would anyone be interested in renting out their Sat phone from the 26th-31st of December. Shoot me a PM.

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Might take you up on this. Will sent you a PM if I go that route. 


Elcy, Just spoke with Gilbert. Really nice guy. I don't think it would be a bad idea to post his info in the right section on this forum. 

Hes got Sat phones for pretty much $65-75$ for a week and $1.85 per minute he rents out. 


Trying to decide if I can get through the week with just texts messages. 

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