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1998 Toyota 4Runner V6

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Selling my hunting vehicle. Wife wants to get another Jeep this summer. 

1998 4Runner V6 with 365,000 miles on it. Just getting broken in!  😀

Runs fine and has taken me everywhere I needed to hunt and back for the last three seasons. Just passed emissions.

Understandably it has some issues. Low oil pressure light flickers when engine warm and is at idle, goes away when you put it in park and the idle bumps up a bit.  Windshield, sunroof and rear window could be fixed. No A/C, needs a compressor. Needs front tires.

Was told by previous owner that the engine was rebuilt around 200,000 but have no evidence that it actually happened. 

I have hunted it as is and have been very happy with it.  Was going down a muddy hill the Friday after Thanksgiving last season and drifted towards a deep rut, it backed my dumbass back up the hill 4 times before I figured out plan B.

Listing here only first.

Asking $3300. Located near downtown in Tucson.










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I like that last part before plan B 😂 been there with my Toyotas currently a Sequoia. Not sure I could go back to a truck since not needed for work. 


Good luck with sale

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10 hours ago, DirtyHarry said:

Replacing a Toyota with a jeep?!

Yup, had an '03 Rubicon which we sold to be practical, now the wife wants her convertible back. 

Works for me.

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