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Credit card hits tomorrow ??

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18 hours ago, NOTAGS said:

I'd be mean and say there's no turkey left in 4A but I saw a longbeard flock in there deer hunting during the bow hunt.   And of course I hadnt bought  the OTC turkey tag.   I hope the numbers keep creeping up in there, I had some pretty good spots  pre  ice age.

Never turkey hunted up there but my buddy has. Im just hoping I drawa early archery bull tag up there and this will be used as a scouting trip. lol

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On 11/1/2020 at 6:40 AM, Steve O said:

Well, I assume I will be the top turkey point holder in the system now with #30 gained Friday. 

Sure wish they could take ONE hunt to 20 tags to allow ONE non resident bonus psd tag. Sure would like to hunt one of those unique birds. 

Well, I’m not sure how it happened but when I went into my account in the portal last night, there was tag 000002 for 35A sitting there. My credit cards was charged yesterday as well...no pending charges since Friday’s draw. 

I am beyond pleased to be able to finally hunt a Gould’s. Best news I’ve had all year!

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