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2 successful youth hunters

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Unfortunately they aren't my kids or my pics to share so no pics...but 2 kids that I've been able to help out both tagged out this weekend on their first big game animals.

The first was on his first deer hunt and was hunting with a couple of mentors out of the SCI youth camp. He missed a buck on Friday but got it done on Sunday on a nice mule deer buck. I've hunted for years with his dad and had been helping them a bit this year with sighting in and setting up the new rifle. I wish I'd been there to help out since he drew a unit his dad and I have never hunted, but huge thanks to the SCI youth camp folks as always for helping out.

The second hunted with us last year and missed a buck. He had driven in from the Bay area with his family and got here late Saturday night. Within 5 minutes of setting up to glass Sunday his dad spotted a mule deer buck and he tagged his first deer too. I've hunted with his uncle and dad for several years and wish I could have been with them too, but unfortunately work got in the way.

I'm very happy for both of them on their first big game animals, and again huge thanks to the SCI youth camp for another great camp and great mentors helping the kids out.

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