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Double Tap ammo for sale

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I’ve got a bunch of ammo from over the years and I don’t even have some of the calibers anymore. 

All ammo is hunting/ defense bullets from Double Tap all in factory 20 rounds boxes. Double Tap has always been pricey premium ammo even pre covid so before you shoot yourself and say I’m trying to screw everyone, calm down. 

300 WSM 180gr nosler accubond    2 boxes $52 per box    SOLD

300 WSM 165gr nosler accubond   2 boxes  $52 per box     SOLD

7.62x39 123gr rifle defense     2 boxes $35 per box 

243 win 100gr nosler partition     2 boxes  $42 per box

40 SW 135gr nosler JHP      2 boxes $27 per box 

22-250 40gr nosler ballistic tip      3 boxes $43 per box 

380 ACP 90gr bonded defense      6 boxes $25 per box 

38 Special +P 125gr bonded defense JHP     6 boxes $27 per box 

44 mag 200gr Barnes XPB     2 boxes $45 per box 

270 win 130gr nosler accubond     1 box $45   SOLD

270 win 150gr nosler partition      1 box $45     SOLD 

30-06 165gr nosler accubond    2 boxes $45 per box 









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I’ll take 4 of the 380 if they’re not spoken for. I’m off of Shea in Fountain Hills so we’re close.


Randall T. Text me @ 818.399.5788 

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