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  1. With alot of experience with the P220, same guidance as Antlers!
  2. Verndog

    Ford lift installation

    I have used Super Duty Headquarters for all my trucks. Never once had an issue! Ryan and Devon will be straight up with you.
  3. Verndog

    Lets see your best

    Not the biggest, but some awesome memories!
  4. Mogollon Taxidermy has done all mine.
  5. Verndog

    10 year old nieces first bear

    That's so awesome! Tell her congratulations!
  6. Verndog

    Ford f150 - ideas on lift brand and shop

    Superduty Headquarters has done all my trucks
  7. Verndog

    Spot n stalk AZ goat

    Awesome job! Congrats!
  8. Verndog

    Help With 2" Hitch Receiver

    My 2012 Ford F250 2" reducer was the same. Had so much play it was bending hitch pins. So I converted everything over to 2 1/2" shanks and got rid of the reducer. No more rattling and no more bent hitch pins!
  9. Verndog

    Foxpro fx3 with accessories

    Where are you located?
  10. Verndog

    UTV spare tire?

    This is what I built for my Ranger. I have a front tire and wheel as a spare and can and have used it on the rear when I needed to. ~VH
  11. Hon-dah Casino will let you fill up if you are going that far. ~VH
  12. Verndog

    ISO: A good Taxidermist

    Mogollon Taxidermy without a doubt! Clay does excellent work and all of my animals. Plus just a good person and family.
  13. Is anybody using the new Swarovski 10x42 EL Range? I know the glass would be great, but would the combo be justified in their use in the field for both rifle and archery. I know that they are limited to only measuring down to 33 yards, but with the new bows, like my Matthews Z7, my 20 yard POI and 30 yard POI are almost the same. Just wondering what others thoughts are. Thanks ~VH
  14. Verndog

    Who knows where I am?

    I was with TJ for a moment with 22N under the Rim. There is some huge manzanita in there. ~VH
  15. Verndog

    Who knows where I am? Part II

    On the edge of Unit 23 and 3C looking down into Canyon Creek and the OW Ranch? Maybe OW Point?