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    I carry for mine... I stand behind you in line at the store with a smile on my face...and a gun under my shirt and you are none the wiser, yet you are safer for having me next to you. I won't shoot you. My gun won't pull it's own trigger. It is securely holstered with the trigger covered. It can't just go off. However, rest assured that if a lunatic walks into the grocery store and pulls out a rifle, I will draw my pistol and protect myself and my family and therefore protect you and your family. I may freeze up. I may piss my pants. I may get shot before I can pull the trigger...but, I won't die in a helpless blubbering heap on the floor begging for my life or my child's life. I won't be that victim. I choose not to be. As for you, I don't ask you to carry a gun. If you are not comfortable, then please don't. But I would like to keep my right to choose to not be a helpless victim. There is evil in the world and if evil has a gun, I want one too...
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    I havent seen either bull in person but when I heard about these pictures I knew the A3 bull would be the furthest away from the camera. One thing I do know is that pictures can be deceiving. Case in point my buddy and I both killed almost identical bears. We layed them out on his porch...i did not move either one but took 2 pictures 1 from each side. From their respective sides they both look like they dwarf the other one. I can not comment on the scores since I have no idea, just thought my pictures would show a huge difference due to perspective. I know quite a few people seem to hate A3 but they have a lot of great guides, and good people, sure they have some that may be lacking but what company doesn't????I'm not sure why all the drama.
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    My son and I built our own hunting trailer. Our hunting toy.
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    Put it in perspective. You run your basically worthless company and get 2 weeks to hunt. You go out and kill a dink of a deer with your bow and spend months on here flexing like you accomplished something. Now take a guy that runs a giant company that employs god knows how many employees. If you have ever been around a truly successful business man they have no clue how to turn it off. All day every day they think about their business and how to make it bigger and better. He gets a few opportunities a year to truly turn off the noise and do something he loves. He buys a tag or two that to most of us think is unreal but to him is a tax write off and a small chunk of change for his yearly income. How can you fault a man that has spent his life growing an empire and buys a few moments a year to truly enjoy what he loves? Again, if you have never been around businessmen with this kind of money you will never understand. I was lucky enough to spend a chunk of my life around guys like this and here is a lot to be learned.
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    Who really cares.. Both Great Bulls ,Amem............BOB!
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    Just got back from a 1.5 Day trip with Tomahawk Sportfishing out of Fisherman's Landing. Excellent crew, comfortable and roomy fishing platform. Left the dock on Wednesday night, fished all day Thursday and returned on Friday early morning. The trip was sponsored by Accurate Fishing, which was a HUGE bonus! Lots of nice bling on the boat to fish with! They hooked it up! Thanks a lot to David one of the owners, and Justin and the rest of the Accurate crew on board. Incredible generosity to let everyone fish with their stuff, no questions asked. They brought probably 50 rigs on board for everyone to use. They also had T shirts for everyone on board. Now on to the fishing...The decision was made to go way south and fish Yellowtail on kelp patties and if everything went well we would hit the tuna grounds for Bluefin, time permitting. We ended up way offshore of Punta Colonet, maybe even a little further south. It was a LONG run! The weather was windy and the swell was probably 5-6 feet on average with a few huge rollers probably 8 feet or so. Got a little hairy out there at times and made locating kelp patties really hard. The crew was on it though and worked their butts off trying to find the right zone. We hit the first kelp around 9 AM. I got hooked up but didn't get a good hook set and my fish came off. We ran for probably another hour or so and the boat got a few more, probably about 5 or 6 fish for each of the first two stops. It took quite a while before we found the next spot but from there things went pretty wide open. They found kelp after kelp and before long most people had their limit. I probably got bit 7 or 8 times and put 5 on the boat. The best one I got was probably around 10 pounds or so and the rest were of a little smaller grade but still really fun! Pretty good fishing for the yellows unfortunately we ended up way too far south to be able to hit the tuna grounds. It was around 6 PM when we started heading North again for port. Got back to the landing around 7:30 AM or so. All in all I had a great time. Didn't get one of the bigger bluefin that have been around but nobody on the boat did either. One dorado and 117 yellowtail for 27 anglers. The rough conditions beat us up pretty good and there were a lot of guys that were pretty green by the end of the day. Had about half a dozen kooks on board that made things kinda tough. Wouldn't follow their lines, would cast right across you, even with a fish on. Regular rookie stuff for most trips but a few of those dudes just couldn't get with the groove. The rest of the guys were really cool to fish with and met a few pretty hardcore hunters too. Even saw my first wild sea turtle which was way cool! Can't say much more, but if you are ever looking for a boat to fish on out of San Diego, consider the Tomahawk. They have a great operation! https://www.sandiegofishreports.com/fish_reports/151302/tomahawk-1.5-day-trip-wrap-up-(late).php
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    Waiting for the season to start... I saw Bryans post on his great buck. Bryan had me mount it for him. Whopper. Ed F
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    That's a dandy! Really hoping to help my wife kill her first deer this summer. Also got s friend that never killed a deer yet I want to help out. Here's mine from January, I gotta wait awhile before I'm allowed to hunt again 😩
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    I like how that’s an F150 pulling that.
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    Good way to judge elk, if he looks big he’s 340. If it feels like a lightning bolt has hit the tip of your penis it’s a 365+
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    Was nice and clear few weeks ago but now turning dark and smelly from the silt being sucked out at the dam. Seen a few ppl trying to fish it almost daily but not sure if they're catching anything. We shocked it back in May and got plenty of carp but game species were hard to find, water was fairly deep at that time though so electro-fishing was of course slow. On another note the pond fishing has been excellent, I've been going almost every weekend all over and having fun. DAN
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    Bucks in my area arent hitting the salts at all. This guy was just passing by.
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    Probably a few Star Valley guys on the forum that can show you how to properly mount an animal.
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    I think you are a ways off. Very young bull with short main beams. He has great character, but i dont think he is even a 300 bull yet. His 5ths might push him close to 300, but id put him in the 290 range.
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    What a bunch of entitlement little socialist little girls. It's his money. This is how he choses to hunt. He contributes more than any of us ever will to wildlife. Why do you care how he has money? Can we all just look at that amazing animal and be thankful for the management practices that we have here along with the philanthropist like Mr. Gallo that make it possible for such an animal of this caliber to exist?
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    The only thing I’ve learned from this thread is apparently clj hangs out with lots rich people. i only know fellow broke dicks.
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    I heard that Bashas owns Food City. I like Bashas, they put stores in towns that had nothing like San Carlos and Springerville. My mom worked for them as a cashier for a few years and one day a customer came up a little short so she covered it. He boss read her the riot act and a few weeks later Eddie Basha stopped by the store and my mom read him the riot act. He just laughed and said he probably would have done the same thing and told her she had a job there for as long as she ever wanted one. Mom passed in 2017 at 87 and always talked about "Eddie" and what a great guy he was.
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    Reportedly 303" Wish I drew up there this year..
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    So, no fake turf installers😏
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    Velvet animals are on their summer patterns and easy to track. As soon as they shed their velvet they go on a walkabout
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    I'm definitely jealous! If I had the money I would buy those tags every year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would piss off all the outfitters, because I wouldn't use a guide:)
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    Not to be politically correct, I am amazed at how many so called Sportsmen commenting here are so ill informed and uninformed. It’s comments like are posted here, that some Permittees and landowners are reluctant to allow access to Sportsmen. I would suggest you turn off the TV / computer and actually get out on a conservation project. You’ll see ranchers, AZGFD, wildlife conservation groups and the USFS, all working together for Arizona’s wildlife. You’ll see folks who are actually making difference for our drought stricken wildlife. I find it ironic that some comments here badmouthing AZGFD, USFS, Ranchers, etc. and then expect to have unabated access. Arizona Mule Deer has only two requirements for any allotment we supply materials and volunteer labor on, they must leave all waters on year round for wildlife and access for Sportsmen. That simple. Many of these comments are exactly the opposite of what we are trying to accomplish. I am the current Vice Chairman on the AZGFD - Landowner, Lessee, Sportsmans Relationship Committee. Our committee works with both Sportsmen and Ranchers to encourage access and help solve vandalism problems that many ranches face. Many of these ranches have had their water storage tanks shot, fences cut, pipelines cut, solar panels stolen, livestock shot, UTV damage, drinkers vandalized, etc., yet they still allow Sportsmen access. Amazing huh. Most know how many of the ranches in Yavapai and Coconino counties have shut off access to Sportsmen or charge a hefty fee to hunt there. Our committee is working hard to resolve these problems and hopefully stop any more ranches from closing down access. I hear comments here saying “my hunting area is not like it used to be or I used to see way more deer back in the day”. Fact is that bringing Mule Deer back to their historical numbers is going to take a concerted effort by Sportsmen, Ranchers, Private Businesses and Governmental Agencies. It’s not going to happen without your help, get involved with habitat improvement projects, help with project fundraising, join a Sportsmans advisory committee or attend meetings with various wildlife groups. It’s easy to moan and groan about the issues affecting Sportsmen and our precious wildlife but if you “don’t have a dog in the fight”, your comments lose credibility. I’d better leave it at that, our Board of Directors is probably going to have me hung for my response here. Jim Lawrence - AMDO
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    Mr Dillenburg, I received an email from one of our Board of Directors, asking that I read a forum on Coueswhitetail.com. After reading your initial statements about the Bar X Ranch, the USFS and your I’ll informed statement about water tanks, I knew exactly who had written this blog. Your group of environmentalists and “anti’s” are familiar to many Sportsmans organizations, the Gila County ranching community and the USFS, your reputation precedes you. A little about myself and the organization I represent, Arizona Mule Deer Organization (AMDO). My name is Jim Lawrence, president of AMDO. I have been in the wildlife conservation arena for over 15 years, served on the Board of Directors with National groups - Mule Deer Foundation and Arizona Wildlife Federation and have received several State / National awards for my conservation work. I sit on several committees with AZGFD, including the Habitat Partnership Committee (HPC) and the Landowner-Leasee-Sportsman Relationship Committee. I am also working on a Master Stewardship Agreement with USFS on all 6 forests in Arizona. AMDO is a 501 (c) 3 non profit conservation organization, who’s mission is to improve and enhance habitat for our struggling Mule Deer. You can find out more by visiting www.azmuledeer.org. AMDO is very familiar with the Bar X Ranch, I believe my organization can speak with confidence about the ranch, the owners and their commitment to wildlife and habitat conservation. Your comments about the Bar X Ranch couldn’t be any further from the truth. AMDO has worked extensively with Mike and Diana Hemovich and the Bar X Ranch over the past 6 years, developing waters for wildlife, rebuilding catchments, adding solar to all the Bar X Wells, adding water storage tanks and pipelines, removing old barbed wire fences that were a hazard to wildlife and even hosting a workshop for Chinese Forestry / Animal Biologists. Since purchasing the ranch 13 years ago, Mike and Diana have poured hundreds of thousands of dollars in to improving habitat and infrastructure for both their livestock and wildlife. As I work with ranch’s all over Arizona on a daily basis, you won’t find a more respected or trusted ranch. Here is a little info on the Bar X you might not know. In 2018, Mike Hemovich received one of AZGFDs highest honors, “Wildlife Steward of the Year” award, he is past president of the Society for Range Management, current President of the Gila County Cattle Growers Association and actively participates with USFS in yearly range monitoring on the ranch. Mike and Diana take a science based approach to managing the ranch, working closely with USFS and other organizations to monitor conditions on the ranch. With respects to USFS and the Tonto National Forest, here again you won’t find a better managed and respected team of professionals than the Tonto. We work with all Arizona forests and can speak with experience. I’m sure my letter here today will not stop your groups continued and unwarranted harassment of both the Bar X and the USFS, but wanted to assure you that we fully support them. Lastly, it’s obvious that you are either ill advised or sadly uninformed about the correlation between ranchers, wildlife and waters. I would love to show you hundreds of photos of Arizona wildlife, watering at ranch built and maintained water sources. Without these waters our wildlife would surely suffer. I’d like to invite you to visit the Bar X with me at your convenience, where you will see how development of these waters has exploded the population of Turkey, Elk, Deer and Bears. Water development is AMDO’s specialty, so we do know a little bit about the subject. Jim Lawrence President Arizona Mule Deer Organization