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    My name is Brian Rhoton I was the "A3" hunter referred to in this post, I have not been on this website in years but was made aware that there is some controversy on this site and guess facebook over the giant buck that Tol killed with DA outfitter's. I don't have and will never have a facebook account so l am on here to clear up all the FAKE NEWS that seems to be circulating the web. I have spot read through the 14 pages of posts here so i don't know exactly what all has been said but got the general idea I think. Here is what happened I got a call on the Saturday morning prior to the buck being killed from my brother who is an owner at A3, he had been contacted by Ben Brochu about a large buck he had found while archery hunting that morning, he had almost killed the buck with his bow and had got good video in the process. I looked at the video and was immediately interested in the buck. I could not make it down that day as I was on the Navajo reservation watching my daughter play basketball but was able to talk to Ben. I could not hunt the following days because of a daughter getting a surgery until thursday the following week. My brother and I showed up on Thursday morning met ben, one of bens friends and one of chads friends who wanted to help hunt the big deer. Ben had been able to keep track of the deer every day except for the prior day in which they did not see the deer. Ben spread everyone out to different glassing points and we all went to look for the buck. From the first video I had seen of the buck I was concerned that the deer was a hybrid, the concern arose from the location of the deer and the lack of whitetail in the area, obviously the size of the deer as it is huge both antler and body, and the general look of the deer in the video. Obviously I was willing to take the chance that once killed the deer might be a hybrid, I was fine with that fact as I believe anyone in their right mind would be. After about an hour of glassing in the morning I glassed a deer up at the edge of the mountain and the flats and immediately told Ben I have a whitetail, we had seen allot of mule deer that morning and this deer defiantly looked to be a whitetail. Once the buck cleared some brush it was immediately clear it was him, the buck is giant. To make a long story short we lost the buck midday and did not get him killed on Thursday. Friday morning we went back to same side of the ridge we glassed the buck from and sent another guy to the other side. The guy on the other side radio and said he had glassed up a pile of mule deer does with several mule deer bucks and one smaller buck with a whitetail rutting the does, about 5 min later he let us know the large buck had joined the party. Ben, my brother and myself immediately began to relocate to the ridge directly above the deer, while on route to the deer we got a call from the spotter asking us if we had just pulled up in our truck under him on the knob he was on we said no. About 5 min later he called and said it was Duwane Adams and that he had the raffle hunter what should he do, we asked him to let Duwane know that we had the buck located and were moving in to kill the deer. Duwane asked which deer he was told and he said they were two deer and they would look for the other one. In the meantime the rutting party broke up with a few bucks heading up the ridge and the big buck heading downhill to the flats where everything bedded up. Duwane and his crew and our spotter started glassing together and we made it up to the top of our knob. When we got up on the know Duwane did call Ben and asked for prices on two sets of 15s, Ben told him he would talk to him later after we got the buck killed. We quickly picked up the group of deer 500 or so yards below us most were bedded and started trying to find the buck as our spotter had lost track of it while talking with Duwane and his crew. We were not concerned at all about Duwane and his hunter as we believed the buck was with the does right below us about 1200 yards from the knob everyone else was on. It was flat desert between us and our spotter and Duwane with his guys and 1300 yds. After some time i glassed over to our spotter and Duwane and saw a mad panick going on our spotter called and said the buck popped up 300 yds below us they want to shoot it what do you want me to do right then the buck bedded. The buck had worked to 1000 yds from me and 300 yards from them and bedded, we told him do nothing if they are really going to shoot help them out, hopefully their hunter can't shoot, we can't shoot from here the buck is bedded behind brush. After a few shots the buck was dead. We made our way over to the buck helped them set the buck up for pictures and had some great conversations. Tol is a great guy, I could not be more happy for him he first drew a tag of several lifetimes and than sealed the deal on a buck of several lifetimes. We all went our separate ways as while there was obviously some upset feelings everyone there felt it was not worth ruining a great hunting experience for Tol. A few hours later I believe a few phone calls were made between DA and Ben and some of the others that were in the field expressing some frustration as to how the whole situation came about. A few clarifications, some in-site and thoughts i had while spot reading this threat. 1. I feel the worst for Ben, he pulled off archery hunting the deer because I was interested in hunting and killing it. He is the one that "lost" the most in this situation with not continuing to hunt a once in a lifetime buck and waiting on me to show up. Many will say that he made the choice and can live with the consequesces True that doesn't mean consequences don't suck. 2. I regret not killing the deer, I would have been excited and had decided to shoot the deer even though I suspected as did most that knew of the deer that it was a hybrid. After looking at its glands and such I believe if DNA tested it would be considered a hybrid. That deer was the "bird in the hand" every other giant i know of is tough to locate. 3. I have been shown or told about several deer just this year that are similar in score to this deer, none of them as close to as easy to relocate, but each of them have been shown to me by at least 2 people or I know of at least 2 people that know about the deer. I know this deer was know and seen by a minimum of 3 different groups of hunters this year. Giant coues deer have to have significant age, i was fortunate to also have the auction tag last year, the buck I killed last year has been same size or bigger for 5 years prior to killing, he had to be at least 4 or 5 years old when he was first located by the guide that showed me the deer which means the deer was at least 10 years old, I suspect he was close to 12. It is hard for a giant buck to remain a secret there are allot of years to locate a buck in his prime with allot of hunters that have great glassing skills, high tech backpacking equipment that lets them get to remote locations and stay much easier than 10 years ago, improved hunting sills combined with the use of trail cameras and its hard for those bucks to make it unseen like they used to be. On a side note the buck I killed last year had the opportunity to create a lot of drama between mutual friends as both parties had significant time watching the deer year to year, no drama made the hunt. 4. There have been several posts about people glad that the raffle guy killed and I did not because I bought the tag, i agree completely with those comments. Tol is a great guy that got lucky and drew a great tag and killed a smoker buck. 5. While big bucks are not necessarily a secret they are tough to find. I have probably spent more time and $ in the field than the majority of people trying to locate a truly giant deer and have never personally found a deer I thought was giant. Biggest I have found on my own and killed is 128" typical; I have seen plenty of 120 and 130 inch deer but never a true freak. I know those that have found multiple true giants, my hat goes off to them. If some believe me to be a "sell out" or not a "true hunter" because I decide to go and hunt a deer someone else found and compensate them for it I don't care, I will continue to do it. If you got a deer I would be interested in hit me up lets go hunting. 6. The number one problem with hunting is that we all love it and obsess about it to death, so much that that many hunters invest all, some invest most and most invest a substantial portion of $, time and energy into it. When things don't go our way it pisses us off. Just like it would with anything that means a great deal to us including our families, work or any other hobby. 7. When the result of one hunter or group of hunters success results in the failure of the other hunter or group of hunters it naturally creates great conflict in most situations and any flaw in the opposing parties actions is naturally attacked. I was happy that there was no conflict in the field everyone acted in a professional matter congratulations were given even though it was a tough situation everyone left on good terms. Personal person to person calls were made a few hours later so that opinions could be expressed. I think the internet has made that conflict and ease of attack worse than ever before. 8. This site is drama city, I have heard facebook is too and many other internet sites. Everyone get over it, its just a deer they are a renewable resource others will grow hopefully bigger. 9. Name me one person that has not made a mistake in the field, in life, at work or anywhere. Crap happens we all make mistakes, especially in the heat of the moment. Did Duwane make a mistake, who the heck cares, no one has a spotless reputation and everyone has a different perspective. I don't care about spelling or grammar. This will be my only post.
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    I thought that I would share some pic's of my OTC deer. I usually don't hunt mule deer in Arizona as we have plenty in Colorado, I try to stick to coues. Unfortunately, I Missed a nice coues buck my first day out, he jumped the string, I gave him a nice racing stripe. We continued to hunt for coues predominately but actually turned up a few decent mule deer bucks. As my hunt started to draw to a close I decided that I would take a mule deer if the opportunity presented itself. The last day I put a 2 hour stalk on a great mule deer with a buddy. I stalked the buck bedded and he waited in ambush for me to blow the deer out of the country. Fortunately, I was the lucky one to end up getting a shot....
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    After missing an opportunity on a really good desert buck and only having a few days left in 2018, I wrapped my tag around this guy the week before the New Year started. He offered me a 60 yard shot and the Vortex 2.75" broad-head ate him up. Luckily I only had to wait a few days before I could get back after it with a new Deer and Javelina tag in my pocket. This big boar stood there @ 71 yards and my arrow found its mark. He was easily the biggest Javelina I had personally harvested over the years. And a few short days later, I was able to harvest my best archery buck to close out my 2019 season. I had been wanting a nice 3 point to hang on my wall for some time now and I couldn't be happier with him. Thanks for looking, hope you enjoyed, and best of luck to those still grinding out this first season of the year.
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    HOSS guided his hunter to this great buck recently.
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    I’m just here to see how many different ways people can spell Duwane.
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    I have always said, Hunting in Sonora Mexico is MAGICAL! The beautiful variety of mountains where the amazing coues deer live. The cold mornigs and sharing a hot cop of coffee with new and old friends, the food and great hunt stories shared at camp, the ocassional joke that makes everyone laugh etc etc. I just love it! I'm blessed also because I get to know the most beautiful people when I take hunters down there and seeing their faces and their looks when they take their first coues deer or their biggest buck is something I can't explain but makes very happy fills me with satisfaction; all I can say to God and to them is, THANK YOU for the opportunity. Thanks guys, thanks for watching and good luck on your future hunts. Ernesto C.
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    There should be a separate trophy book for solo hunters. A lot of the trophy pics floating around these days look like high school football team photos with an animal in the front and a water mark.
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    This years Mexico trip was all about my son. I love my children more than anything and I cant believe how time flies. My oldest son is a senior in HS and only wanted to hunt and fish and so this is one of 2 or 3 trips we are going to take before he graduates. Hopefully one more hunting trip and a fishing trip in April. Thanks Jay for some of the pictures. And another great trip with great people. Video of lion dragging buck
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    Well I was bummed that I only got out for about a day and a half the first week of the season so Wednesday night I decided to ditch work on the 24th since it was the last day for archery Javelina. I went to a place a little closer to home, but hadn't been in 12-13 years. I started hiking a little after first light and as soon as I got to my glassing spot, picked up a couple mule deer. Two bucks, with one being a really nice 4x4. I watched them to see where they bedded for later, then started looking for Javis. About 5 minutes later I had a group, right where I had last seen the deer, so I was off on a stalk. Like last time, no spotter - always hunting solo these days - so when I got over there I wasn't sure where they had gone but knew they were close. At around 200 yards I had found them again, but when I got there they were no where to be found. I kept poking around and eventually got a "woof" from the thick stuff. Finally got to 20 yards, drew and...my peep sight was sideways. Couldn't see my pins at all. That has never happened in all the years I've been shooting this bow. Oh well, by the time I got that worked out the herd was in the thick stuff and having none of my attempt to woof them back in. I went back toward my glassing spot and remembered there were some heavily used caves & dirt wallows so I went to check those out. Yep, still active. It was getting later in the morning and the wind was picking up so I decided to make a big circle around where I had last seen the pigs. About 300 yards in the opposite direction on a little flat, the ground was covered with fresh sign so I knew I was close to what I can only assume is another group unless they circled me, which is a distinct possibility, but the sign looked like they had been messing around that flat all morning. Anyway, I figured any second I'd hear a woof and right about then I looked up and there was one just standing there feeding about 20 yards away broadside. I knocked an arrow, had the wind right and just had one cholla between him and me, but he was now head-on. Of course now I hear the "woof" off to my left, downwind. The guy I was looking at kinda froze and another was coming in from the right, so I came to full draw knowing he was about to turn. Sure enough, he turned to leave and gave me an easy broadside shot.
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    I have no dog in this fight either but who answers a phone call while your trying to kill a giant buck?
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    DuWanes not known for blocking roads into an area and trying to keep other hunters out of an area. DuWanes not known for having tons of dudes on ridges glassing one animal to walk one hunter in to kill it. DuWanes also not known for ordering pallets worth of trail cams and having every deer or elk in a unit catolaged. Sorry but if A3s hunter was not there and Duwane himself was with his client that buck is fair game.
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    A friend of mine told me one day he bought a spot on a ranch in mexico and asked me if I wanted to go last year. Heck yeah I will!!! The day came, and crossing the border sucks with trucks, trailers, side by sides getting all the paper work done, visas, customs checking our guns, the mexican border checking our guns, the mexican military checking our guns and 5 hours later from leaving AZ we are finally on our way to the ranch!!! Sadly nothing was rutting when we got there. Veterans hunters who hunted this ranch before said its always crazy rutting at this time. Just so pre rutting and a full moon! But if this was a hunting unit in AZ this would of been the best unit I have ever hunted!! Needless to say I had a great time and all the other hunters there were way awesome. We all helped each other out. One guy spotted a double drop tine buck and the next day we hunted close to them or the other ridge over and that morning my hunting partner glassed him up. We radioed the guy and I watched this buck for 2 hours and waited for this hunter who was looking for him to show up! Sadly the dude missed at 400 yards ( he got excited). But good karma always pans out in the hunting world. His spotter was up real high and in favor he glassed up bucks left and right to put us on for helping them out. But I was able to land this nice buck at 460 yard. He isn't the biggest but what we were only really seeing out there was this size, biggest Coues I ever shot though . Couple of other hunters passed up on some 95 inch and another one was looking for 110" buck that they glassed up but couldn't find him. All in all we had a blast and can't imagine what the rut down there is really like.
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    Was able to spend some time visiting my friend Justo and his family down in Sonora. Always have fun exploring his ranch and looking for deer. Very thankful I was able to get this buck on the last day. The rut hadn't really gotten going full blast yet but some does were being chased. Keven
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    Big bucks, social media and the internet..... never fails to produce controversy, jealousy, and name calling.
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    It’s been a roller coaster weather wise in Southern Arizona, snow, fog, ice cold wind, 14 degree mornings. Manage to harvest on the 3rd stalk at 11 yards. While stalking they decided it was nap time, all 15 pigs huddled up under a mesquite. We sat back and relaxed 80 yards away til they got up and moving again.
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    Who hires a guide to kill a deer? Might as well pay somebody to pork your wife.
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    While I agree with your sentiment, it's also important to recognize that our public lands are not part of the "King's Forest" and a lot of us peasants don't think it's right that 38k can get you special hunting privileges. Money shouldn't be able to buy a public resource that is shared amongst all of us. That's the North American game model I was taught and subscribe to anyways....
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    So 12 pages of comments and no one has said yet if after the phone call, Duwayne bought the optics for a good price or not?
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    Streak continues! 16 consecutive years with an archery javelina and 20th pig for pops. This pig is a biggun!
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    I read your post just fine there bud. You are separating the issues (them wanting to take away the magazine capacity, types of rifles, etc. when it's just a tool to get their foot in the door to take it all). It's the same issue. Don't give an inch. This is a non-negotiable issue on any point IMO.
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    The 2nd amendment wasn't created so you pussies could go hunting. You go ahead and keep giving your rights away one at a time. See where it gets us.
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    That sounds like a legitimate public land hunt to me. Change my mind. And I hope it is a hybrid....how cool would that be? A big deer that is even more rare due to it being a hybrid makes it more of a trophy in my book. It also legal to take with a whitetail tag in your pocket. And reading through your comments it sounds like there is a close relation between you and "Ben" so you have a horse in this race that lost. Hence the name calling, accusations, etc. Life is too short man and there are many more deer on the hills to get all worked up over one of them. Guides are Guides who make a living doing this and I can guarantee you that guys like Mr Adams and the others that have been in this game a long time don't give a rats butt about what CJohnson, Basser, or any other people in the interwebs think about it. But I am glad to see that Hunting Forum debates can still rage on behind screen names like the good ol days! Thought these were going by the wayside when IG and Facebook took over!
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    Tail white trophy buck rare deer. Dwaine....