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    My wife and I had another successful Javelina hunt yesterday. It was really fun tagging out on 2 pigs in the same herd. I love hunting with my wife, she has become my favorite hunting partner!
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    What an incredible line said out of pure excitement from my son! Glassed these piggies up about 1045. Got the wind and cover, made our way in. Two through the pump station with my 10mm and she was done. To say Levi was excited is an understatement.
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    Got a cool photo of this buck last week. I was 100 yards from him and he had me pinned. Zoom in and you can see he’s pretty unique. He was solo. Hopefully he’s with some does this weekend and is dumber than he was last week. 🙏🏻
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    Day 4. Great faith in day 4. the Golden Child(T's daughter who has more luck than any 1 human being should have) showed up last night. Today will be good. Morning- right off we spot 1 ram and 3 ewes. of course they are on a sky island at 1600 yds. HARD pass. Afternoon- wind STILL SUCKS!!!!!! So maybe she's not all that goldden after all. We start heading back down the mountain. Over a little rise at teh bottom of the ridge and "STOP!" T yells there's barbary ram at that water hole! We BAIL out of the sxs (I grab my gun) and T is down off the side prone. I yell out 530yds and he says "on it!". Fires. HIT!(sort of) and off the dang thing runs... This time I don't just watch though. I shoot and mr barbary takes a flop. Jumps up and flops back and rolls off the hill a bit. I was certian I missed and the ram was down from T's shot. We gather everything up and head down. He calls me over to have a look and tells me we need to figure out who's ram it is. I said, "well it's yours". It was a no brainer. He saw it, he shot it first and it was his. He disagreed. We ran back through the shot sequence and he AND his daughter made a very persuasive argument that it was MY ram. The Ram was shot twice. Turns out T shot it in the lower front lip and busted its lower jaw and front lower teeth. T is actually a VERY good shot but just had a monkey on this trip for some reason. I had NEVER seen him miss before this trip. Based on how the second shot completely disabled him, they convinced me I should have the ram. I graciously accepted and quite honestly almost cried at his selflessness. Yes, my friend just GAVE me a 30 inch ram that he could have rightfully claimed and NOBODY would have been upset. This entire experience was amazing and truly a TEAM effort. easiest pack out EVER the team
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    Every year near the end of the hunt I force myself to make peace with the fact it's not going to happen. It's not something I relish but time is running out so it's really just a coping mechanism. By the beginning of week 3 the forecast is looking sketchy so I decide there's only 2 days left to hunt to avoid bad weather on the way home. My neighbors and I have also been debating if it's better sitting in one stand the entire time or keep moving. Now that we have game cams it's frustrating to know you were in one stand and deer walked by another which is what happens too many times, so I've been waiting it out in the stand with all the action this year (now called the coati stand) under the theory one will walk by eventually. However I'm bored to death looking at the same scenery so I break with my new strategy and decide to try the other stand for the last few sits despite low deer activity. On Monday morning 1/18 (day 15) I'm back in the other stand not expecting much so my mind turns to the trip home. I took a javi this year which was a goal but coues will have to wait yet again. I'm looking at the weather forecast trying to figure out if I want to leave tomorrow night or Wed morning when I hear something. I slip the phone into my pocket and grab my bow. And just like that it's a buck and he's headed right down the primary trail that will be a 12 yard chip shot. I get to full draw right before he hits the shooting lane and not sure if he heard me or decides to change course but he stops, and then makes a hard right turn. I have to ease down to 1/4 draw trying not to spook him then he starts walking at a good clip so I'm back to full draw. But now he's moving too fast to try and hit a gap between the trees so I bleat to stop him. This is a very risky move, but for some reason he doesn't look at me, he just stops. Oh yeah, he's in rut mode. It's a 15 yd shot and based on past experience I aim low, but he doesn't duck so it looks like low hit in the chest, just behind the heart. He trots off like nothing happened. I know it's fatal, but I'm not taking any chances so I get down and look at the arrow which is stuck in the ground. White hairs confirm a low hit likely just 1 lung, which can make tracking difficult. I force myself to get back in the tree and wait an hour, which feels like the longest hour in my life. After that I take down the stand, realizing either he's dead or I'm done. Then I nervously take up the track. I don't see any blood but I'm not sure of the exact path as it's been almost 90 minutes. I went about 30 yards still not seeing any blood when I'm started by movement as he tries to get up 20 yards further away. Another arrow and it's all over. I hate less than perfect shots but waiting ensured it wasn't prolonged any further and a potential loss. Holy crap I finally did it, one of the biggest coues I've seen, a wall hanger for sure! Everything I hoped for! Funny how success after that much effort can be almost anti-climatic, but I was happy and the work ahead was satisfying. I want to sincerely thank everyone here who help me figure this out, and those who offered words of encouragement. This was by far the most challenging critter I've hunted, and will be my most cherished trophy. I can chase much bigger bucks back home anytime, but you guys have something way more special to hunt. Only those who have experienced it will really know just how special these little deer are.
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    I have hunted an area in unit 23 on and off for years and have seen fighter jets come roaring just above the tree tops and following some of the canyons that are in the area. There are usually two, or sometimes three of them doing practice runs, following each other. Always cool to see and hear as it sounds like a freight train is just about to hit you. This past week I was walking on one of the open grass covered mesas next to a long canyon. I looked up and saw , then heard, a fighter jet coming my direction, low and fast. I guess he was about 200 to 300 yards above the tree tops. (It's hard to judge the actual distance of something moving that fast, but he was low) I started waving my arrow above my head at him to say "Hi". He must have noticed me because, in one swift movement he turned sideways for a split second, then as he was over top of me , he went inverted for a split second and then he rolled upright again and then finished off with a little waggle of the wings , as if to say "how 'bout that". Then he was gone from sight. I was left standing there in amazement at what just happened. An F-22 fighter jet just flew over top of me, INVERTED, and shook his wings at me. Truly one of the most awesome experiences I have ever had while deer hunting. And , no I didn't get a deer on this trip, but I didn't really mind.
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    Clay at Mogollon!! He did the one on the bottom right when I was living down there. He’s a very very close second to Brian Kadrmas at Dakota Taxidermy who has done most of my other work but I’m guessing you’re looking for someone in AZ
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    You guys have a secret. I'm a big fan of cooking wild game, especially for those who have never had it before or had a bad experience in the past. It's (mostly) all about meat care and prep, and cooking properly. A rutting buck is the exception, and is why I don't shoot bucks back home unless they are a wall hanger, then I generally turn the meat into sausage. My favorite is a yearling (small) doe which can be unbelievable table fare. If you read my recent adventure in the AZ forum I finally got my first coues. A nice mature rutting buck with the odor you'd expect from one. I was concerned with how it tastes given that it's #1 a buck and #2 they eat who knows what. But now your secret is out. This deer is phenomenal despite the age and rut status. The deer police may come for me after saying this but it's probably the best deer ever! The myth of the corn (or soybean, alfalfa, etc.) fed Midwestern deer is just that. It's definitely leaner than MW deer, but most fat on whitetails is external. It hardly tastes like deer at all, it almost has a nutty flavor? And it's tender too. Whatever I'll shoot another one just to eat it! I can't imagine what a doe would be like if they were legal to shoot. One big tip is to allow the meat to cool slowly, the worst thing you can do it throw it straight into an ice filled cooler. I killed this deer in the mid morning and let the quarters hang in the shade until dark even though the high was 60F. It was cool to the touch at that point (evaporative cooling helps with low humidity too). Then I put it into a cooler with ice. Anyway don't let anyone tell you that MW farm country deer are better table fare, or better yet don't tell anyone coues are delicious!
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    Pops and I had a great time as usual. We spotted a herd Friday evening after sunset and weren’t sure where they bedded. On Sat morning we set up across the canyon and was able to find them bedded and made our move when they got up to feed. Pops harvested his first muzzleloader javelina at 60 yards. We spotted another herd but I had to go back in town for my daughters bday party. Sunday I picked up my buddy and we rolled out early and met pops at his camp. We located a new herd going over a mountain and no luck relocating them again, in this unit we’ve glassed herds in the past moving over 1000 yards from bedding grounds to feeding grounds, crazy. We then went to another spot and after 2 hours we glassed up a herd moving it’s way to bedding grounds. After a 30 min hike over some mountains, found myself 138 yards from the nearest pig and sent a 50 cal sleeping pill his way. This makes pig #49 and #50 for pair of us, pretty stoked to make our batch of jerky.
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    First year in my life didn't watch one game all season or follow at all. Took my daughter out yesterday and got her first javelina
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    Clay Goldman does good mule deer along with about everything else. Here are a couple he did.
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    the border wall don't stop anything from coming over, especially bears and cats...
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    OK, back to the hunting. My new friends and I discussed the real challenge with hunting coues out of tree stands is burn out. It's hard to keep a positive attitude when you haven't seen a deer in days, then to be ready when one appears is another ballgame. In the past I only had 7-8 days to hunt so felt compelled to grind it out no matter what. My hope was to shoot one early then explore new country but that never happened. Most days I'd come back for lunch then go back out, which is a lot of work. Otherwise I'd pull an all dayer. But now I had 3 weeks, no need to push that hard. So at the end of the first week I decide to go check out new country and refresh my spirits. Besides, I also had a javelina tag so I took the afternoon off and went to an area that might have them. I went up a hill to glass and saw 8 coues does come out of a creek bottom. Despite the date (1/11) no bucks ever materialized so where's the rut? But that gave me the idea to go check it out. It was about an hour till dark and on the way back to the truck so off I went. When I got down there I got a whiff of skunk, hey that brings back memories. But then I thought, why would a skunk spray here, and now? Then the light bulb went off, this could be javis. So I worked my way upwind. I found it fascinating to be stalking by smell like a coyote. Suddenly I hit a wall of stink. Man, I don't think they smell this bad. Three steps later I round a bush and jump a big boar. He runs about 10 yards then stops and woofs at me. I know they have bad eyesight but this was ridiculous. I'm in the open. So I take a few steps, his head pops up and woof! I stand still for 30 seconds and he goes back to shredding some plant. I move closer draw and try to shoot several times, but he never gave me a clear shot. Eventually he walks further away. Since I was on the opposite side of the creek I jumped down and started rock hopping. As I tried to get further downwind I came across one bedded, which turned into a stare off. Eventually it got up and wandered away and then it turned into shooting gallery. Javis were moving up and down the far bank so I got the the edge and waited. Two little ones run by and all I can see over the bank are floppy ears, that made me laugh. Too low, need more height. I found a rock that would give me more elevation and a decent sized javi comes by. It's not the boar but the light is fading. As I drew it turned quartering towards me but I know what my setup is capable of. To me I was shooting giant woodchuck so put my aim right on it's front shoulder. The arrow flew true and it piles up after 10 yards, by the time I got there it was stone dead. Wohoo, my first javi! Broke the front leg going in and poked out just behind the last off side rib. Perfect! That attests to the power of EFOC weighted arrows. So now the fun starts, what was that I read about field dressing these things? I really wanted to get one to eat it, just like shooting a recurve I enjoy a challenge in the kitchen. What was odd is this sow didn't stink at all, so was it the boar that reeked? I took my time with the gutless method. When I got done and looked at what I had for meat I was like wow, these really are a big woodchuck. The next day I fried up a piece of backstrap. It smelled normal and it tasted great. If anything it was very mild. I was happy, and my hunting mojo was back to 100%. The story continues...
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    No point in applying for elk. Save your points . I’ll take the bullet and apply and hopefully get any “crummy year”tags so no one else has to hunt weak antlered animals. No need to thank me.
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    Another classic thread on why anyone worth a shoot doesn't post pictures or stories anymore.... The ankle biters are rampant.... If you can't participate in any meaningful way then quit acting like a lib and STFU...
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    What a bunch or ignorant people on here. AZGFD follows the ATF's definition of a pistol/handgun. This firearm fits that definition. But this is the state of forums and social media in general these days. Guys are in a huge rush to put their ignorance on display for the world to see. Maybe spend as much time doing your research as you do trolling, and you might save yourself a lot of embarrassment. Congrats to you both Adam. Hope to shoot one with my AR pistol as well in the near future.
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    Sounds like Adam has some people green with envy.
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    My thoughts are , congratulations big Brown on taking a double with your huntress wife, with a beautiful Tiffany blue AR pistol with a brace..... It also looks like Adam was smart enough to bring a bipod so he didn't have to set that nice pistol in the dirt when not hunting with it ..... When I do hunt havalina I prefer to do it with a bow but I don't judge people for how they hunt their animals any legal way that they decide to , that's their prerogative..... Again congratulations guys... This is probably the best thing that can be seen on screen today. God-bless American , it's freedom and rights we have left !!!!!!
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    Win what? Nothing going on tomorrow in my household that disrespects the flag.
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    Well after about 2 days of nonstop snow we’re up to about 25-30” on our property at around 6000’ elevation in the mountains south of Prescott. im no expert on the subject, but from what I’ve read winter snow does more good than later rains, as the slow melt of the snow allows for much more of the snow to be soaked up into the ground and stored by plants. Not to mention the melt from the higher snow on the peaks will keep creeks running and riparian areas green for far longer than a little rain will. Sure rain is always a good thing (at least in Az), but this snow is the best thing that could’ve happened to us after a couple long dry summers. at least that’s what I’m telling myself now so I don’t get too PO’d while digging out my truck to go to work.
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    If they can't stand for the Anthem, then I'm not going to watch them.
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    I personally wish they make it such a pain to apply that out of staters would quit