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    Tessa was able to kill this giant lion yesterday with the help of Grady Lefebvre and his buddy Josh. It was a long day but well worth it when it comes to hunting with hounds Grady is a bad butt.
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    Was a real red liner of a hike but was well rewarded. Had to leave one back there that I’ll have to go back for some time. Side note, I really wish this forum program was better at uploading pictures. Only half of them ever upload and the ones that do are rotated wrong. I don’t have that problem on other forums.
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    My wife and youngest son were able to complete their field day today in Flagstaff. Heard the class was great and nice new hats were given out at the end. Thanks again Brian and company!
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    My kid caught 2 lions in one morning, a while back. He let them both walk. They were not mature. He was with the neighbors, (who have hounds..) but his dog was involved.
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    Rough day. The man whom taught me to hunt, fish, never whine and by example; how to honor the women in my life, passed 5 years ago today. He was old school, tough, unapologetic and worked hard for the family. 92 years young, WWII vet and still sharp as a tack. I think he had a pretty good run
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    Thanks everyone Dog has been rehomed. God is good.
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    These machines keep getting better and less expensive as time goes on. I just did 3 dozen eggs from our hens the other day. Yesterday honey crisp apples were on sale for $0.88 /lb so I did 12 lbs of apples. The best thing about FD is we now only buy stuff that’s a great deal on sale and FD it. Saves fridge space too. Longer term storage kept in mylar bags, everyday stuff kept in quart jars in pantry.
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    To those who celebrate with family or alone have a peaceful day.
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    Looks like a bottle of Dr. Pepper. Pretty easy one to guess since it says it on the side actually. Pretty good condition, still full. I would guess it is worth around $1.50-2.00. Probably not as old as you think based on that round lead weight next to it.
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    Trying to clear out the safe and maybe put together something new so I'm selling this beauty. Ruger no.1 in 4570 with 16 rounds and 24 pieces of brass. Would like $1400 f2f in the East valley.
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    Was standing on my deck this morning having a cup of coffee, it was quiet with no wind and all of a sudden a Tom goes off Ran in the house and got my box call and had a pleasant conversation with Mr. Tom. Nice way to start the day!
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    This bobcat came in this morning, covered 300 yards in 5 minutes or less. He weighed 24#. Biggest i have seen in a while.
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    Got it pretty much done. I'll Cerakote it Wednesday. Shot it Saturday. I've only shot 286 Hornady spire points. I'll use Partitions on my hunt. I'm waiting on rings for my Trijicon Credo 1-4. 8 ¼ lbs without sights.
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    My daughter got her tag. Her words were "you are not going to mansplain sh!t! I will shoot the bull I like the most." Anyone want to share their Hotspot?
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    He is King, He is Risen, He Saves.
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    We've been doing whole meals for a couple months now. They turn out pretty good. My daughter has celiac, so finding a place she can eat on the road can be a pain. Now we take FD meals on the road and good to go. My kids love grapes, strawberries and pineapples as a treat.
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    The key word is "California" enough said.
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    Just a thought. I had a .410 for my son. Ammo was hard to find and almost $30 a box. For Christmas I bought him a 20ga semi auto for $275. He says it kicks way less and ammo is $9 a box with tons of options.
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    Dad loved dogs, the only time I ever saw him cry was when our family dog passed. He always spoke fondly of the begals he raised and bred, one in particular named Duchess. She had a knack of barking wherever she was when she heard her name called and racing back to him. Just hours before dad died, he sat up looking out the hospital window and said Duchess was out on the grounds chasing a rabbit. Mom looked out the glass and said she didn't see her. Dad said she's out of sight now but I hear her bawling, she's on the hunt. I can only infer that this was Duchess's turn to call dad home.
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    October, November and December...
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    I won this in the Jaws and Paws raffle
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    Gardening is really easy and doesn’t take much of your time, if you invest in good soil. The problem is by the time buy lot of good soil, you could have bough the entire produce section twice the other thing about your time and gardening is when you get a nice garden you’ll find time to tend to it
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    Looks to be a ball from a ball mill. Used in mining to pulverize hard rock gold ore.
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    Yeah he was pretty awesome. Fought through Europe and made through the Battle of Bulge! He was an Army brat and lived all over. He was Hawaii in the early 30’s and southern Az in the later 30’s.
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    One of the pups.