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    Well, had a really tough hunt this year. Turns out I wasn't the only one that knew about my target bucks. After dealing with people shelling off artillery rounds at the bucks from over 1000 yards every morning i decided to back out of the area for a couple of days and let the pressure die down. I snuck back into my perch on Tuesday evening and was able to knock this buck down. He was about my "plan D" buck but I'm happy with him. I've always wanted a big two-point and i think this one qualifies. He's a really old troll of a deer and was the dominant buck in the area. A good one to get out of the gene pool. Sorry for the disgusting decapitation photos. He was a long ways from a road and didn't get to him until well after dark. The field photos were terrible.
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    On the fourth day trying to get on a herd of bachelor bucks, my daughter, Hunter was able to connect on a good desert muley in south east Arizona. Her buck grossed right at 150”.
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    Fun, exciting , nerve racking and life time memories . Rex could you please turn the pics over
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    Wanted to share an opening day buck I took during the October central Az coues Hunt. Enjoy and good luck to all the coues hunters still out there.
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    My wife tagged out on this awesome coues. After trying to get on a monster buck that we had located without any success my wife found this buck being chased by coyotes. I had glassee up the 3 coyotes earlier in the morning and wanted to shoot them but we knew that there were bucks on that hill side so we waited. When all of a sudden my wife yelled at me to come over to her and told me coyotes were chasing a buck. Once i put the BTX on him i knew he was a shooter. He was able to fend off the coyotes. Come to find out it was a buck someone we knew had blown off his hoof and could not relocate so he told us about him and his last where abouts and shoot him if we saw him so he wouldnt suffer a slow death. Thanks my brother and sister inlaw for thier help. Our camp went 6 for 6 this year
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    Last Saturday, Taylor and I went out to tune her up for deer. Getting ready for her first shot of the day, this squirrel popped up to sun himself at 741 yards.... I got a little excited as you will hear.... Nice vapor trail too.
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    Not the G2 Buck I was after, but with only 1 day left I decided my passing days where over! Average buck for this farm.
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    Yesterday may have been my best day elk hunting ever and I did not fire a shot. If you guys are use to me posting pics of stuff that isnt seen very often this is the post for you. Over 60+ branch antlered bulls seen. a group with 36 bulls and bugling like it was the peak of the rut. It started off with a late start but not horribly, I look off to the open field to my right and see four branched bulls. I roll pass them by a few hundred yards get my bow and look to the other side of the road and 113 yards away are two more branched bulls. I try to walk up to them, but they werent having it and take off. second group on the skyline I go back after the first group and they high tail it across the plains like a cheetah was after them. I follow thinking they will stop eventually, taking only my bow and camera thinking I would be going for only a bit. I get to an overlook (hard breath taking hike) I see the two bulls above, but cant find the original four bulls. I look to my left and I think I see a herd of cow elk and at the distance I was at I thought the first four joined the cows (seeing some with antlers). I put my glasses up and I see they are all bulls, so I start wondering where did the first four bulls go. I find them and then I am in interesting juxtaposition. I have 20+ bulls in three different directions, which ones do I go after. after some debate, I decide on the ones with the most and best wind. The herd to my left a little after I first saw them I make a surprisingly hard climb to get to where I think they are going to bed and I look over and in the distance 20+ more bulls. Its like Bulltopia. Bulls as far as the eye can see. These bulls are to my left and have me pinned. They are making a racket with there sparring. Enter Elliot the Elk. I'm staying put taking pics and figuring out where they are headed. I see a smaller 5x6 headed my way. and few 320-330 class bulls just in front of him. a few bulls disappear and I dont really notice where they went. I think they are headed to the main herd but I was wrong. Elliot one of the bulls that disappeared headed right towards me. I have him 60 facing me and he has no idea Im there. I need him to drop to 45 for me feel comfortable with a straight forward shot. I drop to my knees and wait, snapping a couple of pics and grabbing an arrow. As I wait, elliot steps between me and my intended target. Flashback to my strip hunt. I am absolutely not shooting until elliot is clear. after a five or ten minute standoff, the tingling in my right leg is getting extreme. Elliot knows something is not right, he is about 40 yards from me and his warning bark rattles my cellulite. I dont move. he twitches his head and I think I can readjust my now numb leg. He startles, scares the bull I want to shoot and the little guy behind. He circles around and stops at 50, I pull back out of anger and was going to take elliot but change my mind at the last moment. there is nothing like the sound of 36 bull elk stampeding. I watch the direction they go and decided to go after them after lunch. On my way back I remember I left 6 bulls on the south side of the hill. Just then I hear the primal scream of a couple bulls sounding off. I figure 'well I am already here.' and go after them. They sound off every few minutes I get close than I see antlers and about 50 cows. Stampede 2 for the day. I follow and get close enough to go into stealth mode. one of the bulls from the herd with cows. there were about ten branch bulls total with the group. I end up about four miles from the truck, no water. I leave looking at bulls across the field. Great Morning. the afternoon I park 1.25 miles from where I think the bulls went. after some classing I find a couple. I make nearly a great stalk but the bulls moved to the opposite side of the bedding area and I blow five more bulls out of the country. I sit on tree stump have a drink and enjoy the view. I put my camera next to me before I walk back. I leave and .25 miles from that I remember I left my camera at that spot. I drop my pack and bow and jog back to get it. as I am on my way back I see this. Murphys law biting me in my butt. They play tag with me until I get to my bow then the wind shifts and it's bye felicia headed out again in a few minutes. Than two painful days in phoenix so my boss can see me at the office and Ill be back at. GREAT DAY
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    We went out opening morning and saw a few small bucks that she decided to pass on. We got set up on a hill to glass for the evening and the wife glassed up a coyote and then 2 bucks not to far off the coyote. After looking at the bucks with the spotter we made a game plan to get in range of the deer. Once we were close to where we had referenced the bucks we jumped them up at less than 80 yards. They trotted off over into the next small wash. We hustled over to try and locate them and saw them walking through the trees. I set her up and she made a perfect 210 yard shot and dropped this buck. She is super happy being her 2nd ever deer. I think I was more excited than she was haha. And of course the kids were excited to see moms deer they had to get pictures with it too.
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    I just returned from a great trip to Kodiak. It is my 2nd trip to Kodiak and of course it did not disappoint. 1st rule of Kodiak- Give yourself plenty of time before and after the scheduled hunt for weather delays Thankfully ours was minimal but one group was waiting to fly for 4 days because of weather. 2nd Rule- Bears are no joke. I saw probably over 20 brown bears in 5 days with 7 in one day and a giant 8 1/2 foot sow and her cub at 40 yards. Standing up on her back legs and growling, making lots of noise and staring holes through me. No rifle and no backup gun. Dumb on my part but I was pressing to kill my buck before dark. I made a 48 yard shot on on a bedded buck, he ran 20 yards and tipped over, I held low since he was bedded down and almost missed him. But caught the lower part of his heart. I was by myself in bear country at almost dark. I didn't take to many pictures and hurried out of there. 3rd Rule- Sitka are pretty easy to hunt except the terrain they reside in. Couple of the guys in our group shot bucks at under 10 yards with rifles. Thanks to Jason for setting the trip up and inviting me along. He did all the work I just showed up. We flew into Kodiak on Friday night, Saturday morning the weather was good enough for us to be dropped by charter plane into Larsen Bay. Our Transporter picked us up and we busted it to an area to get hunting that afternoon. Everyone had the opportunity at bucks, but not a lot of real big mature bucks. It rained almost all day everyday with a few broken clouds we capitalized and took a few pictures. I get seasick, I know I do and tried to prepare but still ended up getting seasick toward the end. The boat captain tried real hard to keep the boat calm during the night, which they did. It was dead quiet and calm most every evening. My 2 goals were to take a big buck with my bow and to catch some fish. I only got sick the days I stayed on the boat and tried to fish in the deep water. My buddy killed two bucks with his rifle Quite a few guys caught a bunch of halibut, but I was so sick I wanted to get on land and hunt. could have shot a few solid bucks but nothing bigger than I already had. photo credit of the boat with rainbows to Jason and Tony. My buddies 2nd buck, last day. screen shot from video of a pretty big bear Buddies first buck they are pretty deer. Real heavy hide with lots of fat. I'll try and rotate our salmon limit Lingcod
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    Opening day I was able to tag out by 8:00 on this deer I had been seeing on my cameras since August. He was a very heavy bodied buck. I was luck to have a Buddy watching in the glass to give me a hand down off the hill.
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    Well, my son has killed lots of mule Deer but this is his 1st coues. Spotted bigger ones this morning but lost them found this guy at 3pm. 380yds and that's all she wrote. Heck of a pack out. We just got home. Unit 21 by the way. We have 1 more tag to fill
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    Glassed this buck up Friday morning with 25 does, and 4 other bucks. Watched them do their thing for about an hour with no real way to make a move on them. They slowly fed up over a saddle as the sun was starting to hit them pretty solid. We made a 2 mile loop around them to get in the same canyon that they headed into. We glassed that spot for about an hour, but it was noon, hot, and nothing was up. We decided to back out and return in the afternoon. We drove in from a different direction that was actually a further hike, but a much easier hike. We arrived on the only rock pile in the canyon where you could see where we figured the bucks would bed. It took all of 5 min and we had the buck. We set up on him with the sun directly in our eyes and contemplated the shot. My son 19, wanted to shoot, but I talked him into waiting. The sun finally settled behind the Mountain, and things got serious… Go Time! We ranged the shot at 578 yards and 10 degree slope. My son Hunter said, "Dad that stupid ocotillo is right in my way"... I had to crawl down and move it so he could shoot. The buck did not like that at all and bedded down.... We could see antlers, neck, and bush and a small window of vitals. We thought about calling it a day, but my son felt very confident in the shot. One well placed 150 ab/ 300 wsm and it was over... Heart shot/ flop!!! The pack out in the dark was a great learning experience for him.... Great Father Son Time..... My boys have had one heck of a 5 year run. Whitey....
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    Waded through the masses of other people hunting this buck Friday morning. Glassed him up almost 3 miles off and walked my dad and uncle into him.. Had several people park right behind them and follow them up the hill to try and shoot it out from under them.
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    I talked to fbi directorJames Comey and he told me if there is no intent to break the law no charges will be filed.
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    My wife and I both drew October coues tags and couldn’t be more excited. I decided i was gonna try to scout as much as possible I would take my little boys out with me as much as possible and they sure loved it one day we even glassed up a nice bear and they were able to see it. Opening day finally rolled around at the wind was terrible we got to a glassing point and after not finding any deer in the bowl we decided to back out a little bit and sat above a cow drinker as it was the only water near by. As i set my tripod up and start glassing my wife tells me hey here comes deer. I look over and see it’s a mule deer and 2 fawns, i go back to glassing and about 20 seconds later she says hey another deer it was the smallest spike i had ever seen at 200 yards i could barely make out nubs. He kept looking over his back and i knew more deer must be coming in . After probably 2 minutes or so another spike and a little buck comes in I tell her grab the rifle well she already had it and was starting to get set up. We watched him drink for a few minutes then they started to head out well he stopped and was looking up other hill and i told her go ahead and shoot. She center punched that buck he took one big leap and when he hit the ground that was it. I was so pumped for her to get her first buck. The next morning we went out and couldn’t turn anything up. My mother in law had to go back home Sunday morning and my Wife had to go back to being mom so i decided to throw my bedroll in the jeep and go try a spot by myself for a day and a half after getting up there i ran into way more people then i thought there would be there all summer no one was there but coming hunting time it was packed. I still gave it heck the 2 days i was there, i could only turn up small bucks and decided to go back to town to try a new spot. I called a buddy and we went out Monday to try another area. We turned up several small bucks but still nothing i wanted, as the day went on i really thought about settling for a smaller buck but just couldn’t get myself to do it. Well it was about 430 and we were headed back we stopped and glassed one last spot, as i get my tripod set up i focused my glasses and had a nice buck in my sight picture after about 10 seconds i decided he was what i was looking for. I dialed the 260 up to 450 yards get steady and squeeze one off. It was a hit but i couldn’t tell how good i grabbed my pack and rifle and headed across the canyon to look for blood, well i get over there and couldn’t find blood my buddy walked me into the last spot we seen him still no blood as i set my pack down to look a little better i look down about 30 yards and see the buck jump out of his bed he ran across a little draw and i hit him again on the run. I watched him crash into a tree and hear him death moan. I give him like 15 minutes and walk over right as it was getting dark. Well i walked to the trees i seen him crash into no blood no buck i really start to second guess myself. I then pull a really bone head move and set my stuff down to make some circles. Well it got so dark so quick that i couldn’t find my stuff. I walk back to my buddy and we decided to just come back in the morning would be the best idea. We got back the next morning i find my stuff right away and start to circle. I find a huge blood trail and it takes me to my buck well the trees he went into was less then 20 yards from where i dropped my stuff. Thanks for reading and if someone could help me turn the pictures I’d appreciate it I’m not sure what i did wrong!
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    The hunter was able to locate the bull and was able to harvest all the meat. It was a lower gut shot and the guts plugged the hole and he was bleeding internally hence why we couldn’t find a entry wound or a blood trail. Contacted game and fish while I was out and had service and they came out which was nice to see. Update on the scout, it’s dry up here and we haven’t been able to locate any elk.
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    Tagged out on the early rifle hunt. It was a rough hunt this year was super windy almost every day. After spending the majority of the hunt looking for my target buck I decided to go ahead and shoot this wide buck. I was watching my target buck and this guy run together all summer through velvet and even into hard horn a week before the hunt. I had high hopes of shooting my target buck at first light opening morning but he proved me wrong. I still cant figure out why or where he disappeared to with zero human pressure in there. Oh well I am super happy taking this buck. Gonna have to put in the work and try and get my target buck this January time to start shooting the bow.
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    Hey guys, I'm new to unit 125 and I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction for some places to start scouting. Not looking for anyone's honey holes, just some general areas.
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    Man, that’s a lotta turks on the wall. Here’s my favorite wall. Lots of other mounts but i like how this one turned out
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    Toot your horn much? At least you beat the other tramp stampers to it. Amazing animals grow there for sure.
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    Duwane Adams posted a short video to his FB page of three bucks they just tagged on the Kaibab. One looks to be 200+. https://www.facebook.com/103560010014568/videos/989489178053877/
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    Does this meet your requirements for a post lancetkenyon?
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    I don't even load up the truck the night before. All camping equipment in the garage. All glass and weapons in the house . No greater way to ruin you hunt is to load it up and wake up to everything gone. Sucks this happen