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    We had alot of fun while chasing the September Bugles. It was tough for finding big bulls this year however, with the drought during horn growth season. We passed on many herd bulls trying to find something better. We shot the biggest bull we saw, a bull I saw while scouting, minus one tine, on the 4th day of hunting, which happens to be our shared birthday! Getting in position and the final sequence and realization of the accomplishment will be quite the memory for the rest of our lives. My wife and daughter are better shots than myself and most men for some reason. Maybe because they care just a little bit less and that allows them to focus on the task better?
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    I just want to take a second to thank all our US Border Patrol members. I'm grateful for your service and the difficult job you do. If anyone reading this agrees with me, please let them know you appreciate them. God Bless the 🇺🇸
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    Ive been putting in my wife for about 5 years in Wyoming for Antelope. We finally got drawn in an area where Ive hunted before. She has dealt with my hunting for years. I told her Ive been putting her in. She said ok to it. So game on! Once she got drawn I had her at the range practicing shooting. Make the long drive up to Denver CO where my brother lives. Leave by 3 am the next morning and she is wiped out. Anyone that knows how to flip the pic please do. The next day we get there by 8am or so. Saw tons of bucks on the side of the road. Once we got into our unit they disappear. The only time we saw bucks and antelope was either on the other unit north of us or on private. Once I get to a high point I get out and glass. I glassed up some does and keep looking for a buck. I finial find him. Man he looks good. I range him at 1260 yards. If he looks good at that distance he is a shooter for sure. We make a plan to stalk. We go around and close the distance at 650 yards but if we lay down for a prone position the next hill will block our view. So no choice to make it 200 yards to the next hill. We get to 450 yards and him and all the does are staring at us. Once I point out the buck to my wife where the buck is at all of them take off. We are busted!!!!! We go after them but no luck. A mile back to the truck and the wife is getting flustered. Make it back to the truck so we can take the road to that bucks location. On the way there we spot another lone buck by himself and keep driving out of sight and then get out. We get to a shooting position and range him at 450 yards. I dial the scope and she gets set up. Mean while she is fluster trying to get set up. We haven't trained enough for different positions so she was getting upset. Once she said I see him of course he starts to run off. He keeps going well past 700 yards and over the hill. So we take the next road that goes that direction. No luck and we couldn't find him. Sad he was sooooo big.. But the wife is getting fluster and I realize we need to take every opportunity we can get. So we take the next road after him which was a 2 track road. We make it to the end of the 2 track and I spot another buck while in the truck. Im 1/4 turned from the buck and put my binos on the steering wheel. I can tell he is an ok buck and range him at 510 yards. I tell my wife I cant get out or he will see me get out. He is looking right at us. I told the wife to get out on her side and I adjusted the MOA on the scope before hand. She gets out and she is having problems left and right. She finally found him and got set up. I can see her finger reach the trigger and once I saw that I hurry up and put my binos on the steering (boooooom!!!!!) wheel. It caught me off guard. I quickly try to look and no buck running. She said did I get him? I responded Im not sure. I didnt see him run off. I asked how did your shot feel? She responded it felt really good. Well you probably got him them. We hiked up to him and 100 yards away i could see fur and horns. Ha ha ha!!! I was so excited for her. But she didn't get the rush because she was so fluster with scope and trying to find him. But nonetheless she got him!!! 510 yards one shot IMG-1920.MOV
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    Shot this guy on opening morning. Spent a few days scouting before my hunt to find some elk to get into and i found a few. Spent most my time scout for wifes 3a3c tag. Opening mor ing I Come up a small hill to look in a meadow and across it i see this guy chasing a cow all over. One cow call and the cow heard it and came running and the bull was right behind. They came into 20 yards searching and after a few seconds of not seeing anything turned to walk away and I stopped him at 40 yards and shot him. He ran 50 yards and died. Shot him with a rage. I know people give that broadhead a bad review but they have never let me down and always leave huge holes.. been up in 3a3c with the wife ever sense trying to fill her tag. Seen plenty of bulls and have had a opportunity everyday and passed on a ton of bulls. Last night she missed. this morning put an arrow over the back of one. Hope it pans out she is getting discouraged. sorry for the sideways pics from on the phone in the woods. I am happy i could send it.
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    Sorry just saw this. Bugling has been very very sparse, mostly early morning contact bugles, but not much else. I was able to get this guy yesterday morning cow calling, which called another cow in to me that he was chasing.
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    Not sure where to post this, but found a desert tortoise while out scouting for my kids upcoming hunt in 22. I’ve never seen one still in the shell thought I’d share.
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    That’s a lot of cope. Edit: also, he must have lived an extraordinarily blessed life if not having a deer tag is considered a “tragedy” in his family
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    Wouldn’t that decrease the amount of bucks even more
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    After this one is bagged and tagged, I hope they can nail his parents for something, and then tar and feather the lawyer.
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    NEWBIE 19A PRONGHORN SUCCESS This hunt touched all 3 bases and then slid into home plate like a .300RUM! We all know how lucky I was to draw 19A General Pronghorn with only 9 points, so I won’t bore you with testimony to the months of scouting and time invested learning from other hunters. In short, I did the homework & it paid dividends! Some of you had asked for “the story”, so I’ll fast forward to 12hrs before Opening Hour. I had a target list of 4 bucks spanning 3 different areas of State Trusts & National Forest from Prescott Valley to Chino Valley. I had observed each of these bucks just hours earlier—defending their does, breeding their does, and raking desert flora. At one point I was pinned down behind tall Deer Grass just 100yrd away, thinking this chaos was better than any Outdoor Channel show I’ve ever seen. My target list had been established. Then, a curve ball was introduced. My hunting partner for Opening Day suggested I come put eyes on a buck he thought was “pretty good”. We then both glassed “Tall Boy” for over an hour. He chased off 2 other competing bucks to defend his 3 does the entire watching. Often times cresting a hill to provide a silhouette of his tall horns. This sealed the deal: the silhouette of his tall horns. All other negative features became a moot point, as this animal was impressively tall. “Tall Boy” just became the #1 on my target list. 04:00 we left camp to arrive before sunlight in hopes of taking him where we last saw him. As it often turns out, he wasn’t anywhere to be found. We hiked several hours & miles before spotting him on TOP of a rolling hill, some 1200yrd away, again silhouetting his horns. There were no other hunters this deep off the road, so we patiently watched him work those does down the hill, chase off 2 coyotes several times, frequently pass along his genes, and close the distance to around 600yrd. When the opportunity allowed, we used flora to hide our advancement as we belly crawled/boot scooted to a vantage point on a downward slope just 480yrd from his grass grazing on the prairie. 09:20, Boom Boom (hit him twice), .300RUM, 480yrd, smiles from ear to ear on 3 dudes. AZGFD Draw, No paid professional guides, No paid private ranch access, No cheating. Earned it the hard way! Special thank you to Mark B (coueswhitetail.com acquaintance) & Jake M (fellow FF who decided a day of hunting is better than any day at work). Both made my ‘once in a life-time tag’ more memorable than each will ever know, and even documented it (YouTube: Craigs 2021 AZ Antelope Hunt). BTW, I named my trophy “Tall Boy” as a play on words; A “Tall Boy beer” is 16oz… This buck’s beams are over 16”. Conservatively scored 80.25”. This was one for the books… or at least a campfire ring and some beer.
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    Limpopo Province, on the Limpopo River, May 2019 I received a couple of questions regarding my avatar so I thought I would post a little bit of information about the hunt for anyone planning a hunt in South Africa. I think it is important to mention that the majority of hunting in South Africa is conducted behind what is termed high fences here. The size of the high fenced areas varies greatly from small 4 foot fences to stop cattle and sheep movement to large scale “big 5” fences. This fencing also serves to protect outfitters and land owners from poaching and therefore their viability. You will struggle to find a property in South Africa or Namibia with no fences somewhere along the line, be it a park border, a high fence on a neighboring property, or a barrier to public roads. The land areas are generally very large so you may not even see a fence at all during your visit apart from entering or leaving the area, and the low fences do not hamper animal movements much. There are also a number of different ways in which you can hunt in South Africa - but all of mine has been traditional “Track and walk”. You would typically wake up and have a coffee and small breakfast at the camp before being driven to another part of the property known for the type of animal you are looking for and walk from there. For this hunt, I was at Maswiri safaris’s Beskow camp, a 5,000 hectare parcel of land in the far north of South Africa along the Limpopo river and I was after a nice bull kudu as my wife wanted some “decorative horns” to place on the coffee table. Similar to the Coues deer - a kudu is also referred to as the “Grey Ghost” and can sometimes be a nightmare to find despite their size. My friends knew about my target and as such bought me a couple of books (Peter Flack - Hunting the Spiral Horns) and magazines in attempts to assist. We walked for miles and miles, glassed for hours on the top of “koppies” (small rocky hills) without too much luck for about a week. We didn't even see cows. After another unsuccessful morning we made our way back to camp for a breakfast where I discussed going straight back out in the heat of the day and focussing along water points. We drove to a likely area and were dropped off with our backpacks, professional hunter and a tracker and slowly walked our way along. It wasn't too far from the drop off point (I’d say less than 2 miles) that the tracker started getting excited as he had seen a good bull. The path towards him was pretty open so we backtracked and went around another koppie, inching our way around to spot him again. And there he was with his head deep into a bush and perhaps a 100 shot with his shoulder exposed. We set up the shooting sticks, set up the rifle and turned off the safety. I slowly squeezed the trigger and down he went - my first kudu bull. It was only later when we looked at him that we realized just how great a bull he was - old as the hills, with ground down teeth and beautiful ivory tips. Of course - we now started to find kudu’s everywhere we looked for the remainder of the trip. For those of you interested, horn length for a Kudu measured in it's simplest form is taking the measurement of the longest horn from the base along the spiral ridge to the tip only and can be extremely difficult to judge in the field - factors such as how deep the curls are influence the final score greatly. According to a post on Africahunting.com titled judging Greater Kudu: “In terms of trophy size when it comes to mature Greater Kudu bulls, the holy grail is taking the elusive monster 60 inch plus (152.4 cm) Greater Kudu which is something that does happen to a lucky few, however it is the result of the hunting gods smiling down upon you. I would say that horns above 55 inches (139.7 cm) make for an amazing trophy, horns above 50 inches (127 cm) make for a great trophy, horns above 45 inches (114.3 cm) make for a good trophy and horns below 45 inches (114.3 cm) make for a beautiful trophy and great memories!” Mine doesn't have exceptionally deep curls, but measured 53 inches. Regardless of the measurement - my wife didn't get her decorative horns for the table - but he does sit proudly on my wall.
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    My son has killed a couple mule deer but this year he killed his 1st Coues. Due to his school schedule he wasnt able to scout with me. I scouted 3 different weekends and with it shaping up to be a tough hunt we decided to hunt this buck. I actually figured he was smaller than he is. We were both happy as we walked up to him. We started our hike at 2am and made it to where he was by 6:15. Shot shortly after. Good scouting and a good plan worked out perfectly. Made an absolute perfect shot in front right shoulder/heart at 380yards. Bonus Rams during scouting
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    Here’s my bull I was able to take opening evening Friday. Best of luck to those still out there chasing bugles. story added -Opening day- A day I won’t soon forget. I came into this hunt with a goal in mind and it came to fruition on the opening evening right before dark. After getting in on a smaller herd bull in the morning we switched gears and headed back to an area I’ve hunted religiously over the years. After calling in a few rag horns and practicing drawing back and settling in, we were greeted by a few bugles off in the distance. After closing the distance and getting eyes on a few smaller bulls and cows, my buddy Enrique spotted a few elk far off, then my other buddy canyon laid eyes on this guy pushing a herd of cows through the trees. After a short discussion that basically went like …”Let’s kill that F*ckin bull” we took off to try and cut them off with the little time we had left in the day. After getting into position and darkness coming fast my optimism was quickly fading and was already looking forward to the next morning chasing this guy. As luck would have it they altered their path and headed towards us slowly. With light fading fast and elk filing past us at 110 yards; I made the decision to go into full sneak mode and try to close the gap to make something happen. Elk after elk passed by me within shooting range oblivious to my presence. I finally got to 77 yards and waited as his 6 cows passed in front of me and he followed closely behind. I came to full draw, whistled at him, and he stopped and let out a giant bugle. I sent my arrow mid bugle and it was followed with the “thwack” we all hope to hear. Unsure of my shot and full of emotion I wasn’t sure what to think. I was doubting myself and wondering why I didn’t wait until the next day to try and get him. As we walked to his last spot and saw no blood, I was sick to my stomach. We circled back and forth a few times and as I was telling the boys we would come back tomorrow and hope for the best…my headlight hit a eyeball. As I walked closer I went from the lowest of lows, to the highest high possible. He had expired in less than 100 yards and I couldn’t help but be flooded with emotion. Being able to share that moment with two of my closest friends and my family/friends in camp meant everything to me. He’s everything I could have ever wanted and more. 2021 has been such a blessing for me and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year has in store. I can’t thank these guys enough for all their selfless help and I look forward to returning the favor for many years to come.
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    Wow new low for this site, bashing religions. Great job guys!
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    Got it done. First big game harvest.
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    UPDATE 9.24.21 Commission Meeting We need to tell AZGFD and the Commission to stop paying social media to expedite the loss of opportunity for AZ residents! Yesterday the department gave an update on the 2023 hunt guidelines. This much is clear, OTC archery deer hunting is likely to change or disappear in the near future unless something changes. Please make our voices heard by signing and sharing this petition. *** Since 2016 AZGFD has been paying influencers between $5k - $60k per year to promote a wide range of hunting opportunities in Arizona. This program has been very effective at increasing license sales among Non-Residents and increasing demand for previously under-subscribed hunts. A portion of this effort has been focused on OTC archery deer hunting. Promoting these specific opportunities has contributed to a rapid loss of opportunity in OTC hunts. Since this advertising campaign began Non-Resident license sales have increased dramatically while there has been a 25% decline in OTC opportunity. I am encouraging all AZ residents to sign the petition below and request that AZGFD cease their promotion of all hunts without a non-resident cap. I fear that if these opportunities are lost for residents in our state that we will quickly lose the interest of the public and become subject to a disinterested and disengaged electorate who will no longer support wildlife at the ballot box. It is critical that we maintain every opportunity possible for residents of this state to ensure this privilege exists for future generations. https://chng.it/62rjYqFMYp
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    Had a lot of excellent adventures together. Josie- February 2009 - 28 September 2021
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    The deer numbers in the Midwest are so high they have to kill does. We don’t have enough deer to kill does.
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    Anyone that doesn’t make cringe threads about justifying what makes a hunter
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    Any of you guys see this beast yet. The link is through FB. Tank Abbott is what his name should have been.