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    Had a lady ask for a cedar chest for her grand daughter graduation present! This is only my second attempt at making cedar chests! Thoroughly enjoyed the project!
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    Hats, cameras, shooting rests, decent optic companies with exceptional warranties, particular rifle cartridges, CWT has taught me it's possible to hate just about anything!
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    I was reminded that today is National Vietnam War Veterans Day. I always forget about it because every day was Vietnam Vets day growing up and it still is, at least to me. I was going through more pics again last night and came across these two pics. Yes, dad made my life heck growing up, but there were good times and the good times far outnumbered the bad times. It was more that when the bad times happened, they were beyond horrible, bu that's another story. You've heard me elude to it before in other posts. At the end of the day, he was, and always will be, my hero. He taught me more about life, being a man, being a dad, and being a leader than I'll ever be able to thank him for. I was raised, in no small part, by an entire company of hardened combat paratroopers. To all of you Vietnam Veteran's out there, thank you for all you have done, endured, suffered, and triumphed over. You have my deepest respect, admiration, and, yes, love. Here are a couple of pics of dad and his mortar squad laying down some hate on the NVA or VC (maybe both). My dad is the skinny guy in the front with the tattoo on his right arm.
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    I was going to place a post on here for any of you lucky cuss with an elk tag needing back country camp or supplies dropped for your backpack hunts. I still may depending on dates and locations but my schedule just got a little tighter. See, I was just reviewing my bank statement and trying to figure out my balance and the withdrawals.....March 25 my credit union account got a hit from AZGFD for an elk tag. Are you freaking kidding me, March 25th?!?!
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    Were there powerlines over the den? Just wondering, BC, Nobull, I thought I saw some....
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    That "Road" in the video looks pretty decent but in Arizona the AZGFD defines "Road" as means any maintained right-of-way for public conveyance. I'm not sure if that road would be considered a maintained right-of-way for public conveyance or not, so did he break the law or ethics?
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    When firstcouseswas80 and Amanda switched Larks .270 name to 7-08 ha ha
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    OK. A month to the day, and that was with waiting on a custom stencil for the barrel engraving, I picked up the 6.5SLR. I lost more than the 4lbs I hoped to. I actually lost 5lbs 1oz after all was completed. From 15lbs 9oz scoped to 10lbs 8oz scoped. Scale was bouncing between 10lbs 7oz and 10lbs 8oz. A couple quick photos after slapping the scope on and boresighting. I will hopefully get some better outdoor photos this weekend if I get caught up on reloading. I didn't do the bolt handle skeletonizing after all. But I think it turned out amazing. Feels like the new chamber is about .001" shorter than the old one. Pretty good, as the previously FL sized cases still fit and you can just barely feel the bolt close stiffer. A fired case will not close, but I didn't muscle it. So I will set my die about .001" deeper and go to town on FL sizing the 200 or so fired cases I have. I will test my other loaded rounds to see how the new barrel likes them and go from there. About 250 still loaded up. 100 @ 140 HVLD full power hunting loads, 100 @ 140 HVLD light target loads, and 50 @ full power 127 LRX hunting loads. I am anxious to see how much speed has changed by taking off 6" of barrel length. Phx Custom Rifles did another great job.
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    No joke, Taylor (16) has a boyfriend now. He thinks he is funny. He was texting me the other night, I guess trying to be funny. I sent him this photo, and told him "First round hit at 1500 yards. I could easily hit a human head at over 3/4 mile with no one even knowing where it came from." He quit texting me. Then, when he was over at our house one Saturday, I returned from the desert shooting long range. I think it was quite sobering as I brought in 4 long range rifles in a row as I walked by without saying a word to him.
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    This was from the unit 22 Junior hunt in January.
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    While out photographing the mountains and desert wildflowers east of Phoenix last weekend, I heard some rocks tumble. Looking in that direction, I saw what I thought was a deer several hundred yards away. Pointing my telephoto lens in that direction, I could see the round white butt of a bighorn sheep. So I abandoned the canyon shots and went in pursuit of the three desert bighorn sheep. If you are interested in the desert wildflower images from the Superstition Mountains and Bartlett Lake areas east of Phoenix, here is a link to that gallery: https://www.plateaulightphotography.com/Landscapes/Arizona-Landscapes/Desert-Wildflowers/ Thanks for having a look.
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    Amanda, can we please to create an 'old fogies bitchin' subforum?
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    This plays into my theory that the flatter the brim the bigger the douche.
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    It's gotten too expensive for a show overrun with rvs, boats, kitchen gadgets and the like. I liked it when it was at the Coliseum in the old days and was mostly hunting and fishing.
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    Sorry to hear about this coach. Don’t be too hard on yourself though. I’ve got friends and family members that have struggled with suicidal depression and one of them once told me something that stuck with me. They said “picture the worst feeling you’ve ever had in your gut, maybe it’s a terrible break up, waking up the morning after drinking too much when you said something stupid and all you can think about was how much of an idiot you were, heck even wounding an elk or deer you can’t find. Now take that feeling and multiply it, and throw it in every morning when you wake up, every evening when you are trying to sleep, forever.” That’s what severe depression feels like I guess. I can’t even imagine having to live with that. We all think that somehow we could talk to someone like that and “snap them out of it” or “talk some sense into them” but fact of the matter is it’s a lot harder then you and I all think. Depression is a legit disease and unfortunately it’s surrounded by so much stigma that it isn’t treated like it should be.
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    Everyone bashing Bc777 and his "brother"
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    Lance I went with 1.0 Seekins just didn’t want to grind the rail on the new Kelby action. The weight went up 12 ounces It weighs in at 10 pounds. I worked up a new load using 215 Berger’s and H1000 three rounds at 100 Yard
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    I just wish they would reduce the tags in a lot of the southern units! Those units get hunted extremely hard and need a break!!!!!
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    I think that bitch cheated on the dad....just saying.
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    I dont understand the hate people have for a hat, I have never purchased a hat with instructions on how to wear it. Lol #Firebullforlife
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    I wasn't crying about it, I was commenting on the Gul of the filmmaker. I was under the assumption that you could not shoot from a road but apparently that's a gray area. For the record I hunt more than most and have accomplished things you flat brimming, ear tuckers would never attempt.