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    With limited days to hunt this year I decided to try my luck this past weekend on the mountain. The 1st day went alright but all I was seeing is doe's so I decided to switch it up a bit and pack down into another spot. I ended up seeing 4 bucks and Shot this super cool buck with only a day left to hunt. We thunk he busted off his main beam when he was in velvet. He has some pretty cool character and I could be happier.
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    This guy was tracking some does. Due to life, I decided to call it quits with him.
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    Every couple of years I draw my December tag. It’s somthing I look forward to, preparing online maps and comparing previous hunts. I set off in the low country glassing along the way. My dads always been big on not walking past one just to get where you wanna go. But I knew exactly where I wanted to be, as most of us do by now. We know what tags we wanna draw , where we want to hunt and most importantly where those better bucks should be. It was December 12th and it was hot. The clouds we’re starting to form overhead and the wind had picked up, making the sun beating down a little more bearable. About then a small 3x3 had started working across the ridge next to me , exposing himself on a rock out crop he paused and looked back over his shoulder. The big fork showed himself, I could see his crown was tall. I almost immediately made up my mind. Thinking to myself “ are you really gonna shoot a fork?!?! But at 540 yards I could see his main beams coming around the front and his eyegaurds were as good as they were ever gonna be. I set up my phone scope, and dialed my rifle . The wind was picking up, confidence in my gear I settled into my rifle. The buck stopped broadside and I squeezed it off. Jumping to my phone I replayed and confirmed I made a good shot. My bullet had drifted forward, but it was in the shoulder and he was down. I’m awfully proud of the decision I made to take this old buck. I honestly tried talking myself out of it at one point but in the end he’s a trophy like no other I now have! The taxidermist has him at 6-8 years old and he went 93.25. it’s a passion I couldn’t imagine living without, Merry Christmas Coueswhitetail members , Happy New Year and God Bless! IMG_7259.MOV
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    First shout out to members Hucker (and Ray), for coming out to help glass when i didnt even know he was gonna be there and Zackcarp for letting me hang my deer in his cooler. I love this website and i am thankful to be a part of it. Awesome guys on here, cant really even put it into words. Well last week i was horn hunting for mule deer, but sunday evening my middle boy Caliche said hed go out for the evening hunt so horn hunting took the back burner. Got to the spot and saw a dude walking up the hill and my heart kinda sank. Turned out member hucker and his buddy were also out there bird hunting and the guy walking up the hill was another archer heading to where we were gonna go. Stayed near the truck to glass but didnt see much. Headed out early the next morning. Got loaded up at the truck, said a quick prayer with my boy and headed out. Once at our spot i could see some black dots out in the distance i knew were deer. We got set up and it looke like they were all does, after awhile we saw a couple were small muley bucks, just then noticed 2 coues bucks coming in from our right. I looked at my phone an saw a text from hucker and ray.. "theres 2 muley bucks out there right now", dang Hucker and Ray came out to glass for me and i didnt even know they were there! We stayed long enough to make sure the big buck i was after wasnt around and decided to give chase. Everything was in my favor, clear path to where to start my stalk, the wind and a perfect little wash that led right to where the 2 bucks were standing. I was able to sneak up to 30 yards. Draw back and let loose, the buck jumped and ran 20 feet and started to hobble around for a second before laying down. I approached slowly to make sure, and he was already expired. Well i didnt know it but Hucker sent me another text while on my stalk "the big buck is out there right now!" Well... never saw the text and later my son was like i saw a big buck out there while you were stalking, i said how big? "He was freakin huge", lol oh well! Im happy and wouldnt trade in a successful stalk for my boy to watch at all, im stoked he was willing to get up early and go hike in the cold just to hang out with his pops. I called momma and she came out with my daughter and my new puppy she got me for Christmas for some pics. Meet Buck my new boston terrier pup. Hes now got to see 2 deer harvests and hes by my side all the time, love that little pup! Like i said, Bucky follows me everywhere...
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    Better late than never right? The wife got it done on the 1st mulie hunt this year. She was a trooper and harvested her 1st animal ever. She claimed she was only other there for me, however has been asking me since she'l tagged out if were gunna do it again next year. Couldn't be more happier for her, big shout out to my brother inlaw Chad for the help.
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    Coues deer are so amazing in so many ways, highs and lows that can only be explained by those in the pursuit. It wasn't the biggest buck on the mountain today, but this buck was the most dominant. I received the rut experience I was after, all under 400 yards. This guy beat the tar out of a 3x3 that was reasonably larger. I've yet to see and shoot a 4x2. With the weather rolling in, I couldn't help but shoot this buck on the stalk to more distant, far away action, and I couldn't be happier with December 2021'
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    Found this guy yesterday pushing does ..
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    Merry Christmas. Hope Santa puts a 2022 hunting license in your stocking.
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    After a long summer and 26 bonus points I was successful in harvesting a really nice high quality antelope buck. After drawing a coveted unit 10 antelope tag I spent the summer scouting and tuning a new 6.5 prc rifle for the hunt. I found a nice buck late in the season during the archery season with some help of some new found friends. I tagged this buck as my number one to pursue and opening morning I was almost heart broken when setting up opening morning to find and pursue this buck to only be cut off by another hunter. I retreated to watch this other hunter stalk and eventually take a shot at my buck. Only to find out that he missed the shot. I returned to the same area the following morning to try and find the number two buck on my list and found my number one buck still there. After set up and decent shot I was able to harvest him. It was a great season and very rewarding. Thank you to my wife and some close friends for all the help and support they provided.
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    I’m going to place about 500 small salt licks (the little brick ones) all over my favorite ridges to hunt. This will surely keep people out of them and if it doesn’t I’ll claim they are being unethical and I’ll come cry about it on CW. At least i know I’ll have a couple guys on my side, one of which is all about crying. The big problem with the bison is a couple people think they own the rights to every spot they frequent. It is absolute lunacy that people (at least one) think that RJ has rights to basically hunt any spot at any time because he kicks out salt blocks. Man, we really are living in strange times. I would love for someone to try to tell me where or how i have to hunt on my once in a lifetime tag.
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    Be good for 7k miles I bet
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    Hide my trail cameras better so G&F can't find them.
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    The last hunt for antelope was back in 2010 up in Wyoming when I drew a permit in unit 64. I have been putting in for points since and now have 11, so figure it is time to cash in the chips. I have been looking at draw odds, access, % public land, trophy quality, yada yada, and have not made a decision yet. Will see what the rest of the winter in Wyoming brings- hopefully mild. (I have 15 points for antelope in AZ, but all know that won't get you a cup of coffee). Photo is of the 2010 Wyoming antelope. The blaze cap was swapped out for photo purposes. Anyone else chomping at the bit for an antelope permit?
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    Guess I’ll introduce myself here. I followed another friend of mine over here from the AZS board, he said it was a good place so I figured I’d check it out. Been living in AZ for over 30 years. I enjoy everything outdoors, but especially enjoy exploring off-road, and predator hunting. Never been deer hunting in my entire 50+ years of life, so you Coues hunters aren’t going to have to worry about me going after your trophy bucks 😎 just out there trying to protect the next generation from Wiley Coyote and friends. I repair machinery and equipment, weld and fabricate stuff for a living and do almost everything else to pay the bills. Hope to meet a few like-minded outdoorsmen and enjoy some positive interactions. Here’s a pic of a nice little fox I got a couple of months ago:
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    Love hearing your success and failures. Congratulations to everyone who tagged out and had a great year. To those who didn’t have a stellar year…… keep at it and chin up, 2022 will be great if you have the right outlook. 2021: Made some major lifestyle changes! Got my health and fitness on track. Started valuing my time and holding my life to a higher standard. Completed 75 HARD that helped forge new daily habits and mindset. Lost 45 LBs. Killed a cow elk with my bow. Built better relationships with my kids! Promotion at work. And Kicked an addiction that wasn’t serving me anymore. 2022 is going to be even better. Live like there’s no tomorrow!!
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    Hopefully everyone did alright last year and I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year. I got lucky last year and was able to fill my freezer with an elk and a coues. L Best of luck to everyone this year and post up how you did last year. Thanks Keven
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    Thank you all for another wonderful year. May you all be enjoying good health, finding happiness, and be kind and considerate to all fellow human and animal, kind. Peace and great joy be yours. Best wishes always! Russ
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    Ouch. Hope the gear is recovered or he gets restitution. More reason to remove all hunting/shooting decals off our vehicles and take valuables into the room at night.
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    Not looking forward to the weather. Finally saw some rutting activity. Watched a good buck chase does around for 3 to 4 hours. Saw 3 good bucks today. Only got one crappy pic for now.
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    Finally found a couple good bucks this morning. The first one was working a scrape line and the second one was following a couple does. Sequence 01_1.mp4 P1030134_2.mp4
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    Saw one cruising and scraping this morning and one mature buck with does tonight. Couldn’t put an arrow into either unfortunately. IMG_1369.MOV
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    Keep it coming Lord, we need lots of snow!