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    the 10% rule has been in place for a long time. I'd love to feel sorry for nonresidents but i cannot. G&F has decimated a lot of our deer herds by over promotion of OTC archery hunts for nonresidents. You can always use that license you bought by hunting OTC archery deer while it is still possible.
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    if you think it disappointing being a nonresident and not drawing what used to be a guaranteed tag, try being a resident and not drawing the same tag. i probably spend more on app fees every year than most NR's and rarely draw anything.
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    46ae tag for me!!!!!!
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    do you, by chance, have a famous youtube channel? Congrats
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    Deer tag for me. Hopefully I can find this buck during the hunt this year. 2 years ago we saw him running away from us out scouting. The trail camera photo is him last year the last week of August. Never got him on camera again after this photo last year. Hopefully he didn’t get shot and is still around.
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    Thank you for all the prayers, the surgery went good!!
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    I got a late December 22 WT tag. Yepeeeeee!!!!!!
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    Drew my second choice 37A! I had the 2100 taken out but I still wasn’t sure how game and fish was gonna play it out if they had screw up and we’re gonna give tags back to maybe people who had the incorrect balance. Finally got to be 100% when I seen it this morning. I wasn’t expecting this tag for another 20/30 years. Ready to get behind some glass
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    So stoked that Clover drew the statewide Governor's permit for quail and grouse😉 What a fall she will have as a 2 year old GWP. Looks like no deer or sheep permit for me this year.
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    13B! Took 19 years to get it.
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    Howdy. Here's my latest video. I try to explain why I set things up the way I did. This was a great spot for lions and bears. Couple coues and other neat critters as well. I love doing this as much as I do hunting because it gets me outdoors away from the messiness of the "real world". Thanks for watching.
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    If you are a parent, this will give you a pretty good laugh 😂...
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    There has to be an incredible number of the social media-captured archers that came down to AZ to try to kill a coues buck with a bow (that couldn't) and made plans to come back and try with a rifle. Thank goodness for that 10% cap. Now that AZGFD did their recruiting, it would be nice if they stopped NR OTC.
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    Tag #1 27s / 28n
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    There’s a ton of tags that you could have drawn this year. You just chose not to apply for those. Short of pronghorn you could have a tag for every single one of those species this year but you picked hunts that were more desirable and therefore took a risk of not drawing and you didn’t. Simple as that.
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    It adds up You were charged for one deer tag ($45 )and you donated $2055 to the wolf restoration fund.
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    Here's a 50+ we pulled out a few years ago while bass fishing near the dam
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    I have yet to draw anything in WY, but continue to apply. Now, they are talking about limiting NR hunters. So my years of applying will probably drop to near zero. Heck, it takes me 6-10 years or so to draw a deer tag, last elk tag took 18 years, and had 26 BPs for pronghorn this year and didn't draw. So you have come to the wrong place for sympathy.
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    So you have had 28 deer tags in arizona and didnt get one this one time and you are mad? I know several residents that didnt draw what used to be southern arizona 100 percent chance tags. Times are changing. Go thank Randy Newburg, meateater and instagram for ruining not just arizona but all western hunting.
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    Making room for round two
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    **Gone** Free to new hunter 14 - 29" 400 carbon arrows and 5 that need refletched, have vanes. 1- Nikon rangefinder 1- Primos elk tube