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    Got hit last night for archery bull in 5BS. Now my hunting buddy developed a heart problem and can't go to any altitude so he will burn his last tag ever. We are both 73. Wife died last year so I will spend as long as it takes while I can still pull the bow. Not likely to draw another elk tag before I take the dirt nap. I have hunted the unit for the last 35 years and will enjoy the ride.
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    My buddy’s grandmother works at G&F. She said there is a problem with the draw. They ran the Bonus Pass and Katie Hobbs drew every Elk tag. They are sorting through it.
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    Gravity scams me every time I step on the scale.
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    Flagstaff currently has its second snowiest winter on record and the latest storm brought 30" to the house. I made my way down to Sedona before the storm and before the highways were closed. Ten inches of white goodness fell upon the red rocks. This trip was also the maiden voyage for a new Fuji GFX 100s and 45-100mm lens. I made the decision to go medium format with 102MP so printing large metal prints 60-90" would be less of a task.
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    I have to disagree. It’s the only thing going for this forum.
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    At first, I was all like this: But now, I'm all like this:
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    I'm more than Happy to take a couple days and help you out if you like.
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    I guess you need to change ur username on here. Lol sorry man
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    Sounded bitter to me
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    Been pretty busy but we had a fun HAM hunt. The piggies were very hard to find, but we glassed up a mountain lion, a coati and tons of deer. He was able to make a great shot at 35 yards with a .357 mag.
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    Back on topic.....I just saw a hit for $90. Archery Antelope 34 A/B for me!!! 🙂
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    Just got hit. $50 My son is elk hunting this year.
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    No worries Kari will ask for a recount.
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    Last tag for javelina this year. We had some bad winds this week after my wife killed on Friday. I spent the last 4 days wondering if I forgot what a javelina looks like in the binos. My son and I went out everyday after school with no luck. We put on some good miles hiking and glassed til dark each day. Yesterday evening we got an email from the school district that we have a snow day and there’s no school on Thursday. So this morning we booked out for a last day of the season hunt. The morning portion ended up seeing diddly squat. I remembered that last Saturday I spotted a herd 3 miles out but I had no idea how to get there and couldn’t landmark the area. We watched a young lady stalk that herd but couldn’t tell if she harvested anything. When I was running out of options today, We decided to head there and see if we could pick up the herd. I glassed up a single pig moving in a wash bed and we gave chase, got to 30-50 yards but no shots. The pig caught on that he was being chased and eventually ran off. We moved to another glassing spot close by and saw another single pig walking and we gave chase. Snuck in to 85 yards and waited for a broadside shot and got an opportunity and my son (Colby) knocked him down. I’m guessing the young lady got a shot off on Saturday since both pigs were solo and moving. This one is gonna be one of the best snow days Colby’ll have. He was ecstatic with harvesting a pig on the last day of the season. The pig was a nice sized boar 7-8 years old, real stinky. Gotta have been a breeding boar.
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    With the elk/antelope deadline upon us I figured it would be a good time to make a post about my September elk hunt. Long story short I wanted to hold out for a better bull than I killed in 2017 so I was being a little picky. After a week of passing on a few bulls and not really seeing anything I was willing to shoot I decided to try some different areas. Blake had seen a straight 6x6 he guessed to be 350+ so I went into the area to try and turn him up. He also mentioned there was a big 5x6 in the area and to be on the lookout. We were able to find the 5x6 and after a couple blown attempts he made a mistake. We slipped in behind him pushing his cows out into the burn to feed and when he doubled back to chase off a smaller bull, we happened to be in between them. It was a chip shot at 43 yards and my arrow center punched him and he took off running. We trailed him for a little over a hundred yards and when we didn't find any blood we opted to back out to return the next morning. Not how I wanted it to go but that's just how it sometimes is. By far my best bull and I'm not sure I'll ever harvest a better one, but it won't be for lack of trying...
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    Well I had put in for a early season rifle and a early season muzzy hunt, figuring my dad would draw with his 10 points in a mid tier archery unit and I would help him rather then risk us both drawing archery tags. I figured I wouldn't draw anyways for the hunts I applied for only having 10 points myself. He was applying for a unit that had stayed at 10 points to get in on the max pass for the past 5 years so we figured it was a a lock to draw. Well as luck would have it, his unit must have jumped a point with point creep and he didn't draw but i got hit yesterday afternoon for a early season muzzy or early rifle tag. 😁
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    That's the reason why I always put it on my credit card..
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    Years past there would be pages of the members that drew tags. G&F denied all apps from CWT members for all the bitching about the draw process!
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    Refresh, refresh, refresh...
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    I read somewhere, but can’t find it. Anyways, it said they finally approved a new reservoir and the storage capacity is massive. The greenies really mess things up by stalling and filing lawsuits to prevent water storage projects to move forward. More than enough precipitation falls in California. If they had the storage, they’d never run out of water and wouldn’t need their allocation from the Colorado River. Glad Arizona’s early leaders had the foresight to build the dams they did. The Colorado River compact certainly helps, but no way Phoenix would be what it is today without the SRP lakes.