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    I got it done. 1 shot and done... Awesome hunt!!!!
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    Went out the other day solo and shot this nice bore. Shot was like 250 yards and saw him run into some thick brush. I worked my way over to try find him and after looking for a bit I wasn’t doing any good. It started to get dark so had to make a few phone calls to have some buddies to come out to help track and pack out. He only went about 40-50 yards in to some thick stuff. Looking for a bear at night by myself was a little sketchy so I’m glad I have some good friends that came out and helped.
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    See, I honestly kind of disagree with this. I think no bull knows everything there is to know about the situation he's just trying to bad-mouth the game and fish in Defence of his brother.
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    This is the single best topic i have seen in 15 years on the forum. Millions of hunters the world over can only dream of such an awesome hunt for the magical Coues deer in the sky islands of Arizona or on the rim. None of us get up at 3am for blake owens or the daily politics-we get up to fulfill our passions for the remaining wild outdoors. Burning legs getting up to that high saddle or rocky point at daylight. Getting to see and experience sights and emotions perhaps no one else ever will, or has, and we should spend some time writing it down and passing it on. The new seasons are upon us-even the next month will bring special memories and even some trophy's. And that little velvet s;pike-someone's first ever archery buck-would be far more interesting to read about than a thousand posts of political crap. This forum has changed-a lot of good hunters have left and its our loss-I don't think I would have joined the way it is now. Why did we run off all those good people? lee
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    Sadly it's true. This year has shocked me. Not so much the long range guys or the spot and stalk folks, it's the houndsmen this year. Part of why we use Hounds (or what we all say) is so you can properly identify sex, make sure sows are dry, and have the option to release if it isnt big. I've seen some "big name" hound guys letting people kill bears you could throw in a fanny pack. Sad. Defeats the purpose of having Hounds and makes everyone who drives a hound truck look the same to non hound hunters. I've released giants before, I dont care to kill them. Someday I might, I have hounds to watch them work. Sadly it's become a money game for too many people.
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    I’m on a couple hundred acres guys. Was meaning here in Buckeye. With dove season here soon would be a nice dove shoot in late afternoon and a BBQ and drinks after.
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    I promised my buddy I would wait to go after a buck until he got here today. Therefore yesterday I hunted my doe unit all day. I made 6 different stalks yesterday. I was able to get within 80 yards of Bucks each time. On the several different stalks I got under within 30 yards of bucks. Unfortunately the does were always just past my effective range or would spook when I drew back. It was a really fun day. The pics are from two different stalks. The does are at 125 yards. Now day 2 begins. It's Buck time...
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    So, if a law enforcement agency was to tap a phone line and place GPS trackers on vehicles, wouldn't that require a warrant? And wouldn't said warrant have to have something relevant to back it? Forgive my ignorance if I'm not making sense, but something just doesn't add up.
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    I miss those early days of CWT.com. I still read the forum every couple of weeks but rarely post here these days even though I still have great hunting success. It seems a lot of times these posts will get those knotheads that want to nitpick everything. I mostly post my stuff on my Instagram account. Scott
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    Or we could just realized in a country of 340 million people this is a new reality with the way our society is today and the actual percentage of people that are being afflicted by such craziness is such a small number that it is not a possibility to control. With prescription drugs and illegal drugs as prevalent as they are in the society and with social media as it is it is inevitable to have a few crazies a year. Many more people die in car accidents do we just get rid of cars? Many more people die of alcohol abuse should we get rid of that. Many more people die of domestic violence should we do away with marriage and relationships? An exponential number more die of suicide every year. How do we stop that? This is the problem when you try to regulate everything it is impossible. Let life be what it is and do the best we can without infringing on everyone else.
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    That's bullcrap. Don't let people be shitty. They outnumber us if you let them. Even if it was confusion he should have cleared it up by now. He took the easy way out. Likely got more $ than advertised cause he priced it like he stole it, and definitely made the never buy from and shitty human being list....
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    See the size of that chicken.
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    You could bring some of those mushrooms growing down at your place. Psilocybin, and dove hunting. What could possibly go wrong?. 😃
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    Did you lose it since booking her big game hunts and guided kayak fishing tour last year?
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    Went scouting last week, saw a few smaller bucks
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    3,755 yft dock totals for today. includes 2-3 day trips docking up today. way better eatin' than doves. lee
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    Here’s a unique easy meal. poached egg in sockarooni spread over a precooked frozen breaded chicken breast.
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    I keep getting pics from my buddy who is a game warden. Apparently not many locals have the tag this year so some of his friends keep sending him pics to share with me. It’s getting hard to focus at work with these coming in. Some more Teton River bulls from last year. A bull he checked in from my unit last year. He saw this bull the other day. Bonus points for being close to the road. And this one came from one of his buddies while I was brushing my teeth. Now I have to clean the bathroom mirror.
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    Hey @Edge do you still have a number for nature girl? Maybe you could invite her.
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    NoBull350 can come and we can get the real story also.
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    Any group that would want me, is a group i don't want to belong to... Crazy faakers...
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    I feel like if I go it will just be a brawl. I'll let the collective decide weather I should attend or not. Then I'll just go ahead and do what I feel like doing anyway.
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    He'll ya. Not sure if I'm in the good group you were talking of. But It would be a blast