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    With all the mayhem going on ...looting,rioting,killing and hatred, I thought I would pass along something positive. On July 4 (yesterday), I went to Sportsman’s Warehouse and picked up some gear for a camping trip coming up. I got home and realized my wallet was missing. After a quick search in my truck , backtracking the few places i’d been, I raced back to the store. I looked in the parking lot where I had parked, and then went to customer service and asked if anyone had turned in a wallet. YES!, someone had found it- it fell out of my packet while getting in my truck, and turned it in. $65 in cash and 7 credit cards intact. To whoever you are...thank you!!! It’s so good to know there are still people out there who are honest and will do the right thing.
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    semi decent frog bite in the early mornings
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    Well our family has made some good memories the past few years. In 2017 I took my first archery bull in 3C. Last year my son Hunter lived up to his name by taking his first antelope in unit 10. I drew a once in a lifetime Idaho Shiras moose permit that I put on a 40" bull. This year Hunter has his own OIL tag as we head up to the Kaibab for a cow bison hunt later this month. I am headed to MT for my first ever archery elk hunt in that state. And to top it off Hunter's little brother Nash will be hunting Mule Deer in 12AW during the late hunt. Yup, we are living in the good ole days . . .
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    Made the first scouting run boyos. Saw a ram too, I jumped it in spearing range. I was walking to a spot to glass into a canyon he was right below me when I got there. I tried to drop my pack and grab my video camera but he somehow dipped out under the ledge I was on before I could get any footage. Looked like a 160s ram. Only sheep i saw. 1 ram, 1 doe, 1 badger in the road that tried to square off with my truck. Most interesting part was realizing I was being watched all day by government agencies. Drone, satellite, not sure.
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    Thank god for the USA, that was born on this day under the ideas of liberty, equality, opportunity, individual freedom and the responsibility that goes with it . We’ve had our share of problems along the way, but nothing at all is perfect in this world and this country is FAR more good than it is bad. We’ve lifted 100s of millions out of poverty around the world and provided freedom from tyranny to our own citizens and many millions of foreigners as well. thank god for all the brave that have worn our uniforms, our Leo’s and first responders that guard the line between civilization and chaos, and for all the moms and dads that raise their kids right, and teach them to stand for that flag and love the country that has given so many gifts to so many people.
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    This has turned into a retirement thread. This May, after 39 years at Honeywell, I was laid off. I just decided to make it my retirement. Just in time for my hunts. After my strip tag, on the way home I'll stop off in 7E for an archery cow tag. The hunts are back to back. It's a new feeling not having to limit your hunt because of work! Mark
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    I’ve been saving this spot for a Mountain Lion mount if I ever got one. I took this cat in central Arizona after calling it in with my son Roy. I think it came out great.
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    I used the gravedigger on a bull and cow since 2013 and last year used the Evolution Outdoors Jekel. The creator of the Grave Digger started a new company thus the new Jekel broadhead- incredible flight, sharpness, strength and durability. All three less than 50 yards travel.
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    Pictures of two inch groups at 1000 please.
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    I've been working a lot on the family tree. Interesting tidbit from the Civil War, I had a great grandfather x 3, that left NC to serve in the Union Army while his father and uncle both fought in the confederacy. All three survived the war although my great grandad x 4 took a musket ball to the femor in the battle of Antitiem. I have identified 4 direct ancestors so far, whom fought in the American Revolution. The amount of documentation from their drafting or commissioning, to their widows benefit applications is staggering. One of my 7th great grandfathers and his son both fought in the Revolution. The senior received his commission of 2nd It. in the American Navy. He survived the war and fought again in the war of 1812. He was one of thousands of American seaman to die a POW held in England.
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    Sir give me a call. I spend a great deal off time up there on that hunt. I can give you a few spots and some info that might just save you a bunch of trouble Dave 602-228-1719
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    Wish there was a ULTRA like button to push.
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    Been good fishing latley...
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    Slick trick worked on my one and only bull perfectly. I put two in him, in maybe 10 seconds, both in the kill zone though.
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    Slick trick Viper trick 100 grain
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    That’s how it should play out. The person returned it without even leaving their name. Too often people moral and virtue signal so that people hear how great they are. I see it a lot where they make sure others know they donated money to a group or protested on behalf of another or volunteered here or there or returned someone else’s property. I think the ones that keep their mouths shut and do those things are the best.
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    TSS loads. Any guage. Lots of birds being killed with 410s even - all ranges and all the rage.
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    Nice bull from this am. Bulls are looking great. Big and fat! IMG_3733.MOV
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    Can you not refer to it as cracker jack. I find that extremely offensive.
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    No I’ve only met the man one time several yrs ago on a late elk hunt in unit 23....But he is a lifelong friend of a very good friend of mine who lives in Oregon and when I was asked if I could help with information for the hunt I decide to just donate an full camp/hunt in hopes that in some small way I could help him enjoy what will more then likely be his last hunt....It’s my understanding that my buddy and he will drive down from Oregon a few days before the hunt and he thinks if we don’t push to hard he can hunt for 4/5 days given his illness.....
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    I feel the same. Id love to see all these POS go down no matter what letter is behind the name. This isn't a left or right issue, its a cancer that needs weeded out.
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    I don’t care what anyone watches but I’ve made a promise to myself after watching all the hate and destruction I’ve been seeing the last month and now it’s ok to kneel during our national anthem at NFL games to not watch any NFL games including the Super Bowl. America has been pretty darn good to all NFL players and they’re going to say thanks by playing another anthem and kneeling to America’s anthem. So many of today’s players seem like uneducated thugs I’m sure I won’t be missing much.