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    I know it’s a youth hunter but felt he deserved to be here regardless. I spotted this buck the day before the opener and knew with time spent he would make a mistake for us. The buck did just that the second morning of the hunt and he put a great shot on him at 275 yards. Not bad for a first muley
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    I am so proud of my boys, even my 6 year old. They really put in the work to have an amazing hunt. Their tag was in 5bs/6A we signed up for the youth camp that the Elk Society was putting on there. They really do a great job with all of the youth camps. They teach the kids so much and everyone there is always so happy for the kids and willing to help. We also stayed in one of the bunk houses that they have there and the kids thought that was really cool. We got into them right away my oldest got his down around 10am and my middle son got his around 5:30pm. We hiked altogether about 12 miles. It was a long day but well worth it. They were really rutting hard, a few times we were on a herd the bulls were surrounding the cows so I was nervous for them to shoot, but it all worked out. It was really fun experience it as a family. We live in queen creek and luckily Miller's Southwestern Processing was there. They are nice and very efficient. (It wouldn't let me upload all of the family pictures for some reason)
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    Son tagged out for the 5th year in a row. Saw lots of successful kids out there, and even had one shot right in front of us. Special thanks to the folks at the ada camp in 23 for putting on a good show.
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    After missing at first light on opening day and spending Saturday jockeying with other hunters, my son punched his tag Sunday morning. Second cow tag he’s filled and he turns 12 Wednesday. Aside from the tag being filled, it was a great hunt. He got to see bulls sparring and we were right in a lot of bugling still. He’s able to handle most of the gates finally which was a huge plus for me. I hiked him up and down some steep stuff and into and out of some thick nasty stuff, and he packed out a front quarter even that was probably half his body weight. Beyond proud. Now the processing fun begins. Huge thanks to Dave and all the ADA volunteers for a great camp. You do an amazing job. sorry for the sideways pic
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    Grandson Ryan had a 34a youth tag this year. We missed opening morning because of his job. Got to the Gardner canyon area around noon, set up camp and got out for the evening. Saw one doe. Sat morning I glassed up 2 bucks and 3 does. The bigger buck bedded down at 300 yards at 7:30 , while the others went over a ridge. A few minutes later a doe walked by the tree where we saw the buck was bedded. She stared into the tree where he was, and as luck would have it, he got up and followed her up the ridge. When the buck stopped at 350, I told him to hold 2 in. over his back. At the shot, he staggered a few steps, and went down. He was super excited to say the least, but the pack out took most of that away. 4 hours after boning the deer out and packing back to camp, all was good. That deer lived in the steepest , nastiest canyon possible…or so it seemed to this 72 year old, while huffing and puffing him out. Beautiful country though. The grasshoppers down there are HUGE, and they eat meat!
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    Coming from a perfect hunter
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    After being in Wyoming with my son Nash we returned home to spend the second half of fall break on my oldest son Hunter’s youth elk hunt. It was an exciting trip for me because it was the first time ever my Dad had joined my boys for a hunt. It was a lifetime of anticipation finally coming to fruition. We left on Thursday and stopped at the range to confirm zero on the rifle and backup rifle. From there we spent the rest of the day napping in our friends’ amazing “cabin” before heading out to scout for the afternoon. While we checked familiar spots the boys climbed some huge trees and took turns opening gates. Late in the afternoon we found a group of elk at the same tank where Hunter shot his elk last year. We watched for a few minutes before pulling out to leave them for morning. At this point we had been hunting / road-tripping for a week straight and I was starting to wear down. O’ dark thirty came early and I was struggling to rub the sleep from my eyes. We finally got on the road with at least a plan for the first few hours. I was feeling a little stressed as I didn’t feel like we had a solid backup plan of the elk weren’t where we left them. But a quick conversation with my dad reminded me that they were elk and it was early October. Somewhere we were bound to hear a bugle and give chase. As we got within a few hundred yards of where we planned to park we came over a hill to see 20 elk staring back at us from the middle of the road. I cruised on by trying not to excite them too much. When we were out of sight we parked and listened. We could hear the two bulls from the night before bugling in the opposite direction of the herd we had just seen on the road. We had a decision to make. Remembering the discussion from the night before I proposed we follow the bugles into the junipers. As we began our pursuit we circled to get the wind in our favor but that put a group of cattle between us and the bugling bull. We slipped in close enough to hear the bull raking his antlers in the junipers just ahead, but the cattle were getting nervous. Finally an angus and her two calves came around the tree we were hiding in and decided they had enough. They crashed through the trees directly in line with the elk. As they disappeared into the juniper the bull had been taking just moments before the thundering of hooves grew and I knew this gig was about up. I let out a few soft cow calls and we moved forward rapidly to try and get a look. As I rounded a juniper 8 cows were staring back in my direction. I froze and looked back to see hunter 10 yds behind me. I threw up the tripod with triclawps and urged him forward. Just as he leveled his rifle one cow started to break away. I hit a soft mew and she stopped broadside momentarily. Hunter didn’t hesitate and it was all over but the cutting. In a few short minutes my dad and Hunter’s brother Nash were standing with us in a big group hug. A lifetime of anticipation fulfilled. I want to add a special thank you to Kasey James. We don’t know him, but he donated his youth elk tag to OE4A providing this once in a lifetime opportunity for 3 generations of our family. It may not have been what some would call a premium tag (although my boys who didn’t draw with 4 BP might disagree) but it was a premium experience. I hope that my sons are learning that the value is in the experience not the score. We’ve had some pretty awesome adventures but I can’t think of any that topped this. What a week.
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    My son has killed a couple mule deer but this year he killed his 1st Coues. Due to his school schedule he wasnt able to scout with me. I scouted 3 different weekends and with it shaping up to be a tough hunt we decided to hunt this buck. I actually figured he was smaller than he is. We were both happy as we walked up to him. We started our hike at 2am and made it to where he was by 6:15. Shot shortly after. Good scouting and a good plan worked out perfectly. Made an absolute perfect shot in front right shoulder/heart at 380yards. Bonus Rams during scouting
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    What are the odds that he left it jn the side by side and was "only gone a couple of minutes" and someone swoops in, undetected and steals it? Even if he was taking a poop he would have heard someone. Sounds like he lost it more than likely. Not that it really matters, as gone is gone.
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    Yeah, some people don’t understand how accidents happen. Must be nice to live in a perfect world.
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    All 6 bucks we saw this morning were In velvet
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    Here’s a big thanks to Big Browns he did the artificial velvet on a bull for me. He did a great job was very easy to communicate with, had quick turn around and is very affordable. If y’all need some velvet work done get ahold of him. I give him 5 stars.
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    On my recent hunt i lost my range finder $$$$ lost a power pack and solar pannel set up $$$$ walked off without my bow twice. haha got lost hiking out in the dark with onx and ribons tied in trees???? I know several guys that left pistols laying after pooping.
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    My buddy found this set today. Did 8 miles
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    Man five years in a row. He's gonna hate being an adult hunter,
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    I’d shoot it from a box id shoot it with a fox id shoot it here or there id shoot that buck anywhere I’d shoot it from a plane id shoot it from a train id shoot it from a car id shoot it from a far id shoot that buck sam I am id shoot that buck with green eggs and ham.
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    If you can't keep track of your gun, please don't hunt..
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    We made it out for a few hours today behind pleasant and luckily we picked them up quick. We moved into 100 and my younger boy got it done. He was calmer than I thought he would be, proud of him.
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    So i had the pleasure of hunting with my two older boys for the first time in 7 years. Both were competitive swimmers and missed most hunting seasons due to trips and then college. So after a long absence we hit the southern hills for a coues hunt. Glasses up two shooter bucks first morning and they slipped us on three different stalks the first two days. Great hunting though we were having a blast but starting to think these bucks had us beat. Third morning the wind was howling and everything seemed bedded out of the wind. We flipped to a side of the canyon that we thought would block the wind and just before 10am we caught them moving to beds. After some leap frogging to keep them in the glass and move to a shooting spot. The best we could do was 420yrds and we couldn’t get low enough to get out of the wind that was swirling around the top of the ridge line. My oldest got set up and we waited for a couple hours hoping it would stand up. During the time we went back and forth on the two bucks. One a classic 3x3. Most likely 85-90 so good solid buck. But we could get away from the old 2x2 with him. He was unique with great mass and tall. Big body and we just couldn’t pass on him. Yea the 3x3 would score better and look good but this old deer had to be taken. Finally we said let’s take him in his bed if you fell good. I know my son felt confident with his old 30-06. Not the perfect Coues rifle but he trust it and it shoots great. He didn’t have a BT so we were working out the drop at 420 and one of his reticle hash marks lined up good. So he went hot and let it fly. Deer came busting out. Shot was high. He found it again on the run up the to the top and fired an ill advised shot missing Unlike most coues I’ve hunted this buck granted him one last perfect broadside at the top. Reset he fired and the buck went ten feet into a prickly pear and folded up. Ranged 465. Double lung. Side note. Using new Sierra Gamechanger bullets. Went through and blew half a lung out a hole about the size of a quarter. Minimal internal damage. Nice bullet in the wind for sure. Couldn’t have had a better hunt with my two oldest boys after a long gap in the field. Enjoy the pics
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    Last year Nash got straight A’s the entire year. As a reward we decided to go hunt antelope in WY. We didn’t have a lot of points so we had to hunt a unit with very limited public land and boy were the bucks skittish. Last night after a one mile stalk via an irrigation ditch this buck decided to go on a runabout and stopped at 150 to get a look at us. Nash made an excellent quartering towards us shot and the rest is history.
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    During the muzzy hunt would you shoot one of these?
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    This "Lost Long Range Rifle" was found in its case so maybe bounced out of the back of a UTV. 50 some years ago, dad and I left a .22 rifle leaning against the jeep after lunch and some plinking. I was probably 9 years old but got the blame. Remington replaced the rifle. A couple years ago I took my pistol off my belt during a nature call. I set it on a limb and it fell out of sight. Due to fatigue, I left the camp thinking it was already in my bags. Went back a week later and found it. Yeah, chit happens.
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    Pretty fucking close ahole.
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    Agree, but maybe he is perfect 🤷🏼‍♂️. I’ve seen this first hand from a good buddy of mine that is more than a hunter than 99% of guys and gals on here. I have also found a rifle and was able to find the owner. I also Have left my shotgun by the tire of my truck and left it loading to kill some dogs at 3am. Luckily I remember and it was so early in the morning that no one was awake when I went back. Instead of making stupid comments from a couch, some are actually hunting. Let’s hope the owner is found!