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    Ah, the American dream. You are pissed because of someone elses success in life? You sound like a socialist. Last I checked this was a capitalism counrty. Anyone in this country has the same start in life and can make that life what they want. We all have choices to make and those choices have consequences and or rewards. Grow up, dont blame people who work their butts off to be successful for your families problems. Work harder, save money and make similar investments. I wish i had a few air bnbs to rent out. But i made other choices in life financially, worked my butt off to become debt free and can retire at 38 if I want. I have a high school diploma only, no college and no one helped me get to where im at. Stop crying, grow up and make better life choices. Also stop voting Democrat, you sound just like one.
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    Local Phoenix, AZ pick up only. I will not ship. I have three plastic rifle cases. Free to a good home. One each please. (You don't HAVE to put a .270 Win in the ".270 Win" case) Located north Central Phx, 101 & I-17 area.
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    Took 50 years to find one of these, probably never find another here in the desert. Tell me what it's called. Up for grabs is an imaginary chicken dinner.
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    Oxshoe! If you say it loud enough someone will say "Gesundheit!"
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    I reached out to Jim and we came to an agreement about his need for some 25-20 Winchester Ammo... In a nutshell, Jim purchased a fine old rifle and found that the ammunition cost way more than an elderly retiree on a fixed income could afford to pay 😕... Rather than just selling it without even having had the pleasure of taking it out shooting Jim was hoping to find someone who could sell him enough cartridges to at least punch a few holes in a target 😀...So as I said earlier we came to an agreement and he'll be able to see if his rifle shoots as good as it looks... Don
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    Drought or no drought, never turn a tag back in. you may never get another one.
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    Outdoorsman’s posted on there instagram account that they have a bunch of stuff free for pickup. Frames, shoulder harness, and hip belt. Basically everything except the bag itself. From what I could see it was for both the palisades and the spur i went down and picked one up for myself and a buddy. Plenty of gear as of an hour ago. They are changing warehouse locations I guess, everything is located about a half mile west of their shop on parkview (same street off of saguaro as their shop) grab one while you can!! I’m sure they will go quick
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    Thought I would post some of my 21-22 season. Overall was a good season as I did not get out much due to being sick.
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    Lead poisoning is selective in a prescribed scenario.
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    Did a 1 3/4 day a few weeks ago with my daughters. Slayed the bluefin 40-100 lbs. Limited out for both days the first night. Get out there guys, it is a great year!
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    Thank you for starting this tread. As the wildlife manager/ Field Supervisor in Unit 3C for 26 yrs. I saw the end of the horse capturing that the Heber Ranger (Black Mesa) Dist was doing, and the results. It saddens, and angers me to see what these horses have done to the habitat in not only that unit, but also Unit 1. Specifically, the Kettel Holes area. that area has been decimated and all those meadows have been converted from grass land community to noxious weeds. Any business in the white mountains that supports the horses should defiantly be boycotted, especially by hunters, or anyone interested in sound forest management. There is no place on public land for even one feral horse. Besides the habitat issues, thats a lot of high-quality protein on the hoof, that could feed a lot of people!
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    Four boxes of Federal 100 grain Nosler Partition 243 Win ammo. Price is $300 in Flagstaff.
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    New springfield XDM 10mm w/ 5.25 in. bbl. FDE 3 mags, extra wolf spring, 1 case 10mm 180 gr. plus extra box sellier bellot 180 gr. $1550 Tucson
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    Thank You Don! I still can't believe we have the "Wyoming connection". Talking to you was a real pleasure and brought back so many great memories in my life. Jim
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    Now that’s a fine example of one hunter supporting another. Much respect to you Drcarr.
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    Great cases! I have the top one, actually have 4 of them an use them more than my pelican case. Lighter in weight!!! Lance you are a good man, always giving back!!!
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    Never got around to posting this but managed to get this guy last pred season. First one so making it a rug for the wall. 100 yard shot dropped it.
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    So, I agree that the price is high, but he has some for sale. Your post implies that it is for sale for much less, BUT they both say " Item not currently available for sale " Do you really have a source for the ammo or just trolling? It's easy to say "I'd sell you such and such for $xxx but I really don't have any so who knows what I might ask if I had some". That's in essence the truth of the links you posted. Heck, I could buy gasoline for $2.50 a gallon six months ago, now if I want some it's $4.50 a gallon.
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    On top the ground...
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    $75 per 📦, hmmm
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    I hate to throw these bows away. They haven’t been shot in a couple years so I’d like them to go to a group or a family that has someone handy with bows who can give them proper safety checks. Free to a good home.
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    Way to step up Don. That was a very nice thing to do.
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    I would totally agree with this regarding antler growth. Every big bull I've found or had on camera is 95% done growing by the 4th of July.
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    I just looked thru some BTXs yesterday with the 115, all I can say is just "WOW"!
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    Whatever it turns out to be I am not turning my tag back in. 3A 3C Early rifle Bull with only 7 points. And at 66 years old I may never get another one. I think it will be ok, the conditions for their bodies was good up till now................................BOB!