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    I'm sure no one cares but here's the story πŸ‘. Friday we had no school so my son and I headed out and I'm the last person with a HAM tag. We didn't see any javelina all day and about 80 coues deer and 6 bucks. We covered tons of country and got chased by some angry cows with newborns. We saw a hog nosed skunk in the day time and I'm sure it had rabies the way it was moving around. Sunday I headed out with my sister and pops, same thing as Friday, we didn't see diddly squat in the morning. If we were lucky we would have found 5 herds the way we glassed. About noon we were ready to have lunch and I decided to check out some north facing slopes before eating. I was able to glass up a herd of javelina bedded down. I was able to sneak in above the herd about 80 yards. I wanted to use the pistol but the pigs got up and started moving around and I couldn't find a clear lane to shoot so I used the muzzleloader. I was able to get a 49 yard shot on this nice size male.
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    Finally after 10 yrs I get a archery bull tag.
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    My daughter got a unit 1 bull tag.
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    Plus found out grandson got a youth tag
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    Just got a hit for youth elk
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    Both my boys got a youth tag!
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    Just got hit for archery bull πŸ‘ŠπŸ™Œ
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    These were our best 3 bucks this year for 5 hunters, had a lot of fun, a lot of rutting action, a lot of deer, and a lot of tortillas:
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    Bingo! got a cc hit for $135!
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    $50 here..... My 17 year old son gets one last youth elk hunt.
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    Archery Antelope for me πŸ™ŒπŸ»
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    Just hit for early archery tags. Bull or cow in 6b
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    Wife's going elk hunting and one of us got antelope!
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    I got hit for early archery and a youth tag
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    Got hit, probably early cow!
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    2 antler-less tags so far. Our freezer is going to be stuffed with tasty organic meat this winter.
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    Bobby Hurley is the best thing that happened for U of A! Clown coach, please don’t fire him. 45 / 45 points UA won by football and basketball!
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    They moved the draw up a week and maybe just maybe they hired good IT people, if there is such a thing. Weirdly, I have drawn once since 2020 and have killed 3 elk (completely legal)
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    9th tag in 11 years!!! heck yeah!
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    not looking good for the devils...