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    This should not be in the Classifieds section.....
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    So I am getting ready for mowing season in Flagstaff ,which is usually very dusty, and realized that I had purchased a 30 pack of these from Amazon a while ago. I have been laid off until the HISTERIA subsides so I shouldn't need them. I will ship these to anyone who is a first responder or at risk. PLEASE do not try to profit !!! I think that there is probably 20 left in the box. They are N 95
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    Again....MATH For the record: "The CDC estimates that so far this season there have been at least 22,000 deaths, 36 million flu illnesses, 370,000 hospitalizations. The 2019-2020 influenza outbreak is MODERATE to LOW in overall severity." That is WITH a vaccine! So when are we shutting down the country and throwing away the Constitution and Bill of Rights for this? If it weren't for the Media and the political weaponization creating the hysteria, would everyone be flooding the hospitals wanting to be checked for corona because they have the sniffles? You stated "Its your right to ask these questions and its still your right to practice your freedoms." This is the part that SCARES me. You are marching to the beat of the governments drum. Do I REALLY have that freedom right now? Seems to me that the government is doing a practice run at communism. They are saying who can work and where we can go. That doesn't sound like "freedom" to me. A very appropriate line from Star Wars: "And this is how Democracy dies...to thundering applause." For complete disclosure, I am VERY far from the tin hat wearing government conspiracy type. But I am ANGRY that the citizenry is so willing to give up it's freedoms. I am ANGRY how quick we have been to punish EVERYONE out of fear that a FEW(mathematically speaking) might die. If those FEW are afraid THEY need to be responsible for themselves. Those FEW who are immune-compromised or otherwise vulnerable to this virus are ALSO vulnerable to the FLU! Do NOT punish me and my family for what MIGHT happen to someone else. End of rant. Carry on my friends.
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    I know, I know, there are kids on this site - but dang did I get a good chuckle out of it.
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    Bumped my first lion at 30 yards but he ran off. The zone was closed so I didn’t shoot him. 107A52CC-D28F-4B40-B6B0-B6F2EB9A997F.MOV
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    There is no stay at home order in AZ...
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    Can we please try to keep this page what it has always been, a fun place to come and check out some cool stuff for sale? I realize a lot of you are bored but it’s really annoying to see stupid comments on every post about price is too high or complaining about guys not selling to other races and other things that have nothing to do with that post. If you want to whine about boarman complaining about everyone’s prices and things, do it on their posts or in the forums. Please and thanks. Sincerely, Not your Admin.
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    My daughter and I just got back from freezing our butts off at Lower Lake Mary to help maintain our sanity. We didn't catch any fish, but watched four osprey catch 8 total fish, including one 20 feet in front of my daughter! My kids have the youth turkey hunt in 5B or 5a (haven't decided yet) and my son and I have leftover 12A tags, so we're in the same boat as you, but with a shorter drive!
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    Tim, I might have to do that. I had a doctor visit this morning and he said I can start standing and putting pressure on the ankle and the xray looked good. So this week I will start doing that and the following week I can start to walk on it as long as I keep the boot on. So probably in two weeks I should be able to wear shoes again. Slowly getting there.
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    heck with boarbitch03 Im waiting for the roofer to chime in
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    And that folks is what it's all about ... tip of the hat to you sir. Things will get better. Stay safe
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    Drive to the neatest hospital or fire station and drop them off. They will use them. Awesome!
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    And then people complaining about the complaint.... 🤣
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    Whats funny is that social distancing is now a problem. since the inception of fagbook and Twatter social distancing became the Norm. but now kids and people are complaining about it. On a serious note, I dont see any problem with people going/doing out door activities hunting/fishing/shed hunting hiking etc etc just stay away from crowds. I'm really surprised and impressed with people staying out of Crowds and not really crying about it very few are complaining about it. Most of my neighbors are home, never seen the hood this crowded in the 30+ years I lived here, lots of them work in the casino/food industry. There older kids arent roaming the streets like the used to causing mayhem I see them hanging with there parents in the garages doing stuff. which is pretty cool.
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    Makes me wonder what the Great Depression would of been like if they had websites back then. Fortunately they didn’t.
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    Thanks for dispelling the Fake News before it escalated. I am a desperate man, I am going to the Kaibab to chase turkey. Six plus hours driving for a stringy arse bird to maintain my sanity.
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    Not completely accurate. The reason everybody was so "terrified" of this virus (other than the media driving the hysteria) was because in the begging the mortality rate was perceived to be MUCH higher than it actually is/was. Now with more people being tested that percentage is "normalizing". Those with "symptoms" who are being tested has also increased due in part to the availability of tests and the fact that so many more people THINK they have it now and want to be tested. Again, throw a wider net you catch more fish. It is just math. It would be the same with ANY communicable disease. Still no reason to persist in driving the hysteria.
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    Let the rumors go, gives the smart ones a better chance!
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    Another variable that few are talking about is the actual number of people who are being tested now vs before. The virus is not necessarily SPREADING faster now, it is being tested MORE. More tests mean more chances of positive result. Even those who showed no symptoms are being counted as "infected"(because they are) but would have never known had they not taken the test. I think it was already fairly prevalent just nobody knew they were infected with this death sentence(because the symptoms were so mild). Now EVERYBODY thinks they have it and are happily giving up their freedoms because of it.
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    A million less arizonans will sure make it easier to draw a elk tag!