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    We had a wonderful time, chasing big bucks on Friday and Saturday with some bad luck with closing the deal. There was always something spooking the bucks before we could get a shot off (gunshots, hunters walking nearby or predators pushing bucks away). We knew Sunday and Monday were going to be rough with the wind and weather. Sunday morning standards were lowered and we watched coyotes chase this buck, he finally settled and bedded down. We stalked in for a single shot at 255 yards. This is her smallest buck 😂
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    Glassed this buck up Friday and my brother shot it -heck of a Roman nose and crooked as well . 4x4 by the way ....
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    Headed out this morning for a couple of hours to a different spot east of the valley that has held decent quail numbers over the last 10 years or so. 5 mile hike, 7 birds and spooked up 4 decent size mule deer bucks, so that was a good surprise. Really liking the Federal HiBird shells in a #6. No lost birds this trip and the heavier shot doesn't chew up the bird any more than when I was using #7.5. Really cuts down on time looking for a downed bird....they drop like a rock, so probably sticking with that round for the remainder of the year. Gonna try some of Hank Shaw's quail recipes this time around. Good stuff.
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    Seems that the Roman nose is always an attention getter. I got this video of this buck in September and plenty of photos of him since and I can’t get over how crazy his nose is. Let’s see what some of you guys have seen over the years as far as Roman noses go. Thanks 👍🏻... FYI, we could use some rain in the desert... FullSizeRender.mov
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    Made my second trip ever up to Wyoming (first was 2018) and this time I had a mule deer tag instead of a pronghorn tag in my pocket. Two buddies from high school and one from the Army made the trip as well, which is the same group as before. I hope that we continue to make it out every few years and that we can continue to have the same luck as these last two trips. Our first trip we all had antelope tags and went 4/4 to include two bucks that were over 75". Only one guy had a muley tag and never had a good opportunity but we didn't put forth the effort we should have. Fast forward to 2020 and we've decided to go all in on deer tags. Two guys fly to Denver (they had also bought antelope tags) and I drove up from Texas on the maiden voyage of my new (to me) hunting rig. This hunt was the ultimate proof of concept for the vehicle which is a 2011 3/4 Yukon XL that has been leveled, trimmed and fresh Cooper STT Pro LT275/65r20s installed-- gas mileage hovered around 12mpg the whole trip. Also- a huge shout out to Pakmule- a Texas built aluminum cargo carrier that is AWESOME! Mine was mounted for nearly 4500 miles between CO and WY and performed phenomenally, probably one of the best hunting investments I've made in a long time. The two antelope hunters tagged out the day after we arrived, while myself and my other buddy went scouting. We hit a few separate areas and by our third or fourth stop my buddy glassed up a really nice set of bucks who were feeding up a drainage in a rocky flat that looked devoid of life (this is important later). Our final stop of the day we found a really nice buck in a bowl that was well away from where we had counted 35 RVs parked. The buck stayed put for the whole afternoon but eased out to the east at nightfall. He had very strong backs and was a Day 1 shooter candidate for sure... especially because the only muley I've harvested to this point was a fork horn from CO with my muzzleloader. Opening morning found us glassing the bowl and the draws looking for that buck. He was nowhere to be found but we saw several does and good 4x4 skyline over the ridge toward us. The race was on because another group of hunters had driven up to the base of the hill (we had camped back about 3/4 mile). As I neared the edge of the draw about 350 yards from where the buck should be I loaded my rifle... and a shot rang out. The other hunter had also closed the distance and had scored. If you read my Coues deer story from AZ 2015 it was eerily similar to watching a guy kill a 95" Coues on opening morning before I could shake out the lead and make a move. Instead we opted to skirt the edges of the ridges as hunters up high were pushing deer down toward the flats. We had a RZR drive right through the middle of the hillside and heard a shot... only to see a big buck... the BOWL BUCK!! Running right toward us as fast as he could! My buddy made a great running shot at 75 yards, a single 270win (150gr Partition) through the shoulders and it was all over. That buck had 21" G2s, he was a heavy 4x4 with eyeguards and pushed the tape just over 160"... not bad for his first ever Muley! We hunted the rest of the day and 3 more days in a row without any shooter encounters. One fellow had to catch a flight back so then, our final morning, 5th day deer hunting we decided to go back and look for the flat bucks. It was a long shot and we had to be headed home by lunch but we made a plan and first light found us looking down over a flat with many draws and crevices where bucks could hide from the crowds. The wind was whipping into our faces, quartering but sometimes almost full value at 15-20mph. I covered the area quickly with my binos and saw no deer. Then almost like a group of ghosts, 3 mule deer bucks popped up from a crevice and fed onto the flat, nearly 425 yards away. I was laying on a downslope but managed to get into a prone position, using my bino case as a rear bag. When I got in my scope I nearly fainted... a fourth deer stepped out. Noticeably larger than the rest, with a big body and antlers that in a single glance I knew were larger than anything Id seen so far. I settled in, dialed my distance and held slightly into the wind. The buck was facing into the wind and my goal was to anchor him through the shoulders. I slipped my earplugs in and with a surprise the trigger broke and the 250gr Barnes LRX was on its way. I saw the buck collapse through the recoil but stayed on him. I found later the first shot had hit behind the shoulder, and passed through both lungs. I believe it was the sheer energy of that round which took him off his feet, but that was momentary because he looked around and staggered up to his feet, bleeding out his nose. An assurance round followed, through the shoulders as desired and he never took another step. The other bucks were still milling around, I believe the wind and muzzle brake made it impossible to tell what happened and they went over, sniffed the big buck and went back to feeding. My buddy was able to hustle over and make our trip complete by doubling down and taking a great 4x4. We both firmly believe that these were the bucks we had seen on our scouting day!! We haven't taped his buck or fully taped mine but mine was a 3x4 with small eyeguards and had 20" G2s and 26 3/4" wide. Needless to say he is at the taxidermist and we are all planning our return trip!
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    Last year, 12AE late, opening morning, 90 minutes into the hunt.
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    Eric and his team did another excellent job on a 6.5x47 they built me. 1. BATS VR action 2 Proof 24inch 7.5 twist light Sendero 3. McMillan A3-5 Stock 4. Trigger Tech trigger 5. Axis works bottom metal 6. Scope S&B PM II Weight is right at 11 pounds
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    Like I would take OPs advice on where to buy big eyes smfh.
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    https://rossoutdoors.com/store/Optix-Shield-Tripod-Umbrella-p122846080 Amateur
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    Eric is OK.....😄 I guess if he ever built me a bad rifle, I would quit going back again....and again....and again....
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    Only checked two cameras this weekend. One had big furry canines that scared the heck out of the elk and they left that area. The other I had low after the first pic the elk said no more and after that only got pics of feet. Did see a few this evening. One that peaked my interest. Bugling was crazy this evening
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    Contact member rossislider, son draysen. Kids done lots of stuff for members here
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    Awesome little ghost on the head of this Rhino viper.. Good warning too because if he hits you, you're pretty much dead.
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    But you won’t have to worry about the herp anymore if your dead.
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    I have a couple single-6’s, a couple winchester lever 22mags and a PMR-30. The levers and revolvers have not left the safe since i got the Keltec. They aren’t as “sexy” as the others mentioned but they are bad@ss.
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    Well... We had a great hunt but did not bring home an elk. I had family come down from Idaho to help as well as a good hunting buddy. We ventured out on foot to glass in the mornings and sat water in the evenings to give him a break. Found two herds of cows during the hunt but both times we were not able to get him set up in time before they disappeared. Surprisingly we had no cows come into water on our evening sits. I had cows coming in almost every morning and evening on my cams but that all changed during the hunt. Oh well, that's hunting. And of course, had multiple opportunities to whack a bull on his hunt which never fails when you have a cow tag. When I asked him what his favorite part about the hunt was, he told me getting to spend time with his aunt and uncle from Idaho. It was a successful trip. Up next, 36A coues and javelina!
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    No, this isn't about Kamala Harris. I was looking for something else online and came across this thing. It's an Indian civet. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Large_Indian_civet
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    SOLD This pistol belonged to my grandfather. I believe it's chambered for a .32 S&W Short CF. It is tight and it does shoot because I shot it about 50 years ago. I think the grips had been changed many, many years ago from a slightly different model since there are tiny gaps at the very top. It has a serial # on the butt. I will consider reasonable offers but no trades. Payment via PayPal (buyer doesn't need an acct; just a CC or checking acct.) or cash only. Must be picked up near 67th Ave. and Camelback. $100 A bit of history
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    I’ll probably have to start with an older and more out of shape chick. Until I cut. My distended gut from bigger by the day might hinder my game this is probably what i looked like walking up to the cardio equipment the other day
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    And the wait is over. I hope I get to hunt with it. It was made in 1898.
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    Hard to replace the throw out bearing and clutch on an auto
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    All our deer are super skinny over here in the southwest corner of the state. We might get some rain next week but we needed it the last few months to help green up the desert. The waterholes are drained like I've never seen before and the warm days heading into November are not helping the situation. Hoping for cooler and wet weather soon.
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    Only way to tell a snakes age is kill it and cut it in half and count the rings.. Or just kill it and walk away. Sorry snake lovers!