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    That attitude is exactly what's wrong with this site these days. Sometimes a guy or gal just wants to talk to other hunters. Guys like me have very few friends and are alone with their wife most of the time so these conversations are hard to come by. Lighten up A little and humor a fellow human. You might make a friend or help someone out.
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    I’m not gay, but a sheep tag is a sheep tag, am I right?
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    If you are a hipster with money to burn just go with Kuiu. Otherwise just hunt.
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    Hope I don’t get a December sheep tag, December whitetail Hunt, and a December sandhill crane tag all at once. I’d hate to have to turn in a deer and sheep tag.
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    I’ll take bonus points myself, but I’d really like to see my daughter and one of my buddies get their first deer this year. So I guess I’m hoping for a lucky youth tag...
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    Here’s a great breakdown. Hope it helps. matthews- a favorite of eastern tree stand hunters and noobs. It’s important to note that every Hoyt, bowtech, pse, and prime fan are closet Matthews fans too. PSE is for everyone who swears vortex are the same as swarovskis and male domestic partnerships. prime is the choice of the country’s best, brightest, and most good looking people. Hoyt is the choice of the prime shooters slightly uglier and dumber little brother. i hope this completely objective review helps guide your decision. P.S.- I know you didn’t ask for a bowtech review but bowtechs are for everyone who thinks it’s a good idea to put spoilers on Honda civics.
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    Yes,. Me. 😉 So I can get reimbursed for my maintenance fee I've already paid.
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    Looking to trade for a newer compound bow. Comes with two sets of grips 2 holsters and some ammo. 600.00 value. Looking for something with 29” draw 70lbs or so
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    I worked as a bush pilot all over the state of Alaska and me and most of my friends carried Glock 20s in a chest rig. I’d also keep a short barreled Marlin 45-70 in the back of the airplane for around camp or doing bear watch. I’ve had two buddies kill charging brown bears with the 10mm and had positive results. It isn’t as much power as a 44 but you have twice the ammunition, accuracy, and half the weight which makes it worth it to me. Many make a mistake of rolling up with a 2in barrel cannon that kicks so dang bad you might get luck with hitting a bear. Reality is you’ve got a slim chance with ANY handgun because a 30-30 out of a lever rifle with standard loads has more energy than the hottest 44 mag round in a 4 or 6 inch barrel revolver.
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    My achilles tendons are giving me problems and after spending $2350 for 1.25cc's in one tendon I decided it was best to just put in for bonus points and give them a chance to heal. I may break out the bow and do OTC. Tough decision but I need them to heal. Good Luck everyone.
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    My body finally stopped hurting enough to type. Short story 27 days hunting two bull bison seen on the last day. Long story Checking my cc when I saw the spring cards getting hit. I saw the typical nothing, a week later for s&g I check my points and then I see I was drawn after a few cards were declined. I literally lose my breath for a moment. I immediately start googling everything, watch every video on youtube and post something about getting drawn and get some big time help from a couple of CWT members WHTMTNHNTR, Tom and Chewy. I spend the months talking, practicing with my bow and talking to the guys who previously had the hunt. After talking to about 20 previous hunters I discover a theme about the politics of the situation. 18 essentially said the same thing and two had glowing reviews of Jacoby. I decide not to play and go away from the group always being respectful to the group but doing my own thing. First weekend (5 days) I run into a giant wall of snow and that doesn't allow me to get much past Jakob Lake. I decide to try Saddle Mtn Wilderness. Saturday morning just before dawn I am just waking up I hear a clop of a bovine animal 30 yards from where I sleep, I grab my flashlight and see a smaller bison escaping up the hill next to my truck. Nothing interesting happened for the rest of the time except for stopping at Lee's Ferry for the first time and catching a few trout. Two weeks later I go for 3 days I get within 3 miles of the traditional area and see my first bison sign at some far off point. getting stuck and nearly getting in a fight with some californians that rented some pretty cool razors and were driving like they stole them was the highlight May 10th , nine days, My brother and step dad come and we stay at big springs cabins. Finally get to a marginal area stina point and timp point. Lots of sitting no bison. Me and my brother decide to look around a bit and meet some other hunters and discover the main guide does not like people on his trail cams. My brother took it as a personal challenge and the next camera he saw he started using his Fortnite Repertoire and did the "orange justice" than the "carlton" and finished off the day with a "Dab" We meet a couple of other hunters and they suggest the loser dance and I go retro with MC Hammers U cant touch this. Snow is still much to hunt anything but the three mile stretch that the majority of hunters are in, I do my best to stay away from them. Jacoby very likely has 80 salts with cameras so it is very hard to leave his grasp. The week ends drinking Bacanora with a couple of turkey hunters from Chihuahua and a retired game california game warden telling hunting stories and looking at successes on each others phones. It was a good evening. The final week I go solo (10 days). I head to the nameless point where we cut some fresh tracks and I left a salt and a camera. Nothing. I check the other eight cameras I left out there and nothing. I learn that the only thing I missed for the week was more snow. Total one Bison was seen for the all of the group of hunters and it was still deciding its gender. Sitting there thinking and watching the same piece of salt for a few days I decided if I am going to fail, I will fail the way I am best hunting. Thick cover stillhunting. I go to the deepest canyon I can find and find one of the super special areas that one of the paying clients is in. I leave shaking my head in frustration. Friday comes around and I hear three gunshots, for the first time its warm enough not to wear jacket. Later I learn, a gentlemen I met at Arizona Archery Club filled his tag deservedly. Saturday I hear four more shots but no reports of any more bison taken, first day without rain or snow. Last day, I am resound to the fact I will not fill my tag and tell my wife I am leaving around noon. the voices in my head are telling me to go by the park entrance which I do. (you will hear voices in your head too if when you go ten days solo) I wake early and pass the groups meeting place an hour before there scheduled meeting time. I get to dirt tank 1 about the time the remaining hunters are getting to their group session and for the first time in the morning I leave my bow in the truck (packed to go home) and take my WW2 model 70 instead. I work my way to the southeast corner of the small field and then I see a brown head pop up and ram another brown head. For a second I think I am watching a couple of bears fighting, then I realize they are not bears. The fight is going on for several seconds as I am just realizing what I am watching. All of the videos and studying is kicking in and I start figuring out if they are male or female. The vitals are out of sight but there eyes and horns have me pinned. I drop to my stomach and crawl to a flatter area. they stop fighting and it looks they are going to leave when they turn and head to the flat part of the field. The closest bull is about 60 yards and the farther one is about 80. after 27 days i no longer care about which one is bigger and am waiting to see the penis sheath to confirm sex and a broadside shot. the one at 80 obliges. I place the crosshair on his heart and squeeze. He buckles and starts jogging I place two more shots in the lungs in a few seconds. the bull stops and place my last shot and last bullet for that matter in him and he drops and is down within 45 seconds of my first shot. This is where the pain begins I get my truck 248 yards from the bison on snowy road. I take pictures and take my pack. I start about 545 and put the last piece in my truck around 300. It was the second and final bison taken out of 25 tags. This is also my eighth big game species of the big 10 all of them solo, seven with my bow.
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    elk are really easy to pattern this time of year. Put them out sooner rather than later. Once you find a monster bull that hits the tank constantly.........You won't see him again once hard horned. Back in 2010 me and my buddy had a camera up at a tank and saved every pic from July 4th until the end of archery season. We both killed 350 class bulls off of the same tank. We looked back at all the pics and that was the first time either bull had been to that tank since before the 4th of July. But man I think it is a blast to see the critters on camera. It's a good time for sure but won't really help you with finding a particular bull.
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    I’m not willing to post that answer on the Internet
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    I saw this posted on another site and took copious notes.
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    Hoping to get youth tags as well. One for my 13 year old daughter and another for my 11 year old daughter. This will be the first hunt for younger if she gets drawn so we're all pretty excited to see what she gets. A 10 day coues hunt down south for the wife and a late coues hunt for me. Hoping for some good times ahead hunting with my family.
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    Regardless of whether you draw or not get a jump on getting yourself some gear. Firearms: You don’t need anything special. But if you plan to keep hunting coues you will find yourself wanting to shoot longer distances. I would recommend finding a common cartridge with a wide offering of factory loads. Any of the .30 cals are great (.308, 30-06, .300 win mag). The 7mm family have very good ballistic co-efficient and lots of factory options (7mm rem mag, 7mm-08) and of course right now everyone loves them some 6.5 mm, particularly the 6.5 creedmore. In reality, just about anything from .243 up will work just fine. Some sage advice here would be to buy something with lower recoil as you will enjoy shooting it more and will this spend more time practicing. I would suggest staying with a common factory platform that has lots of options to customize in the future. Remington 700, tikka, Ruger American Predator, and most of the savages are a great launching point. In regard to optics, you will need a rifle scope and binoculars. A spotting scope is a nice to have, but not the first place I would spend my money. I would rather hunt without boots than without my binoculars. Spend some money on your rifle optics, but prioritize your binoculars. There are plenty of low cost options these days that are far superior to what we were using even ten years ago. Expect to pay at least $300-$500 on a starter pair of bino’s and at least $300 on a rifle scope. Don’t forget a tripod. Without one you are basically wandering around the desert looking for Easter eggs. Also, this website is a good resource. If you poke around on here long enough you will find lots of info on low cost binoculars and other gear. Just look through the archives. Good luck and hit us up with other questions as you go.
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    TAADAAA. These tired eyes thank you muchly.
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    better now? I had tried to make that change quite awhile back and it never seemed to take, but now it's showing as black text...yippee! Thanks for bringing it up.
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    I've done 10 DIY trips to Alaska, my 11th to Kodiak in September. Been around big bears everytime and I'd never take a 10mm handgun for personal protection. I carry a 2" 454. I think that's way under gunned for the big Brown Bears. Ed F
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    Late MD hunt for a long shot, and Oct WT for reality.
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    The biggest sheep in the state 2 years in a row has come out of 28south. The 2018 ram dang near broke 190” and it had around 5” busted off on one side. I was fortunate enough to handle it when we were checking in my buddy’s sheep with G&F. Absolutely unbelievable ram
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