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    Plenty of stocking planned this year for San Carlos as we'll hold over to spring 2024 like we did 2017-18. We got to 32% that time (2017) and spring '18 was excellent for crappie. We're currently leveling off at just over 40%. Plan to get out and survey fairly soon here. DAN
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    Woods Canyon Lake turn Forest Lakes
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    Got rid of 8 chickens last yr because the bird dog was terrorising the heck out of them every chance he got. They would quit laying eggs a week at a time. Looks like I should have just got rid of the dog. lol
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    Not sure about NM predictions but we haven't had much contribution from the Gila so far which is surprising. Most of this last surge was all from the San Carlos River and its tributaries. When this thread started we too were having some incredible flows all across the Rez which I've never seen before. DAN
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    Eggs are about the healthiest thing you can eat. So naturally they don’t want us to have them.
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    Kaibab hunt sounds like a nightmare with the guides that think they own the buffalo. AZGFD really needs to do something about those clowns.
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    I’m just gonna say what we’re all thinking.
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    https://river-runner.samlearner.com/ Another thread reminded me of a neat app I'd seen recently, especially during runoff season.
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    Should have listened to Ol Abe!
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    Savage Model 219B 30-30 single shot rifle. 26" barrel, mfg in 1959. Really cool older rifle in nice shape. Receiver grooved for rings. Some wear to the finish on the trigger guard (very common). $400, Shipping extra if necessary.
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    Love to see this. Hope we can get another good smow storm or two in the next month.
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    PM send to Edge. Yes Drcarr is correct, it’s a 10 inch round barrel that I have. So it would be 1 screw. Thanks for the offer Crazy Monkey. Also thanks Early Bronco for the offer. Will keep that in mind.
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    I have chickens just to make sure I have a couple of eggs, not a money project just a hobby..............so in the past I have just given eggs to neighbors, family etc.......I don't have a lot of laying hens so it isn't like mass production at all. A dozen - 18 eggs a week. One of my neighbors insisted on paying me $4 for the last dozen I took to her because she felt guilty about what she has to pay at the grocery store we live in batsh$t crazy times for sure!!!!!
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    More Chinese (AKA Redhead) junk. Come On Scheels.
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    Took care of it - Thanks!
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    This Saudi crap has been ongoing for long time, they purge our water, grow the Alfalfa, and then put it on planes and fly it back home. The amount of land is enormous.
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    $1100 tops for a bare bones 28" field model in well used condition with invector chokes.
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    Been hitting the duck hunting hard this year. Haven't killed anything super cool, mostly widgeon, a few mallards, and green wing teal. Got this beauty Sunday and wanted to share.
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    Hey guys my name is Justin Hamblin. I’ve been doing euros for myself and for friends and family for a few years now and I’m looking into starting a business. I’ve had experience with all animals in AZ mainly elk, coues deer, mule deer and javelina. If anyone needs some euro work done please contact me. My prices are low because I’m still starting out and I’m looking to build up my clientele and skills. I’m using the boil and power wash method and then whitening with hydrogen peroxide. I am located in queen creek for now. But I am building a house in snowflake north of show low. I work for a valley fire department and will be in the valley once a week for deliveries. My phone number is 480-431-7396. Javelina and small non antlered game - 40 bucks mule deer/coues deer and large non antlered game - 60 bucks elk - 100 bucks These are just basic prices to cover some of the supplies needed and a small amount of time. Contact me for other prices. Thanks guys!
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    I believe I have one to sell, pm.me your contact info if you still need one.
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    You are my idol Chef...when I grow up I want to be like you!
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    I've got one. He came out of San Diego where he was 86'd for hating. Wish I knew his breeders, would love another one. Good luck
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    The first two weeks was basically chasing pigs in the flats as they never moved up in the hills. 0 opportunities and a whole lot of exercise. The warm weather has em holding low and being very mobile and moving constantly. We were excited for a cold weekend, it’ll keep the pigs feeding in a small area. My son and I snuck out Saturday morning for a quick hunt before an afternoon bday party. We glassed up a herd feeding and made a move, I was able to stick an arrow in this herd boar with my recurve, he freaked on me and took 2 more in the chamber before dying. My son got to watch the whole show by my side which was great. Battle scars everywhere. He bit off and broke two of my arrows. This morning it was just pops and I out trying to keep his archery success streak alive. The morning started off dull until 9:30 when a herd was spotted feeding on an agave. We made a move and crept up to 17 yards and pops was able to harvest this old old sow. Molars were worn down to nubs and very little meat on her frame.
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    I saw a post made on HuntAz’s Instagram page. I am not trying to steal anyone’s thunder and I apologize if the hunter did not want any publicity but I think this is just bad butt that he shot this in a super tough unit and did not allow his disabilities prevent him from getting it done. Congratulations to him.