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    On the way home after seeing nothing all morning, something told me to pullover and check a thicket out before calling it a season. About 200 yards off the road and the other side of the thicket, was a grassy flat with yuccas and about 10 grazing pigs. After not being able to close the distance due to the swirling wind likely giving me away, I called em in too about 40 yards. They came running in from about 150 or so yards out. I nailed this sow with the Ruger GP100 357 from two that came in on a dead run. What a blast!
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    I was lucky enough to fill my tag on my first javalina on Saturday. I have been some what jinxed with them. I live in flagstaff and to hunt them I have some what of a jaunt. I will say I have seen quite a number up here but never when I have an otc tag in my pocket. With my first tag in a good javi unit a few years back, practically the whole unit was inaccessible due to flash flooding. The following year I applied for the same unit and popped 4 tires on the first day of the hunt. I hunted 37b this year in january and saw over 40 muley and coues bucks, but not one javalina, so I didn't really have high hopes for this 19b HAM hunt. The plan for the morning was to glass south facing slopes but snow and high winds made it difficult and needless to say they were not moving in those conditions. By about 11, my brother in law and I decided to try and search some thicker valleys and came across a big group of pigs. He was determined to get one with his bow, so the plan was for him to shoot one, and as soon as he shot, I would follow up on a second one with my pistol. The plan went moderately well and after he shot a big old broken tusked sow, I followed up on a younger boar. I am glad my bad luck streak was finally broken and am now addicted to these little stick pigs!
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    Good times on this hunt, weather was against us, managed to drop two on the 7th stalk.
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    Well we got about 6" in Payson the last 2 days but starting Thursday thru Friday looks Like Payson may be getting 17"-23" of snow. Everyone coming up to play and hunt be safe a .courteous to all.. Love it just the good old days, tracking pigs in the snow
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    You checked your card didn’t you...
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    Yeak 400” bulls behind every tree this yr with all this moisture. 😏
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    Maybe just me, but usually when we get advanced warning of 20-30 inches of snow, it never materializes. They've already cancelled school here for Thursday and Friday in anticipation, and you can't find a bag of wood pellets anywhere on the mountain today. Not to mention crazy lines at Walmart. We'll see - it's supposed to start at 4:00 Am and dump a bunch of snow through Friday. I hope that's the case because we need as much snow up top as we can get. The lakes and streams need a good run-off spring, but it's a clear night so far. Got the snow-blower ready, let's cross our fingers.
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    I brought one back from TX. Bought big girl pantyhose and cut them in half and slide it down one leg to keep feathers in place. Recommended by taxi. Then froze solid and put in trash bag inside luggage. Must be solid or they get funny. It was still hard in PHX this was in April.
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    My wife found some really cool rocks this past weekend. We would love to know what they are. We are assuming they are some kind of Geods. They have lots of crystal like formations on them. Anyone know what they are?
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    The problem is Trump wants to build it on the wrong border.... it should be on the Arizona / California border! Then California can welcome all the ilegos they want, give all of them" santuary", including the criminals, and let them suck their bankrupt state dry. Arizona wins by not getting any more Califruities moving here with their stupid ideas, Priuses, and codes. Lets Make Arizona Great Again!
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    I'm just hoping that this storm finish's filling Alamo lake. I also hope this gets all the other lakes a big boost if not enough to fill them also. The desert around Kingman is looking awesome everything is saturated and alot of green grass starting to grow. Hopefully the quail will have many hatch's this spring.
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    this must be #990 or so because i thought it was funny. the fact that it actually made people angry makes it even better.
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    I went and checked....a-hole!
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    People back home asking.....why don't he write!!!
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    Roosevelt gonna fill up, new lake syndrome, 10lbers
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    Here are a few pictures of the call I am entering into the national call making contest this year. Just finished making it last week and feel it turned out great. It's a slate call in a Arizona Walnut pot with a Mesquite striker.
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    13 inches at my office in Kingman, measured in the middle of the parking lot. 3,589 feet elevation at 9:36am. Snow still coming down.
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    Almost a foot so far here in Chino Valley. It's really coming down and drifting.
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    Herb in Alpine used to rent them as well.......hasn't been enough snow to mess with it for 20 years!!! OK....maybe 18?
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    People back home asking.....why don't he write!!! I use that quote all the time and no one ever gets it!
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    Those are pretty rad. I wish i could remember where it was but about 20 years ago i remember stumbling on a spot in the middle of nowhere a few miles from roads that had hundredsif not thousands of geods. I packed a few out and busted them open with a hammer to confirm that’s what they were. Even had purple in them.