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    Going to Florida !

    I wouldn't loose any sleep over it. There'll be plenty of other hunts. Look at it this way. A sailor goes out to sea on a windy day, gray skies like he has done times before. 20 miles out 3 foot seas turn into 25 in in 30 minutes. Been there done that. You are healthy now. No need to piss on the fire so to speak when nobody really knows where this is going. Kinda like the person who thinks it's safe to drive across the river until he gets marooned and twenty people have to risk their necks to save him. Best to just chill out for a while, there is no conspiracy. Everybody thinks they are healthy until they are not and the hospital says we don't have a ventilator available. Do you have a Power Of Attorney?

    Where Am I? What am I

    Tim, I might have to do that. I had a doctor visit this morning and he said I can start standing and putting pressure on the ankle and the xray looked good. So this week I will start doing that and the following week I can start to walk on it as long as I keep the boot on. So probably in two weeks I should be able to wear shoes again. Slowly getting there.

    Where Am I? What am I

    You can get P38's on the internet, maybe leave something? How many people have signed the book?

    AZ 88 from Rosi to Apache closed

    It could take up to a week to reopen especially if there is road damage.

    Where Am I? What am I

    I was going to say by the Sunset Point Rest Area.

    Going to Florida !

    Sky Harbor shutdown 340 flights yesterday. Today in Terminal 4 B & D Gates are closed. I would make sure the Motels are going to stay open. I know that Motels in other States are closed. Travelers going to Florida from NY, NJ and Connecticut have to self isolate for 14 days but that is the only travel restriction currently in place.

    San Carlos Turkey hunt cancelled?

    4-11-21 is perfectly a reasonable date to expect a vaccine.

    Effects of the virus scare?

    Unemployment should be based on how much you were making and not a set amount. If you were making $50K a year you should get more than someone making $25K a year.

    FedEx stolen ammo

    But looks like Sunny Slope.
  10. PRDATR

    San Carlos Turkey hunt cancelled?

    I have driven across it a few times and it is as beautiful as any other remote part of AZ. If I had a tag I would expect to get at least some of my fee back understanding that the Tribe incurred costs too that they need to retain.
  11. PRDATR

    Any beekeepers out there?

    Queens will begin leaving hives soon to start new colonies.
  12. PRDATR

    rim road

    Yup, call the Heber office.
  13. PRDATR

    Buyer Beware

    I grew up watching those shows so I had to look up who was taller and Arness at 6'7" was two inches taller.
  14. PRDATR


    So, a Bro Tub?
  15. PRDATR

    Buyer Beware

    Well we all have "Cabin Fever".