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    Savage 16 lightweight hunter

    It's supposed to dampen the vibration and increase accuracy. You move it around until you get the best results. I think Browning came out with it about 10 or more years ago.

    Christensen Arms Ridgeline W/ Leupold VX6 HD

    Casey, What scope is it?

    Looking for a new GPS

    I have an S8 that is about 18 months old and has 64gb.

    Looking for a new GPS

    This one? https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.crittermap.backcountrynavigator.license&hl=en_US

    Looking for a new GPS

    I mostly used it to find my way back to camp, not sure I can do that with OnX in the middle of nowhere.

    Looking for a new GPS

    Lost my MAP60 so I am looking for a new GPS. It was "ok" but the screen was tiny and navigating it was a PIA. I have OnX but unless you have internet access you can't access your saved maps so you need to keep the saved map active while you still have internet access, if you close that screen you are done, at least that has been my experience.

    Athlon optics

    Maybe Lance will chime in, he is the resident scope snob. LOL IIRC he said the Athlon didn't track repeatedly.

    Model 700 question


    San Diego 4th of July Suggestions

    Might be ok for Bonefish or Whitefish and that may be a future trip but I am looking primarily for an offshore trip.
  10. PRDATR

    Stainless 10/22 $260

    So what scope is on it?
  11. PRDATR

    Turkeys gobbling

    Good news. I am headed to 23 in the morning and again on Sunday. Wish me luck.
  12. PRDATR

    San Diego 4th of July Suggestions

    You could try Mission Bay, Point Medanos or Dog Beach.
  13. No problem. I misunderstood that you only read through the regs and maybe didn't know about the hunt unit info that is on the website. If you can glass one up then spot and stalk would be an option. If you can find an area with even old scat it would be worth hunting it or varmint calling but I would use an electronic call so you don't end up with one in your lap. Woodpecker and cub in distress calls would be your best bet. Carry a handgun too, I had one about 300 pounds charge my truck a couple of years ago after I startled it. Covered 20 feet in the blink of an eye.
  14. Black Bear Overview: The bear population in GMU 35A appears to be stable, as individuals of all age classes are regularly harvested. Hunting bears with firearms is limited to a nonpermit (over-the-counter) hunt in the spring, while archers have a dedicated permit (draw) hunt in the summer. Bears cannot be pursued with dogs during the spring and summer hunts, because many of the sows will have small cubs. Permits for bear hunts are issued for GMUs 35A and 35B combined. In the spring, bears will be leaving their dens at higher elevations and will be looking to replenish their fat reserves by consuming tender grasses. Locate bears by identifying damp areas and southern exposures where young, green grasses may be abundant. Also search canyon bottoms for fresh bear tracks and scat. Glassing slopes from a high vantage point can help hunters find bears feeding on young plants. As the summer rolls around and smaller water sources dry up, bears will be looking for larger, more permanent water sources. If there are no high-elevation springs in the area, this may bring bears down from higher elevations in search of ponds, creeks, and stock tanks. Hunters should focus on scouting areas with water and looking for bear sign at springs and tanks. Bears will continue to use canyon bottoms to travel as they seek food, shade, and water. Bears can sometimes be called in using predator calls, and several turkey hunters have reported bears coming in to their turkey calls. All bear hunters must contact an Arizona Game and Fish Department office in person or by telephone at 1-800-970-BEAR (2327) within 48 hours of taking a bear. The hunter shall provide his or her name, hunting license number, telephone number, tag number, sex of the bear, and GMU where the bear was taken. Within 10 days of taking a bear, the hunter (or his or her designee) must present the bear’s skull and hide with attached proof of sex to a designated Arizona Game and Fish Department employee for inspection; this is most easily done by coordinating with the nearest Department regional office. If the skull is frozen, it should be defrosted prior to presenting it for inspection. The mouth of the bear will need to be able to be opened because a premolar tooth will be removed from the skull. Likewise, if the hide is frozen, ensure that the attached proof of sex is accessible and identifiable. Remember: black bears are big game animals and thus allowing the meat to go to waste is a violation. Once a certain number of black bear sows have been harvested, the hunt will be closed for the season. It is imperative that black bear hunters call the bear hotline listed above prior to going out on a hunt. Area: Hunting bears in GMUs 35A and 35B is challenging and typically requires ample preseason scouting. Popular waters may have multiple bear hunters monitoring them with game cameras, and the bear hunter that takes the time to find and explore high-elevation springs, backcountry drainages, and lesser-known waters will have less competition and likely be more successful. Some areas to start in GMU 35A include Brown, Carr, Miller, Hunter, and Ash Canyons on the east side of the Huachuca Mountains. These canyons can be accessed from Highway 90 on the western edge of Sierra Vista, however Carr Canyon is the only canyon with a road that extends up to the top of the mountains. On the southwestern side of the Huachucas, consider Brushy, Korn, Scotia, Sunnyside, Ida-Oversight, and Copper Canyons. These canyons are accessible from Highway 83 north of Parker Canyon Lake, and Montezuma Canyon Road (FSR 61 and FSR 48) south of Parker Canyon Lake, and have numerous springs that should hold bears even during drier times. The boundary for GMUs 35A and 35B runs through the Canelo Hills, which can be accessed off Canelo Pass Road from Highway 83 south of Sonoita. Stock tanks and areas with numerous manzanita bushes will hold bears. For bears in GMU 35B, take Highway 82 to Patagonia and then turn onto Harshaw Road. Follow Harshaw Road south into the Patagonia Mountains, where numerous spur roads will get you into deep canyons and prime bear habitat. Good areas include Flux Canyon, Solider Basin, and Ux Road.