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    Need a Cerakote guy

    I think Chris passed away last year. I had a couple of shotguns I dropped off at Wright last year to be cleaned. Price was I was told when I took them in was more than what was advertised their website. It took about three weeks longer than they told me it would take. Granted one was from the early 50's and the other from the twenty's. Both Winchesters. One ending up having a stripped bolt that held the stock on and I thought the quoted price to repair it was high and opted out so when I went and picked them up the older one came out as just a barreled action with no stock. The guy rang up the total and asked for payment. I told him I dropped off a whole gun and he needed to go find the stock. It took a while but he found it. The barrel had started to rust. Evidentially after they cleaned it they didn't bother to run a oiled patch down it or to even wipe it down. I was there for about 20 minutes and struck up a convo with another guy who was there to pick his AK. They told him when he dropped it off it would be ready in 30 days, three months ago. The two younger guys who were waiting on customers had zero personality and acted perturbed and like they wanted to be somewhere else. I'm pretty free with my funds and don't mind paying for quality or convenience but I wouldn't take a BB Gun to them.

    Shotgun shells (dove season)

    One Shot One Kill.

    WTS- Civil War Replica .58 Zouave Rifle

    That looks great. It must have been a lot of fun building them together.

    Is big lake Jake still around?

    That was a trainwreck. Unfortunately.
  5. I love that area. Wish I was closer.

    Is big lake Jake still around?

    Lee had some reeds for sale back in the beginning of the year and he and I messaged back and forth but I don't know if he ever got my letter I sent. I think he was moving a few months back but I haven't heard much. I hope he is doing OK I know he had some health issues.

    Northern lakes fishing— caught a beast

    Great fish. I have only seen one other that was that size and it was pulled out of Saguaro by kid who was about 9 years old.


    This really took the wind out of my sails. It never gets easy.

    White tail deer in Arizona deserts

    Can't they just step across it?
  10. PRDATR

    White tail deer in Arizona deserts

    No more incredible than Elk in Parker.
  11. PRDATR


    I'd like to think that Del and HogHunter are popping a few tops together.
  12. PRDATR

    7E - Early Archery

    Roads will be a mess until this passes and they dry out a bit.
  13. PRDATR

    Anybody on TRT?

    Sorry to hear about your friend but the odds are one in seven men will get it. I speak from experience. PC thrives on testosterone and men should be getting their blood PSA checked yearly starting at 45. Five of my friends from my immediate neighborhood growing up ended up with it and we are in our 60's and 70's. Two coworkers also got it and of the 8 of us three caught it in their early 50's. Now TRT has been around for a long time and is though to be fairly safe. If PC is aggressive enough chemical castration or even physical castration sometimes performed. When your PSA number gets above 4 your personal doc will send you to an urologist who will reccommend an MRI. Depending on what that shows a Biopsy usually follows to determine the Gleason Number and how aggressive it is. Then they send you on your way with some basic info on the types of treatment and tell you to research all of them and call them if you have questions but they ultimately leave it to you to do all the research and decide on either total removal via robotic surgery, radiation of which there are many many types and either road has pitfalls. https://www.liebertpub.com/doi/10.1089/andro.2020.0013
  14. Yes. You will see new growth in a week or so.