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  1. Divorced

    Ammo for sale

    I have 3 boxes of 150gr 7mm WSM and 19 rounds of once fired brass for sale. $90.00 for all. Call or text Mike 520-603-8987. Tucson
  2. Divorced

    Howa 30-06

    Howa 30-06 for sale 3x9 Burris scope and soft case. Please Text mike 520-603-8987 . $550.00 location Tucson.
  3. Divorced

    Osprey Scope

    6x24x50 new Osprey scope it was mounted on a gun I purchased. Rings an base including. Please Text Mike. 520-603-8987. $225.00
  4. Divorced

    Mossberg 22

  5. Divorced

    Mossberg 22

    Mossberg 702 22lr for sale . Three 25 round magazines, red dot scope and soft case. $275.00. Please call or text Mike 520-603-8987. Located in Tucson.
  6. Divorced

    Savage axis 243

    Where are you located?
  7. Divorced

    VX-3 Scope

  8. Divorced

    Savage model 16

  9. Divorced

    Savage model 16

    Savage 22-250 model 16 for sale. 6.5x20x50 Osprey scope. $575.00 please call or text Mike. 520-603-8987. Tucson.
  10. Divorced

    Smith and Wesson collectors

    I have Smith 455 Webley. I think it’s early 1900s . Any information or value would be appreciated. I have looked on line and think the prices are out of line. It is for sale just wondering what would be a fair price. Thanks. 520-603-8987. Mike
  11. Divorced

    FS RUGER LCP 380 WITH 3 mags and Ammo

    Let me know if it doesn’t sell. I will take it.
  12. Divorced

    2000 Toyota 4runner

    Where are you located?
  13. Divorced

    VX-3 Scope

    LEUPOLD V-X-3 for sale. 4.5x14x40. CDS This scope was mounted on a 270 and has some small scratches. It comes with Three turrets one for a 270 and Two for a 300 mag. Please be patient with me it’s only my second post. I am in Tucson 520-603-8987. Text or calls would be better for me. $375.00
  14. Divorced

    Fishing/ Bows.

    PSC lightning flite 60#. PSC Silverhalk 55# the last one unknown. One Tru fire release. All Bows have Reals on them. Also 4 fishing Arrows. Please make reasonable offers. Call or text Mike at 520-603-8987. I respond to text or calls faster than this site.
  15. Divorced

    Ruger 204

    Sorry all I put the wrong phone number. It’s 520-603-8987. Not 620.