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  3. Ruger SP101, 2.25", 5-Shot, stainless steel, in 38/357 mag, Crimson Trace red-laser grips, factory box, manual, cards, laser adjustment tools, only shot 50 times, very clean, great condition. 1-25 round box of 38 FTC Spl home defense and 1-25 round box of 357 Ammo FlexLock Ammo $550.00 FTF in Tucson, will not ship No Trades Andy Text @ 520-954-3403
  4. I have had the privilege of going on a hunt with American Hero Adventures this past year for javelina and it was an AWESOME experience. If you're not former military and don't qualify for their program but you would still like to go on one of their hunts all you have to do is buy a raffle ticket for one of their trips. All of the proceeds go to help offset the costs of the trips for the Vets that are selected to attend. If you have any questions please feel free to ask and I'll do my best to answer and if I can't I'll reach out to the Founder of the organization and get back with you. AHA Raffles - https://americanheroadventures.org/raffles/
  5. Egh4

    33x12.50x15 bfg all terrian

    Need these gone. Reasonable offer!!! Open to trade
  6. Baboltin

    Vortex Binoculars

    Intrested if the vipers sell as I am selling a set as well.
  7. Beaton

    Javelina #20

    Congratulations! I thought I had #17 for me last Saturday but he went in a hole and I couldn't recover him.
  8. 060785

    Glock 27 package with night sights

    Sold pending funds. Thank you!
  9. jmb1314

    Rim road open?

    What about the 300 road south going to black canyon lake? I drove by a few weeks ago and it was still open. do they ever lock it?
  10. Still brings tears to my eyes every time I hear the word Python. Had a beautiful 6" blue and I needed money for college. Sold it for $400. This was the old days when you put it in classifieds ads in paper. A guy called me at 5:00 am the morning it was first listed and it was his by 5:30. Man I regret that.
  11. 218buck

    Getting busy packing

    Good luck to you I'm headed back down on the 25th
  12. knothead

    Rim road open?

    Usually opens a day or two before the jr. spring turkey hunt if there has been snow on the ground. One year the boys and I met the guy at the gate on our way to their hunt the day before opener.
  13. muledeerarea33?

    2018 Swarovski SLC HD 8x56

    dang good price! The box is really nice though
  14. Hi All, Hope everyone has been having a great season. I was lucky enough to take part in my first Coues deer hunt the first week of Jan. I got to check out unit 6a which i did some previous scouting for, saw some deer but couldn't make anything happen. Then made my way down to a boarder unit where an awesome gentleman from the forum showed me around and taught me a ton about coues and glassin. Wasn't able to punch a tag but an amazing trip nonetheless. I've still got a tag burning a hole in my pocket, so I'm looking to switch gears a little bit. The unit 6a I scouted/hunted is now closed for the archery season so I'll get to explore a new unit. As much as i loved chasing those little coues deer around I'm changing my focus to mule deer so i can actually get some meet should I actually find success lol. I've been hitting onX & google earth to e-scout mainly unit 21 but also 20c. Being greener than grass I'm going for quantity of deer and ease of hunt opposed quality of age and genetics. If I can get a couple stalks in I'd be thrilled, if I put one on the ground that's icing on the cake (I hear its an average of 15 stalks per shot opportunity). Dugas Rd in unit 21 is looking most appealing to me at the moment. Sounds like a lot of people glass/hunt right from the road. I was planning to truck/tent camp at one of the pulloffs but hike in off the road 1-3 miles to find a glassing point in hopes that gets me away from any crowds. I'm actually happy to hike in further but feel being mobile is best as I learn whats what with the area. Is the area as crowded during the end of the late archery season as I hear it is during the rifle season? I was planning to check out the drainages around Reimer Draw that are west of reimer sprigns rd / 68D and/or the checking out the canyons off Tule Mesa Rd. I read the deer like to bed in the thick tree cover and come out into the transition zones to feed so i figured glassing into the canyons would be my starting point. Any thoughts or direction would be beyond appreciated. Unfortunately being such a new hunter i have no info of value to trade, unless you like fly fishing in Utah. Thanks !!
  15. x.enigmatic.x

    2018 Swarovski SLC HD 8x56

    Mint condition. No box, but includes the Swaro field bag, ocular and objective lens covers. $1700 shipped OBO located in Flagstaff.
  16. Jimmer Negamanee

    Getting busy packing

    Buen viaje. Post the story and pictures when you get back!
  17. muledeerarea33?

    selling guns and reloading stuff

    I internet’s on my lawn!
  18. PRDATR

    Rim road open?

    Same thing every year up until mid March at the earliest
  19. hoghntr

    1984 Ruger m77 22-250

    Still have her for sale.
  20. PRDATR

    Getting busy packing

    Peas and Carrots, in a hunting sense. We think alike and hunted most everything that walks together.
  21. hoghntr

    Winchester Featherweight 30-06

    Doug this is one of the best looking featherweights i have ever seen. 2 things... 1st if i used 30-06! 2nd and more important if i had silly $$$ i would but it anyways if for no other reason than to just stare at it and clean it every once in awhile. Good luck with sale i am sure someone with more $ than myself is also drooling.
  22. Have a lightly used Bee Stinger adjustable sidebar mounting bracket along with a 6" Bee stinger sport hunter stabilizer. Works great to counter balance with 8-10" front stabilizer. Asking $100 i will be posting pics soon. I can sell items seperate if needed. Send me dm if interested. Thanks, Donny
  23. If you guys are here, who’s yell at them danm kids to get off your lawn?
  24. Edge

    Wine barrel fire pits

    I like your craftsmanship!!
  25. bowhunter4life

    Javelina #20

    So, So cool. They are so much fun for bowhunters! Not to many with 20, well done!
  26. levers

    FS Belgian Browning Sweet 16

    I tried to send you a pm too but there may be something wrong with the site because it gives me an error that you can not receive messages.
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