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  2. Stoneman125

    Nitro Fire with Fire stick?

    I 100% agree and think it should be legal but think Game and fish for whatever reason i can only imagine is saying since the primer and powder is incapsulated in a plastic sleeve that is “fixed ammunition” even though the projectile is loaded from the barrel the primer and power isn’t therefore it’s a lawsuit or ticket just waiting to be written..i can post the screenshot from Traditions but yeah just what she said
  3. sebhunter

    IMR 4166 8lb FS

  4. B4Dan

    AICS 300WM Mags

    To the top, $75
  5. Dkart4

    Ruger 10/22 like new

    Next in line
  6. nutzos16

    6.5 creedmoor hornady ammo

    I just sent you a pm with my phone number
  7. Flingingarrowsbro

    Nitro Fire with Fire stick?

    loaded through the muzzle, uses black powder, not fixed ammo. seems to meet the requirements for ml
  8. Kbeaty83

    Blazer 115g 9mm Brass

    1000 rounds $500 picked up in North Phoenix
  9. Phil Carr

    New 38 Long Colt Brass

    Just running this to the top again. Will ship to the 48 for free.
  10. bowhnt


    azsugarbear there is one guy ahead f you. ill let you know if it falls thru. thanks
  11. azsugarbear


    I'll take the hand primer, if not already spoken for.
  12. Today
  13. “Muzzleloading rifle” means a firearm intended to be fired from the shoulder, incapable of firing fixed ammunition, having a single barrel, and loaded through the muzzle with black powder or synthetic black powder and a single projectile Its seems to me that the definition says loaded through the muzzle with black powder or synthetic black powder and a single projectile. Doesn't the nitro fire or fire stick load through the breach?
  14. Sinwagon1

    Vortex viper 4-16x50 FFP long range

    Thanks. Wasn’t fully wake yet
  15. If you didn't get a tag they won't cash your check. They will send your application and check back to you.
  16. northAZarcher

    Vortex viper 4-16x50 FFP long range

    Just a heads up, title says 4-16x44 and box says 4-16x50.
  17. Elkaddict

    Good News

    Heading there today!
  18. 060785

    Ruger 10/22 like new

  19. Jimmer Negamanee

    Need a Cerakote guy

    ^ ^ ^ I'm sorry about your experience PRDATR. I've used Wright Armory a number of times for engraving and light, general gunsmithing and the experience has been positive. But I've never had anything cerakoted.
  20. Scope is in excellent condition. Was on a rifle that was rarely used. Comes with everything it did from original purchase. Sunshade etc. asking 400$ located in west valley.
  21. Couescrazy33

    Primers/Retumbo for trade

    CCI 250 pending trade. Large pistol magnum and retumbo still available
  22. GuyThatMisses

    Badlands bino harness

  23. Mogollon26

    FS Howa 7mm-08 Muddy Girl Camo

    Thanks 060785
  24. mulie hunter

    30.06 For Sale

    I'll take it.
  25. IA Born

    WTS Varget, H4350, and IMR4831

    If you still have that IMR 4831 next time you're through Flag or next time I'm down there, I'll take it. My son's 300WM loves that for his current hunting load.
  26. joohnnybgood


    Thank you!
  27. IA Born

    Good News

    I asked specifically about working remote and was told "remote within region" was approved. That is a good thing for me, because I won't move to ABQ for the reasons you mention. Every time I turned on "Cops", they were in the ABQ! I also pointed out that we have Regional Office employees in Wisconsin, Washington, here in Flagstaff, Atlanta and South Africa. I can definitely do this job from right here and, hopefully, we can cross paths in person, Tim! You both are cracking me up with the Belen reference. I have family in Belen that has lived there for years! I just found out recently that Belen was incorporated and its now "Rio Communities".
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