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  2. AzRaised08

    Horse trailer?

    My wife and I have gotten a couple of horses over the past year and we are finally looking to purchase a used horse trailer. Looking for a 3 horse bumper pull that is 7’ tall. If anyone has one for sale or knows of one for sale please let me know. Located in Phoenix but I’m willing to travel for the right one. Thanks!
  3. AzRaised08

    Rivers are Running!! Fill them lakes up

    Amazing getting all this water, it’s needed. But very sad to hear about that
  4. AzRaised08

    Results are up.

    In a weird turn of events, turns out my father in law drew the late hunt in 27! My whole group thought we struck out til he checked the portal and saw he was drawn! Can’t wait to chase elk again this winter!
  5. AzRaised08

    Confused on when elk drop.

    I saw a few a week ago that were still packing. Definitely looking forward to some hiking in the woods a bit later this spring to see what I can turn up!
  6. desertmafia21

    Fs: Stone Glacier Sky 5900 bag only no lid

    Grey or tan?
  7. yotebuster

    Fs: Stone Glacier Sky 5900 bag only no lid

    Love my Sky 5900! You must be doing some serious backpacking!! I fit all my gear for 9 days on my back for my CO sheep hunt this year just fine.
  8. If you do go coues route I would look into the AZGP in 23 for sure
  9. Today
  10. EarlyBronco

    Ammo various calibers

    I will take the three Winchester .243
  11. HyNoon

    Remington 870 20 Ga SOLD

    Someone posted that they were looking for one of these the other day
  12. ewilly

    Minox BL 15x56 Binoculars $550

    TTT $550
  13. Selling my stone glacier sky 5900 bag. Does not include a lid or frame. Went with a bigger bag for back packing. bag is in great shape. No rips or tears. Will send pics to serious inquiries only. 125$ prefer cash but would consider dollar amount equivalent in 45mm ammo or silver. Nw valley f2f only no shipping. Thanks
  14. Hayden Nielsen

    Simmons 44 mag scope w/ rings

    Selling for $150 for father in law
  15. Selling for father in law. $800
  16. Hayden Nielsen

    Sig Kilo BDX 10x42

    Selling for father in law. $700. Binoculars
  17. Hayden Nielsen

    Vortex 11x33 Razor Spotting Scope

    Selling for my father in law. Good condition. $550
  18. Scotth73

    Remington 870 20 Ga SOLD

    JimmyO said he’ll take it. He’s texting you
  19. PRDATR

    Turkey choke recommendations for youth 870

    Borrow it and see how the gun shoots with a choke of that restriction. Just because a particular choke gets great reviews it really comes down to what works with a particular barrel. Just like bullets.
  20. Big Tub

    Turkey choke recommendations for youth 870

    You may want to consider just using a full choke, pattern it, and then stick to the reliable distance or less. Kids will probably only shoot that gun for a year or two and then want to move up to a bigger gun with more distance. I have this super light and short 20 ga single shot that my kids learned on. You had to download the shells as it kicked like a mule with standard loads. Again, greed took over quickly and they want guns with more booms. But now the grandkids are approaching the same age and I am looking forward to that.
  21. HBU

    Ammo various calibers

    6.5 prc 147 match, $40 ea 6.5 prc 140 Berger elite Gunwerks, $45 ea. 22 Nosler 85 RDF $30 ea 300 wsm 180 XP3 $50 240 100 power point and 1 core lokt, $25 ea
  22. Considering selling this hard to find brand new Swarovski STC package. All items brand new have never been field used only looked through upon purchase. -Swarovski STC 17-40x56 -Ollin Digiscoping Adapter STC (best design I’ve seen) -Marsupial Spotter Case (Mini STC) $2650 obo (Retails for $2900 inc. tax plus additional shipping costs) *Have all contents in original boxes with all paperwork accessories and unfilled warranty card. Located in Flagstaff am in PHX often.
  23. wildwoody

    Rivers are Running!! Fill them lakes up

    God rest there soles
  24. AzDiamondHeat

    Confused on when elk drop.

    will these work?
  25. Coues247

    Utah case

    I think I saw somewhere sentencing got pushed back to June.
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