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  2. Jasper17

    Jeep Cherokee Classic Xj hunting rig

    Cool Jeep for sure and they do look good (Bronco) just don't know if I would buy a first year of any brand new design.
  3. bigmalcolm

    2007 f450

    What powerplant is running the beast?
  4. wildwoody

    Lucky tag holders new rifle?

    Back up, Ya I'm that guy, won't be able to afford it now for a couple weeks. Just got hit today with a $4000 tax bill from the accountant, I didn't know they extended the tax deadline thought I got lucky and what I prepaid covered it. Anyway sorry sir, hopefully someone can enjoy this as much as I would of, or still might. Apologies ..
  5. northAZarcher

    Unit 33 question

    That would be ideal if that's the case for us northerners!
  6. oz31p

    Jeep Cherokee Classic Xj hunting rig

    Like a 2021 bronco? Cause they look ba
  7. muledeerarea33?

    camp shower

    “Mommy! Why is that woman standing on a milk crate?? She sure is hairy!”
  8. Chef

    Savage model 16 build

    You are correct, it's synthetic with a ton of flex...lmost rubber-like in feel. He bought it chambered in Lazzeroni's short action Patriot and has had tremendous success in working up a load and Lance has assisted him with accurizing even more so. It's weakest link is the stock, so he's been looking. After getting everyone's replies, I think he finally has made his biggest strides. Sorry to hijack the thread!
  9. Roosevelt Mark

    camp shower

    I remember years ago I was in Colorado bow hunting. Not 1 vehicle came by our camp in 2 3 days. Until showe're day. No tarp, nothing. The old solar shower . Standing on a milk create. A mini van rolls up. The kids are probably scared for life.
  10. Okuma Cavalla 12-ii $250 Brand New Okuma 2 Speed reel Great all around saltwater lever drag reel. Perfect for the upcoming tuna season. check out the specs on Charkbait website. https://charkbait.com/product/okuma-cavalla-lever-drag-reels/
  11. varget

    For The 338 Lapua Hunter

    I have a full box of 20 and a box of 19 hornady precision hunter ammo In 338 lapua $130.00
  12. Siwash

    Broadheads For Sale

    Thanks for the great deal and expert broadhead shipping technique. Free bump!

    camp shower

    4 gallon weed sprayer for us. Painted it black and it heats to about 89 degrees with good sun. Cheap pop up toilet enclosure and we shower most nights when camping.
  14. pete

    2007 f450

    I have a 2007 f450 work truck 2nd owner 232k 6.0 Diesel New injectors and ficm at around 202k 12' utility bed with locking boxes 19.5 tires in great shape We bought a new one and kept for a spare that essentially never was used. Currently the ac blow warm that is the only issue. Has been serviced regularly. 6500.00
  15. wellhead

    Marsupial Bino Harness

    A quality product, local made at Deer Valley airport.
  16. 257 STW

    Jeep Cherokee Classic Xj hunting rig

    Not giving up hunting . Buying a new bronco have to many vehicles have another 1999 xj thats all stock might sell that if this one doesn't sell .
  17. Hunter4Life09

    Marsupial Bino Harness

    Brand new Large marsupial bino harness with mesh strap in ranger green. Never has been out of the house just going with a different option. Asking $95.00 buyer pays shipping
  18. mfernaz

    Alaska Guide Creations

  19. Today
  20. I'll take it.  PM sent

  21. bigorange

    Free traeger shelf

    Awesome...been on my list for a while but haven’t bought one yet.
  22. hvyhlr

    Pse evolve 35

  23. mfernaz

    Greyboe Outlander

  24. mfernaz

    Alaska Guide Creations

    used last season, excellent condition, uncut range finder stretch cordage, K.I.S.S. in fusion. Asking $80.
  25. Funds did not come through back on the market
  26. yotebuster

    NM 23/24 ELK Honey Hole , no joke

    Used to be almost guaranteed but it’s gotten popular over the 5-7 years. All the odds have gone to heck I guess.
  27. 10Turkeys

    Savage model 16 build

    I bet Stockys Stocks has one that will fit that Savage.
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