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  2. Delw

    22S Last Night

    Others Cant meaning Cant afford it Ie different tags different states. or land owner tags in different states. tribal tags etc etc. in at I think you can get a few, one through public land and AZG&F and one through each tribe how does that rob other hunters of getting tags?
  3. Hoss50

    Shot guns / youth rifles

    How does the 243 H&R shoot?
  4. 70blazit

    Vortex kiabab 18x56

    Where are you located
  5. montejello

    First Lite Fusion Sawtooth Jacket- Large

    Price drop $180.
  6. muledeerarea33?

    22S Last Night

    Ethical isn’t a question I can answer since it’s in the eye of the beholder. If those animals are being used I see no problem. Doubt a pro hunter will set himself up for a wanton waste charge but who knows?
  7. jironworks

    Vortex kiabab 18x56

    Absolutely brand new, out of box couple times , less than 30 days old, Paid 1135.00 , take 800.00
  8. .338-4-me

    6.5 Creedmoor

    I’d keep the CM and show the 7-08 the door.
  9. Shooter McGavin

    SCCY CPX1 9MM for sale

    I’ve received multiple requests through PM’s followed by responses on this thread. Varget responded 1st, waiting on his response. 25-06, if it’s still available on Friday I’ll let you know. Tannert, not anytime soon on traveling to Phx. Baileybailey1, got your number and will reach out to once I find out what Varget says. 257 STW, your next if sale falls through.
  10. bojangles

    22S Last Night

    Others can’t? I’d think anyone can if they can get the tags. Back east, if you don’t kill them they will die of disease or get hit by a car. So inventory is not limited. But it I hear ya. 👍
  11. Delw

    Colt suspends production of AR-15 for civilian market

    So it was rework, nothing to do with colt cutting corners, kinda sucks they didnt pay attention to the chips,
  12. Delw

    22S Last Night

    I'd wack them and stack them all day long if I could has nothing to do with ethics, what your describing is nothing more then jealousy because he can do it and others cant. I have friends back east that kill truck loads of deer, they dont eat them they Just like killing them and donate the meat. Nothing wrong with people donating meat. or giving it to friends. Only thing I will eat in AZ is lopes, elk tastes like butt as well as mule deer and coues. I love to hunt muleys elk too me its like killing a cow, fun to call in for other hunters though. but thats just me. Harvest another politically correct term for the wannabe pc hunting crowd to try to look better than others.
  13. 257 STW

    SCCY CPX1 9MM for sale

    Ill take it
  14. bojangles

    22S Last Night

    Nope. I lived in Africa for a while, them lions need shot. They eat a lot of people, you never hear about that. im not offended that some is successful. Just tossing out an ethics question. Is it ethical to shoot more than you can eat, when supply is limited. opine, please. But give a reason.

    Shot guns / youth rifles

    Sent you a PM on the 1200
  16. baileybailey1

    SCCY CPX1 9MM for sale

    PM sent
  17. daryl_s

    Zeiss 10x42 Conquest HD

    You will not find better binoculars for $800. I have this same pair and they are what you would expect from Zeiss.
  18. huntnhard

    Shot guns / youth rifles

    Wanting to get rid of a few things to make room. Winchester model 1200 12 gauge 2 3/4” only. Nice. $200 Ted Williams model 21 .410 gauge signs of use but nice. $250 New England SB1 12 gauge 3” like new $100 Ruger American compact .243 Good condition. $275 H&R youth .243 with vortex crossfire II 4-12x40 and hammer extension. Good condition. $275 located in Globe. Can meet part way. I go through the Valley, Payson, and the Verde Valley often. May be interested in partial trade and cash on my end for Swarovski 10x binoculars.
  19. Sbodrero

    Spotting scope!!!

    Is this spotting scope sold?
  20. muledeerarea33?

    22S Last Night

    Maybe they donate the meat? Maybe the price they pay goes to help wild life. Were you pissed at the dentist that shot the lion in Africa too?
  21. biglakejake

    Rut Activity

    back in 2006 i was set up next to the hiway in heber and i bought a nice matched set from 4b. the left side had perfectly split, matching 13 inch thirds. good luck! lee
  22. bojangles

    22S Last Night

    Ok here’s one for ya, what about pro’s? i was watching one hunting show where a guy, I think it was Cameron Haynes, said he killed 6 bulls in one year. Im thinking, did he eat all 6 of those bulls? Who needs to kill 6 bulls? if he gave 4 of those bulls away, It’s almost like robbing 4 hunters from opportunity to harvest a bull. While im sure every one of those hunts was perfectly legal, is it ethical to take more than you need? Im just asking.
  23. Tannert

    SCCY CPX1 9MM for sale

    Get down to Phoenix at all? Ill take it if so.
  24. AZAV8ER

    5 To 1 Odds.....Why Not?

    Do you need help or a spotter for your practice. I can bring my old man's 26" Titus barreled 30-06 aperture sight match rifle that set a national 600 yard record in 51.
  25. Shooter McGavin

    Remington 1100 semi-auto 20g

    Sunday evening bump
  26. NMMuledeer777

    WTB Kuiu Icon Pro 7200 Bag only

    Looking for 2 Kuiu Icon Pro 7200 bags only. Thank You
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