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  1. firstcoueswas80

    First timer hunting in 36B

    Kind of like how you assumed you knew what you were talking about when it comes to illegals?
  2. firstcoueswas80

    First timer hunting in 36B

    How well is that bolt action long rifle going to work engaging multiple subjects in close quarters?
  3. firstcoueswas80

    First timer hunting in 36B

    1 and 3 are 100% incorrect.
  4. firstcoueswas80

    1997 Ford F250 4x4 7.3 Powerstroke $8,500 obo

    I applaud your daughter for driving that thing through college. Those are tanks and take a mile and a half to turn. If all she did was run into a bollard at a drive through ATM, I'll count that as a W!
  5. firstcoueswas80

    WTB Outdoorsmans adapter

    Looking for one of these. https://outdoorsmans.com/collections/tripod-accessories/products/outdoorsmans-adapter-plate
  6. firstcoueswas80

    And were off to a rough start...

    I found the problem....
  7. firstcoueswas80

    Wanted tripod bushing

    I saw them on Amazon, but all I need is one, didnt feel like buying a bunch.
  8. firstcoueswas80

    Wanted tripod bushing

  9. firstcoueswas80

    Wanted tripod bushing

    I need 1, 1/4-3/8ths bushing adapter if anyone has a spare.
  10. firstcoueswas80

    ISO 300 Win Mag Brass/Dies

    I have some high quality brass for sale
  11. firstcoueswas80

    Moosings - Idaho - 2019

    That Accubond looks great! 300 win mag?
  12. firstcoueswas80

    Moosings - Idaho - 2019

    Heck yeah!!!! Lets see asap!!!
  13. firstcoueswas80

    2019 Bull Elk Hunts in the Book (PART 2 -Draysen's Hunt)

    First of all, much respect to Shane for helping out. Second, I felt every ounce of your frustration in all the passing! Nicely done guys.
  14. firstcoueswas80

    Moosings - Idaho - 2019

    I'm super jealous. I wish you the best of luck.
  15. firstcoueswas80

    Leupold VX6HD

    Leupold VX6HD Still has a free CDS turret Has very faint ring marks, was mounted in Talley rings, properly torqued (15in/lbs) Comes with neoprene cover and original box with all the paperwork, stickers, battery, manuals etc. $1500 obo . (Only trade towards a Proof research Carbon sendero .285 8.4 twist, 24")