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  1. firstcoueswas80

    30/06 Winchester Model 70 Post 64

    whoever traded this rifle to you, took you to the woodshed!
  2. firstcoueswas80

    30/06 Winchester Model 70 Post 64

    That stock looks alot different than my pre 64s.
  3. firstcoueswas80

    10+15×50 Leica Duovids

  4. firstcoueswas80

    Stove and Dryer

    Posting these for a buddy of mine. Items are located in Tucson. Stove is a GE gas stove 300 obo works perfect. Dryer is a Maytag woks perfect electric 150 obo.
  5. firstcoueswas80

    What do you carry with your 15x's?

    I had 8x for a while. Didnt glass with them much, but when I did, I wished I had my 10s instead.
  6. firstcoueswas80

    Gen 3 Glock 21

    I can get it to Tucson. Or, actually Eric I think you need to make your way to the "unwashed city".
  7. firstcoueswas80

    10mm for grizzly bear defense

    My 10 mm has been to Alaska more than I have.
  8. firstcoueswas80

    10mm for grizzly bear defense

    I would bet the empty chamber mentioned above has nothing to do with the firearm, but a personal philosophy of the person.
  9. firstcoueswas80

    10mm for grizzly bear defense

    I would have no problem carrying my 10 mm with 220 hard casts. The Glock 22 Glock 40 and the XD are all good ways to go.
  10. firstcoueswas80


    That's what happens when you hunt carp karp deer.
  11. firstcoueswas80

    rifle build

    Kyle's rifles do ok..... at 800 yards.
  12. firstcoueswas80


    You know what they say about the guy who builds a thousand bridges, right?
  13. firstcoueswas80

    rifle build

    Kyle Craig for sure. He built my 28 Nosler, but has gone over and above since then. He has sold me bullets when I was in a bind and couldn't find any, he has given me Boxes for shipping when I needed one. Also anything I've Ever Needed tweaked on my rifle he gets it in the shop and does it almost immediately. I can't sing enough praise about the work that Kyle does.
  14. firstcoueswas80


    Just let me do the driving when we're on a mountain dirt road.
  15. firstcoueswas80

    10+15×50 Leica Duovids