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    my son, and my dogs, hunting, shooting, reloading.

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  1. firstcoueswas80

    Grandpa's Rifle and Antlers

    I recently had to buy my grandpas rifle from a pawn shop. But, as a friend says, funds come and go, but memories dont.
  2. firstcoueswas80

    Pinpointing downed animal

    This is what I do.
  3. firstcoueswas80

    Anyone going to Tucson this week?

    I drive to and from Casa Grande 5 days a week. I'll be happy to take it to the Northwest side of Tucson.
  4. firstcoueswas80

    Popcorn thread

    God Damnit Terry, now I'm hungry. You bastard.
  5. firstcoueswas80

    NIB Weatherby Lazerguard 300 wby mag

    Bump. $800
  6. firstcoueswas80

    Popcorn thread

    See, I honestly kind of disagree with this. I think no bull knows everything there is to know about the situation he's just trying to bad-mouth the game and fish in Defence of his brother.
  7. firstcoueswas80

    $20 Fantasy Football League

    Not to hijack This Thread, but a local league has an opening. 10 team 3 receiver, $30 buy-in. Draft position will be number 7 and the draft is this Sunday at 8:30 pm.
  8. firstcoueswas80

    Popcorn thread

    If I had to wager a guess, based on everything else, that scenario is a lie. Sounds to me like Mr. Lawyer just alluded to committing several misdemeanors, if not felonies.
  9. firstcoueswas80

    NIB Weatherby Lazerguard 300 wby mag

  10. firstcoueswas80

    NIB Weatherby Lazerguard 300 wby mag

    Listing this for a friend. New in box 300 wby.Unified, taken out of the box for inspection and pictures. $850/shipped. This gun is posted on multiple sites. First I will take it, by timestamp whether public or in private message gets it.
  11. firstcoueswas80

    Popcorn thread

    When your brother gets what he (more than likely) deserves, it will be worth it.
  12. firstcoueswas80

    Alpen Rainier EDHD 10x42

    I had a pair of Alpen years ago. One of my first pair of tripod mounted binos. They were surprisingly good.
  13. firstcoueswas80

    Popcorn thread

    Dude, not even OJ was as guilty as your brother is..
  14. firstcoueswas80

    Maven b4 12x56 Price drop again $825

    I'm going to throat punch you.
  15. firstcoueswas80

    $20 Fantasy Football League

    Seems to be my luck this year. In other drafts I'm 6, 8 and 10. I'm fine with it.