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  1. firstcoueswas80

    WTS: Carbon Fiber tripod in excellent condition

    As was asked in the first for sale add, how in the world do you glass without a center post?
  2. firstcoueswas80

    Weatherby CFP 243 Pistol

    I wonder if this would trigger trphyhuntr to hunt pigs with 🤣
  3. firstcoueswas80

    2021 Rut....

    This dude was chasing a doe yesterday.
  4. firstcoueswas80

    AR question

    Gonna piss off the softies.
  5. firstcoueswas80

    AR question

    So, road hunting cow elk is within the spirt of the hunt, but shooting a totally legal firearm at a dang javelina isn't within the "spirit of the hunt"?
  6. firstcoueswas80

    AR question

    If it's legal, I don't give a dam what someone uses.
  7. firstcoueswas80

    AR question

    How is it different than road hunting and shooting cow elk from the road, like you suggested the other day? Bring upset by another sportsmans legal method of take is the dumbest thing ever.
  8. firstcoueswas80

    AR question

    "Within the spirit of the law" is the dumbest argument ever. It's legal or it isn't.
  9. firstcoueswas80


    Let me.know if it falls through please.
  10. firstcoueswas80

    Looking for 10mm ammo

    I can probably spare some of you come up empty
  11. firstcoueswas80

    Outdoorsmans Tripod FS

    Very good. Glad to hear it
  12. firstcoueswas80

    Outdoorsmans Tripod FS

    Holy crap you are still alive!
  13. firstcoueswas80

    We gonna do a 2021 CWT fantasy league

    Good, competitive league this year boys. Congrats to the winner.
  14. firstcoueswas80

    WTB Vortex Razor HD Gen 1

    Nope. Gen 1.
  15. firstcoueswas80

    WTB Binos