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  1. Hunter4Life09

    ISO leupold LRP

    I’m looking to buy a Leupold Lrp, either 6.5-20 or 8.5-25 Moa reticle in RFP, let me know what you got
  2. Hunter4Life09


  3. Hunter4Life09

    RCBS 22-250 dies

    Still available
  4. Hunter4Life09

    RCBS 22-250 dies

  5. Hunter4Life09

    RCBS 22-250 dies

    I have a set of 22-250 dies that have been used maybe twice I’m looking to get $40 buyer pays shipping or trade for a set of 6 creedmoor dies
  6. Hunter4Life09

    ISO tikka action

    I am looking for a tikka short action is anyone looking to sale?
  7. Hunter4Life09

    WTT: Remington 700 22-250

    Willing to sale the stock if anyone is interested
  8. Hunter4Life09

    WTT: Remington 700 22-250

  9. Hunter4Life09

    WTT: Remington 700 22-250

    If I trade it’ll be for other firearms
  10. Hunter4Life09

    WTT: Remington 700 22-250

    Possibly looking to trade my Remington 700 22-250 bdl. Rifle is in great condition it currently has a rifle basix trigger and magpul stock. Not 100% positive I’m wanting to get rid of it just exploring some options, if your interested or want some pictures send me a pm, thanks
  11. Hunter4Life09

    20 gauge

    Not yet seems like everyone is starting To hold onto what they have
  12. Hunter4Life09

    20 gauge

    Looking for a 26in barrel at least, preferably an over/under or semi auto but I’ll consider pumps
  13. Hunter4Life09

    Best bipod

    What is everyone using for Bipods your long range setups, I’m looking for something that is light weight and not going to break the bank
  14. Hunter4Life09

    20 gauge

    Is anybody looking to sale a 20 gauge, what do you all have?
  15. Hunter4Life09

    Leica 2700 b

    I think I finally figured it out so apparently when you import the data too the sd card you can’t have nothing else on your downloads so this is how I have been doing it 1. put your sd card into your computer 2. Delete whatever downloads you have on your removable sd card as well in your previous downloads onto your computer, if you don’t do this then you will have multiple drop charts in your downloads. 3. put your data into the Leica app on their website and when you go to import the data from the computer to the card make sure it saves as drop.hex and nothing else 4. From here you can drag the file from your downloads to your removable sd card and then you should be able to put the card into the rangefinder and it “should” work