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  1. There discontinued curious if someone had an extra one willing to part with. Thanks
  2. jwhunter

    Marsupial Gear Enclosed Bino Harness (Bag Only)

    Forgot to add that. It’s a small and located in Show Low.
  3. Used in the past two seasons. In good condition. Has the buckle delete kit. Does not come with the straps. $40
  4. Spott Hogg Fast Eddie XL Triple Stack 0.10 pins Comes with all sight tapes and MRT rings Includes a Iight In excellent condition $300
  5. jwhunter

    Rugged Patriot and Bowfinger Stabilizers

    Both sold
  6. 12” Rugged Patriot Stabilizer with quick disconnect $50 10” Bowfinger Ultimate Hunter Stabilizer with weight stack $50 Thanks Guys
  7. jwhunter

    Sitka Ascent Pants

    $75 Final bump
  8. jwhunter

    Sitka Ascent Pants

    Bump $85
  9. jwhunter

    Sitka Ascent Pants

    $95 for the pants
  10. jwhunter

    Sitka Ascent Pants

  11. jwhunter

    Sitka Ascent Pants

    Ascent Pants $100
  12. jwhunter

    Sitka Ascent Pants

    All items are sold except Kelvin Lite Vest is available