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  1. SaMartini

    Savage 110 tactical 6.5 creedmoor

    I have a Remington 700 30/06 with a magpul stock if you're interested in a trade.
  2. SaMartini

    REM 700 6.5 CM

    Trade for a Kimber Compact 45 acp?
  3. SaMartini

    Mathews solo cam bow

    I'll give you $5
  4. SaMartini

    Any Ramshot Magnum powders out there?

    Willing to trade for H4350, located in Tucson
  5. SaMartini

    61 rnds .30-06 $30 Tucson

    150 grain?
  6. SaMartini

    6.5 creedmoor hornady ammo

    I'll take them, meet tomorrow?
  7. SaMartini

    6.5 creedmoor hornady ammo

  8. SaMartini

    6.5 creedmoor hornady ammo

    Same lot number?
  9. I have an unopened box of 143gr. Eld-x projectiles that I would like to trade for a pound of H1000. Trade only. Located in Tucson
  10. SaMartini


    Still have N165?
  11. SaMartini

    Coueswhitetail bullet group buy

    I'd be interested in a few boxes of 143 eld-x projectiles(100ct)
  12. SaMartini

    WTT 6.5 140 gr VLD and 208 AMAX