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  1. joohnnybgood

    Looking For...

    I have a stainless Pro Hunter barrel in 300 wm if you're interested?
  2. joohnnybgood

    Wts 270 7mm and 308 bullets

    I'll take these: 270 cal Sierra 110gr part number 1810 7 boxs all factory sealed 200.00 plus flat rate ship. 7mm cal Sierra 120gr part number 1900 two boxs factory sealed 60.00 + flat rate 30 cal 150gr bullets one Sierra 2125 and one Speer 2023 factory sealed 50.00+ flatrate
  3. joohnnybgood

    25-20 Ammunition Wanted

    So, it'll be for sale after the ammo runs out? 🤣 I hope he reloads so he can keep shooting. I might have some components for him if he does.
  4. joohnnybgood

    Rokslide members?

    Just make sure you steer clear of a Scammer/Hack that goes by the handle "Newtosavage" on Rokslide and Savage Shooters.
  5. joohnnybgood

    Gear clean out /PRICE DROP

    I'll take the Contender barrel...
  6. joohnnybgood

    ISO Good Honest AC Car Repair Shop in Mesa

    AJ too far?
  7. joohnnybgood

    Flash fish portable power station EA150

    I'll take it
  8. joohnnybgood

    SOLD Guns for sale SOLD

    I'll take the Kimber .22
  9. joohnnybgood

    Take off stocks

    I will take the Remington 700 items
  10. joohnnybgood


    Danger Sambojenkins...danger...
  11. joohnnybgood

    WTB Thompson Center Encore barrels and frames

    Still looking for barrels and frames...
  12. joohnnybgood

    Mc davis. SCAMMER?

    I received one from him too. Scammer for sure!
  13. Any Gear Heads on here? Quick Fuel HR-850 Carburetor for sale or trade for 2A items, 357 or 44 Mag revolvers, Thompson Center Encore or Contender barrels and frames, stainless to the front. Carb has been ran on our Dyno to check function, leaks, etc and taken off. These go for $684 plus Tax. Located in East Valley or Phoenix during the week. Will trade or sell for $650. https://www.holley.com/products/fuel_systems/carburetors/street/parts/HR-850
  14. joohnnybgood

    .243 ammo

    I'll take them all