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  1. joohnnybgood

    Top tier glass for sale Binos and Spotter

    Seconds on the spotter...
  2. 22 cal 33 grain hp about 180-200 for $20 I'll take these...
  3. joohnnybgood

    6.5cm Ammo

  4. Like the title says, want to buy Savage Sporter/Standard contour small shank 308 or 243 barrels in excellent to brand new condition with no issues. Thank you.
  5. joohnnybgood

    Savage Axis II SS in 6.5cm NIB

  6. joohnnybgood

    Anybody have a guy for recoil pads?

    Dale is a good Man. Glad to see He's still doing it.
  7. joohnnybgood

    ruger sp101 357

  8. After some thought I don't need another caliber right now. I have several other rifles in the other calibers listed. Otherwise I'd keep it.
  9. As the title says. Looking to trade my NIB SS Savage Axis II 6.5cm for same in 223, 243, 7mm-08, 308, 270, 30-06. Located in the East Valley or Phoenix during the week.
  10. joohnnybgood

    bobcat,mountain lion and bear

    Yeah. I read what you said. Your statement "will never outright ban such hunting" sticks I'm my head. Plenty of Californian Hunters thought the same thing. Our "Current" way of doing things here is changing with every Brandon supporter that moves here. That's my point. Carry on.
  11. joohnnybgood

    Savage Axis II SS in 6.5cm NIB

    Looking to trade for same rifle in .243, 7mm-08, or .308., 270, or 30-06
  12. joohnnybgood

    bobcat,mountain lion and bear

    Ask a California Hunter if they thought the same thing...
  13. joohnnybgood

    WTB Kimber Rifle

    If you reload you can always load some 110-130 grain projectiles to soften the recoil a bit...
  14. joohnnybgood

    WTB Kimber Rifle

    I have a Kimber Classic Stainless in 308 I might be looking to part with if you're interested in that caliber?