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  1. joohnnybgood

    Vx1 3-9x40

    I'll take it if you can ship...
  2. joohnnybgood

    WTB IMR 7828

    I have a 1# bottle with 40 .243 rounds loaded from it if you're interested?
  3. joohnnybgood


  4. joohnnybgood

    300 Win Mag Ammo and Reloading Bundle includes H1000

    Price drop to $350 for everything.
  5. joohnnybgood

    8 pounder of IMR 4350

  6. joohnnybgood


    Pm sent on 204 brass and dies...
  7. joohnnybgood


    Pm's sent...
  8. joohnnybgood

    Looking for muzzy 209 primers

    Ok. Let me know.
  9. joohnnybgood

    Looking for muzzy 209 primers

    Shotgun 209 primers work?
  10. joohnnybgood


    Yes Sir!
  11. joohnnybgood


    Are you still looking for a 302 rebuildable core engine? This one ran before being pulled. I put a socket and a ratchet on the front crankshaft bolt and I can turn it over by hand so it's not locked up. Comes with all of the mounts and brackets up front so doing your conversion might be easier. Also being sold with a nice 2 ton engine hoist/Cherry Picker. Let me know if you'reinterested? Have a forklift to load it into the back of your truck. Can help you and your Dad with the machine work as well.
  12. joohnnybgood

    .270 Ammo 4 sale

    How many are available? I will take at least 4 boxes or more. Location?
  13. joohnnybgood

    Anybody have IMR 4064?

    I have a pound or two to trade for IMR 3031 or H4895...
  14. joohnnybgood

    found some thanks all

    How much too short? Could you load it and Fire Form it?