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  1. Sneaker

    Fishing big island HI need recommendations

    If you are into spear fishing, I just went with a guide on the big island a week ago and it was awesome but I've gone spear fishing 4 times before. It takes a pretty specific skill set and has kind of a steep learning curve, for the obvious reasons of: the swimming/snorkeling with waves, diving with a wetsuit and weight belt, ear equalization, holding your breath, the spear gun, and not being scared of sharks lol. But it is a blast, especially in Hawaii with the water clarity and abundance of fish. I got a 12 lb Omilu (bluefin travalley) and a nice Roi(Peacock Grouper) at close to 40 feet deep along with other easier to come by catches. We even got a chinese place to cook up the Omilu for us that night, yum.
  2. Sneaker

    Any Cameras Out There?

    My kids asked me the other day if we are going to do any. No kids, we aren't, because Game and Fish doesn't like you, or fun. No fun allowed.
  3. Sneaker

    AZGFD offering 12 Limited tags.

    The odds are definitely not in our favor...
  4. Sneaker

    Any Velvet Pictures Yet?

    Asking for you guys that have been out scouting to post some bull picture updates, please, thanks.
  5. Sneaker

    Sold Prime Nexus 4, 70lb, like new

    $570, I verified it has not been registered with prime yet.
  6. Sneaker

    Another Drought Year...

    How studly we talking?
  7. Sneaker

    Corner crossing in AZ

    Notify the owners of the Boquillas, ORO, X-One, AHA, or Fort Rock ranches before you do it, with time and your way points, and we will cheer you on with popcorn ready to see how she goes!
  8. Sneaker

    Corner crossing in AZ

    The game and fish office in Kingman has told me that it is NOT allowed. The unit by unit hunt area suggestions on game and fish website also kind of support this, essentially calling every checkerboard ranch area private and inaccessible without permission. Not sure if it has ever been legally tested here though. It’s a shame that the way to find out is to get a citation and go to court. I can think of many places in northern AZ where corner hopping would be very very nice to be able to do.
  9. AZ has the best system out there. The old guys in town swear it doesn't work, not fair, but that is just because they don't understand all the nuances or math, they "never get drawn", yada yada. But it is just all flat basic statistical chance once you understand the whole system. You just have to play the game the correct way if you want to hunt more or in better places, just have to adjust you apps accordingly. Its a thing of beauty really. May the rain fall and the odds be ever in your favor!!!
  10. Sneaker

    Any Velvet Pictures Yet?

    I'll be honest, this thread makes me want to cry a little inside knowing I won't be getting any more scouting trail cam pics to share with you all, and visa versa. All cell phone "from the Road" and backyard pics only from now on boys and girls!
  11. Sneaker

    Another Drought Year...

    Still looking bbaaadddd for moisture πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž
  12. Sneaker

    Sold Prime Nexus 4, 70lb, like new

    Draw length is quick adjustable from 23.5 to 30.5 by just moving the set screws. 34” axel to axel
  13. Sneaker

    Sold Prime Nexus 4, 70lb, like new

    Bump, this guy could kill your 360" bull this year for you!