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  1. Sneaker

    Hunters Safety Field Day?

    I’m in the same boat with two kids. I’ve been in contact with game and fish and they just say, sorry, watch the online portal. I did a public record request, there are 7,500 people who have passed the online that need a field day, all that are expiring by this summer’s extended deadline. There have been only 118 total seats offered or scheduled for online field days so far this year! The numbers don’t work and the department just says, well, most of our instructors never came back after Covid… but that’s not a solution, that’s just a problem. The department either needs to start managing and offering mass field days themselves, or do away with it like a bunch of other states.
  2. Sneaker

    Credit Card hit thread

  3. Sneaker

    Auction tag

    This was a 2023 auction buck from Utah, 45” wide, 276” in velvet. The auction prices last night were $575k for the AZ Statewide, $375k for Antelope Island, $340k for the UT statewide.
  4. Sneaker

    2024 Bucks

    These were our best 3 bucks this year for 5 hunters, had a lot of fun, a lot of rutting action, a lot of deer, and a lot of tortillas:
  5. Sneaker

    Mexico dead head

    The ranchers where we were this year found two nice bucks, maybe 105 and a 110 type buck, dead, locked antlers together. They found them in the summer, looked like they had died rut of 2023. I would have loved to have been able to get those back home. Thought about how I could make that happen like the whole week but the only way was to smuggle them or clean them up all the way and put two tags on them, so they are still there in the yard... So cool though. The antlers go together like a puzzle, it was pretty mindblowing how they would not come apart even though they looked like they should easily disconnect at any moment. If you yanked real good on them you could have got them apart pretty easy I think, but that would be dumb Both a little broke and both had a couple extras.
  6. Sneaker

    Border Crossing

    We didn’t bring capes back, but the USDA guy working the Nogales border last week was a real jerk. Bossing us around all over the place. Was threatening us and acting like we were cape smugglers and going on and on about losing our vehicle if he found a cape we were hiding. I definitely got the impression he would have been very very strict about ticks if we had one to declare…
  7. Sneaker

    2023-24 archery deer tracking

    Guys have really whacked them up in my neck of the woods this year apparently, 15s are closed and 16a is almost closed, neither of them even shut down last year through Jan I'm pretty sure. I'm assuming sitting water was pretty deadly with how dry were were up until yesterday.
  8. Sneaker

    Mule deer hunting around Sahuarita

    The OTC structure and quota system all together is what I was talking about, they are a lot quicker to remove portions of the year from allowable hunt dates as well as a result I feel like too, in addition to the quota closures. I’ve talked to several guys in town that despite all of game and fish warnings everywhere were hunting or were going to hunt closed areas due to closure ignorance.
  9. Sneaker

    Mule deer hunting around Sahuarita

    Revised deer regs strike again.
  10. Sneaker

    2023 Honda pioneer 6

    Front seat gets pretty toasty from the engine after a while though:) We like our Pioneer, but that’s the only complaint probably.
  11. Sneaker

    How old do you say he is?

    Fish cops recorded 9 rings, scorer counted 8, this is how I personally counted using the 4th year as the first very pronounced ring, but I’m not experienced at all.
  12. Pope and Young certified scorer who is a self proclaimed sheep expert(if you saw his trophy rooms you would be fully convinced he is) and GandF folks had different opinions on my friend’s ram from the weekend. What do you think?
  13. Sneaker

    No elk pics? Stories

    Yeah the success posts here have took a big nose dive over the last 5 years. I used to love seeing the posts and stories but people have moved to social media I think for that. I don’t do those so I come to look here and usually nada!
  14. Sneaker

    Turnaround Times?

    It seems like the truly professional, organized guys have less than 18 months turns. If you think about it, if their delay is longer than that, they have either experienced a major operations problem, of they are taking in too much work. Take it for what its worth, but basically every full-time taxidermist that I have visited that has more than a 20 month turn time ALSO has a shop that looks disorganized, dirty, and is not managing their inflow and outflow well, and I usually don't like the look of their work anyway. Sounds harsh but its what I've seen.