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  1. Sneaker

    New 1/2 Ton - What would you pick?

    Very few Chevy supporters it seems. I have a 2017 Silverado Z71, 5.3, put aftermarket shocks and larger tires on and it drives amazing around town and my beloved dirt roads of Northern AZ. I have not done much towing though, just our wakeboard boat. Is that where people feel a 1/2 ton silverado lacks? I have never owned a camp trailer but am interested in getting one in the short term. Am I in for disappointment towing with a 1/2 ton 5.3? I really don't want to go to a 3/4 ton because of how stiff they ride on dirt.
  2. Sneaker

    Major winter storm to hit high country

    13 inches at my office in Kingman, measured in the middle of the parking lot. 3,589 feet elevation at 9:36am. Snow still coming down.
  3. Sneaker

    CC Hit

    I was just starting to internally appreciate the department for being more consistent with the draw... then they had the system failure and deadline extension last week, so now I have to wait another couple years to build up trust again:)
  4. Sneaker

    new to shed hunting, advice?

    Nobody really shed hunts around Kingman, density is just so low, I probably average like 1 crappy bleached muley shed per 15 miles here local, come one come all! Elk sheds in the Hualapais are worse than that. The good(and therefore secret) spots are far away. I have actually found in the mule deer areas I have had good luck in that there have been higher concentrations of sheds on the north and east facing slopes of the bigger hills, but I find them all over.
  5. Sneaker

    License Convenience Fee

    Guess it will come down to how far you live from both, how much the fee is, and what your gas mileage looks like. With fees pretty low, gas will cost you more(for most people in the state) than the convenience fee real fast.
  6. Sneaker

    License Convenience Fee

    OTC tags is the problem. I wonder what Walmart will do, which I'm sure is the number one seller of OTC tags and licenses in the state.
  7. Sneaker

    hunting map apps, gps

    I have used Gaia for a long time and have always liked it. Has tons of map layers but they have moved to a subscription bases for the full features. Yes it does work when you phone does not have signal, because GPS works off of satellites, not cell towers. You do just need to save the versions of the maps you want before you do go out into the woods. But all of the apps will always be able to track you when you don't have coverage. I put my phone on airplane mode and on battery saver mode and it will last all day while tracking my path that way.
  8. Sneaker

    Elk hunting in the rain tips

    Looks like I'll be trying to hunt in the rain some or all of Monday-Wednesday. Hopefully there are some breaks in the storms and the elk are feeling vocal. Any tips or tricks? Should the elk be acting pretty normal if its just a light rain?
  9. Sneaker

    My 2018 Archery Bull

    Very nice bull, congrats.
  10. Sneaker

    Grizzly hunt cancelled

    Sounds like this judge likes is teddy bears a little too much.
  11. Sneaker

    Best trail cam bait?

    Yep, water and salts. Salt is hit and miss though as some areas, such as where I live in 16a, the wildlife must get enough natural salt or cow salt around that they haven't paid much attention to what I have offered. Water works, but is the best way to get your camera stolen as well.
  12. Sneaker

    2018 Bugling Bulls

    Was wondering the same. Probably correlated with the less call ins experienced the next day. I got into a mad cluster of calls Saturday morning, almost made it happen, but back to work now until Thursday.
  13. Sneaker

    Camera & stand thieves facing charges

    Yeah I wish we could get some of this enforcement action going on here in Arizona. G&F decided they are legal a few months back, so it should be illegal and punishable to steal them.
  14. Sneaker

    Swaro 12x50 or 15x56HD?

    Wow I had no idea so many people were using 12s over 15s.