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  1. Way to be out there, what a reward!
  2. Anyone that follows the big outfitters on social media see what bulls were harvested on the statewide tags in 2022?
  3. Sneaker

    Almost time

    Man 50 does and 0 bucks in 6 days. That is brutal! Better start apply for a different hunt next year. I thought finding a buck around Kingman was a challenge, but unit 21 sounds like the buck void of the state.
  4. Sneaker

    Toy hauler for sale

    This is alot like mine, but this is nicer and newer 😁
  5. Sneaker

    AZ Bucket List (input needed)

    Havasupai is hard to beat but still is not opened from covid and has been getting harder and harder to get tickets to hike/visit over the last 10 years anymore anyway. So might as well give up:)
  6. The decoying was dead with nothing flying so I changed tactics and jump shot everything... although I keep investing, I haven't quite got decoying success figured out yet.
  7. Sneaker

    Grandsons First Coues hunt

    What an experience!
  8. Got my first duck limit this weekend, my second year getting into duck hunting. I'm convinced it must have been the new rig was the lucky ticket. 1 green wing, three ruddy ducks, 3 mallard.
  9. As long as they don't use radios. (jokes)
  10. Yeah everyone told me the archery hunt was pretty rough this year. Feed and water everywhere spreads everything out, which makes it so that even on a camera year the hunting is still tough. At least you have the rut getting closer for the rifle hunt that will help you out. The historic areas that hold does during the rut will still hold does, so people with that legacy knowledge will still benefit from it. Not having cameras this year will make it so that 5 outfitters should not be hunting one big buck living in a less popular area, theoretically. If they aren't starting to rut yet though, it can get tough quick. Maybe you are an all-in doesn't-get-hunt-fatigue type of guy, but I would be careful about going 5-6 days early and staying straight through, it can be brutal on you mentally and physically, especially on the strip where you might not see a mature buck for a couple days depending on where you are hunting and the rut. By the time you have been up there for 8 or 9 days, that 175" 4x4 can start looking mighty fine... I personally could probably only do 2 or 3 days of scouting before the hunt if I was staying continuous straight through by myself, but some guys can do it no problem. Maybe some of mine is tied to home/fam situation that always play a factor.
  11. Sneaker

    Duwane Adams ?

    Wow, 450 man hours into the case, that is some legit dirt digging the department has been doing. FB post is definitely evasive and doesn't address the current issues. Like it or not, he chose to do a profession that is in the spot light, has done books, videos, podcasts, he is known by alot of people and when he is convicted of cheating in the industry that he says he loves and supports, people are going to voice their disappointment.
  12. Sneaker

    First Archey Bull

    Nice man, I would say he has to be over 10 with those teeth.
  13. Sneaker

    Trail Camera Question

    I wish it were that simple but it is not, the wording of the rule and the G&F's own email goes way way beyond whether or not you "intend" to hunt around there or not. It is wrong to say "You just can't use them to locate animals and then hunt those animals". Thats just the blatant beginning. They say literally "This data is not limited to a photograph of a specific animal, all knowledge gained by the use of the camera will be unlawful, that is such a huge superlative, it could easily be argued that ANY using of a trail camera would make it IMPOSSIBLE to not have gained some knowledge then that would benefit the camera owner if he were then to hunt ever after. EVERYTHING the cam does and doesn't show is info that is impossible for a cam owner/future hunter to ignore and not utilize as a hunter. You then have an unfair leg up on anyone that didn't run a camera, which essentially makes it so that you can't use cameras and hunt anywhere that the info would be beneficial in any way. I don't like it but thats how they are interpreting it and maybe(probably not) going to enforce it.
  14. Sneaker

    RV rental services

    I've used those services multiple times as a renter when we were going out of state to family reuinions. Things went well from my side of things. Pretty painless. I didn't break anything though.
  15. Sneaker

    Trail Camera Question

    Yep, they really went about as nuclear as you can without saying "no cameras in the woods". There really are a ton of what-ifs, and ANY kind of knowledge for ANY kind of hunting decisions FOREVER pretty much makes it so you can not hunt that "area", now someone define "area" lol.