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  1. Sneaker

    New WR Non-typical P&Y

    Maybe this means we down here in Arizona have been scoring them wrong this whole time? 😜
  2. Sneaker

    Elk draw: ( my mistake!)

    Wow I didn’t know this, that’s a huge penalty for swinging for the fences for a non-resident kid. If any of their choices are non-youth, then even if they draw a youth tag they charge full price. Ouch. Makes some sense I guess though.
  3. Sneaker

    Results are up

    Wife is a proud owner of an early rifle bull unit 10 tag!
  4. Sneaker

    Tick Tock

    Plus who would be a plaintiff, just someone who didn’t draw, whose card WAS still active at the deadline and the damages would be that they should have been next in line to be awarded a tag IF the department hadn’t called people directly whose cards were rejected? hahaha
  5. Sneaker

    Tick Tock

    What makes you think today? Just curious, haven’t heard anything that would point to that. I hope your right for all our sakes.
  6. Sneaker

    Tick Tock

    The betting money has to be tomorrow right?!?!?
  7. Sneaker

    I heard the hits are coming.

    Mine still says pending
  8. Sneaker

    I heard the hits are coming.

    We’ve waited this long, they might as well wait until Friday to keep with Friday charge trend.
  9. Sneaker

    Enough moisture?

    Navajo National off the charts the last 30 days, everywhere else is meh compared to normal.
  10. Sneaker

    How far would you pack out an elk

    Yeah, but you can decide ahead of time if you are going to hunt 4 miles in or if you better stick to the roaded areas. Units vary widely in how many roads there are and how far you can get away from them.
  11. Sneaker

    How far would you pack out an elk

    Boning out is the only way to go. Terrain and weather make a big difference on how difficult it will be and what your body, and the meat, can take. If you aren’t in great shape and it’s warm I would want to stay within 1/2 mile for sure. Usually takes 4 trips for a single guy if you are carrying a lot and the head out. 3 if you are total beast mode and doing over 100lb per.
  12. Sneaker

    Game and fish finally does something right. Good job

    Yeah very interested to find out when they will start charging cards now, thinking Sat morning or Monday morning?
  13. Sneaker

    Game and Fish working hard ....????

    I can't believe they refuse to say that something went wrong. To blame the extra long dealy on marginally different applicants is a cop out. Are they writing everyones application down on a piece of paper and then reentering them in a spreadsheet or what the heck is going on down there, they are already electronic and in the system haha. They really need to get a better systems admin down there.
  14. Sneaker

    Tick Tock

    I would be very shocked if they run cards at this point without giving a day or two for people to update them again first. There has to be dozens of people by now that have had fraud forced card shut downs in the last week, and therefore the department would never hear the end of it, and maybe if some of those dozens has enough money, litigation. Speaking from experience, you don't have to be right, or close to right, to have a lawsuit that isn't flatly thrown out. In this case for instance, they could just use the last X number of draws as the state establishing precident to at least really make the department have to spend time fighting it. I'm frankly surprised nobody has got on here saying theiy need to update their card because of xyz but are not able to.
  15. Sneaker

    Tipping Taxidermist

    I’ve never tipped.