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  1. Mog

    Hypothetical draw question

    I asked this same question with intentions to give my son my tag if it was more desirable than what he drew, GF lady said no.
  2. Mog


    PM sent
  3. Mog

    German wirehair pointer

    Looking for a reputable place to get a German wirehair pointer, any suggestions?
  4. Mog

    Rim road open?

    Wondering if the 300 rd is open up on the rim near woods canyon lake? Will anything be closed for the youth turkey opener?
  5. Thanks Wingshooter appreciate the offer, hoping to purchase one before the hunt, have other kids as well that will hopefully be interested in using it when old enough too!
  6. Interested in a compact 20 gauge semi auto shotgun that accepts 3" shells, my son is 10 and has a turkey hunt coming up, let me know if you have any interest in selling, thank you.
  7. Mog

    Bino question

    Dangit this messed me up, was pretty set on marsupial but this is a deal breaker, lots of people complaining about this online. Thanks for the warning!
  8. Mog

    Bino question

    Currently I am carrying 10x40 Zeiss classics attached to a big horn elastic harness and am feeling like I'm ready to re-tool. I find that I don't use my 10s very often unless I am actively moving on a critter, and am considering downsizing to Swarovski cl companion 8x30s. I would also like to put them in a marsupial or similar chest case. Any advice or experience with the swaro 8x30s compared to Zeiss 10x40s? My goal is to downsize a little bit but not sacrifice optic quality. Also hoping to be able to shoot a bow with the marsupial harness on, is that possible?
  9. Like lots of ammo, can't find it anywhere. My son has a hunt in November and I'd feel a lot better with another box or two on hand to site in and have available for the hunt. Long shot but let me know if you have any you're willing to part with, thanks
  10. Ive heard in the past that horns had to be beyond the ears for legal take, however I can't find anything in the regs to support this. All I can find is "male pronghorn" is the definition for legal take, am I missing anything?
  11. Mog

    ISO 28 ga. Citori

    Sorry should have mentioned I'm looking for the 725 sporting model
  12. Mog

    ISO 28 ga. Citori

    Let me know if you have one you're interested in selling, thank you.
  13. Mog

    Target shooting

    Are there any restrictions on target shooting right now? Can I go sight in in the lower desert?