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  1. Mog

    Electrician needed

    I was able to determine that I have two circuits that supply the kitchen. One of the circuits has six outlets the other has 7. The one with 7 includes the fridge. When these go out it requires a trip to the circuit breaker outside. The garage freezer outlet goes out as well but this is independent of the kitchen circuit. I can tell because my landscape lights don't turn on at night when the garage outlet is not working. This can be reset by the GFCI outlet in the garage, it does not require a trip to the breaker outside. Also my house was built in 2016.
  2. Mog

    Electrician needed

    Anyone know a quality electrician? I have a relatively newer home and my breaker keeps tripping. I can't run a Keurig and an electric griddle at the same time in my kitchen without losing power to all the outlets. My garage outlets go out too which is bad for the freezer. Home warranty basically said this was a safety requirement and I shouldn't have a freezer in the garage, but I never had an issue with any of this at my previous home. Looking for options...
  3. Can anyone recommend a quality auto detail guy that will come out to the house? I am in Queen Creek. Thx
  4. Mog

    2017 Coues Calendar?

    Thanks for getting back to me on this, I will leave my '16 calendar up in my office until 2018 lol
  5. Mog

    2017 Coues Calendar?

    Any word on when or if it will be available?
  6. Mog

    Plantation shutters

    Anyone have any experience with these? We are interested in putting these in our new home, appreciate any advice or recommendations. Home is 2500 sq ft, how much should I expect to pay?
  7. The colors on that one is amazing. Almost gila monster looking, very cool. Arizona Black. I believe this to be a northern blacktail
  8. Mog

    Roof tiles

    We have to replace 3 cracked roof tiles before we can close on the sale of our home, any suggestions on where to get extra tiles? Appreciate the help
  9. Mog

    Free 14' trampoline

    Tramp is gone, please delete
  10. Mog

    Free 14' trampoline

    We have sold our home and don't want to take the trampoline with us, it is a couple of years old, the blue mat over the springs has become brittle from the az sun and the protective net has some tears in it. No missing springs and the bounce surface is in good shape. If you want it come and get it (pm me). You have to disassemble it though, we are located in Gilbert.
  11. Need some insider advice from folks from Colorado or familiar. May be taking a job opportunity in Greeley that will require some commuting to Loveland and Fort Collins as well, but mostly Greeley. Is there anything I should know or avoid? Thinking Windsor may be a nice in the middle spot. We have young kids so school quality is a factor. Reading stuff online makes Greeley sounds like it is ravaged with gang and criminal activity, is that true?
  12. While we are waiting for results I am curious to know what flashlight everyone is using for the hike in to your glassing spot. Are you big on using a red lens so as not to spook animals (not even sure if this is legit or not). I enjoy checking out new flashlights especially if they are affordable so let me know what your go to is. I have used the following: http://www.ledlenserusa.com/t2qc-462.html#start=14 I like this light but feel like the red light is too bright. https://coastportland.com/product/px20/ Have also used this coast light (can get at Lowe's and many other hardware stores). I don't like how you can't tell the difference between the white and red light buttons especially with gloves. Also don't like the click noise it makes when turning on, always trying to be as quiet as possible. I am not a huge fan of headlamps for the morning hike in, I don't like to inadvertantly shine light in a direction that I don't mean to. Are there other good ones I'm missing?
  13. Mog

    Got A Hit!!

    Curious if any desert schools hits yet, not sure how quick they show up in pending