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  1. Mog

    Wood stock refinish

    Hi, we have an old sporterized H&K .223 that could use a good refinishing on the stock, who would you trust to perform that work and any ideas on a ballpark cost? Thanks
  2. Mog

    San Diego half day trip

    Hi, this thread has got me curious. My 12 year old is obsessed with fishing in general right now and we have several trips already planned to San Diego in August and October (not fishing related). I've never been fishing outside of Arizona, any recommendations on a kid friendly half day trip out of San Diego? Success/action is probably more important than type of fish. What should I expect something like this to cost? Lastly, do the charters take care of tackle, licenses, etc...? Thanks
  3. Mog

    Halon 7

    Interested, PM incoming
  4. If you own one in good shape and looking to sell please pm me, thanks! Also, if you think there's a better tent camping option for a family of 5 let me know.
  5. Mog

    WTB Chicken coop

    Hi, looking for a chicken coop in good condition for our 4 chickens, preferably in southeast valley. Thanks
  6. Mog

    WTB - Laying hens

    Also interested
  7. Mog

    WTB 7-30 waters ammo

    Let me know if you have any you're interested in parting with, thanks! Brandon
  8. Super happy with mine, high quality and shipped quick!
  9. Mog

    Benelli Ultra light 28 gauge

    PM sent and I am interested
  10. Does anyone know where I can get extra plates for the original Jim white tripod head? Thanks
  11. Mog

    Broken Tundra antenna

    This is a common issue, you can try removing with a reverse drill bit. Mine didn't work but I got an aftermarket antenna that stayed on for a while. Eventually it fell out though, dealer wants a lot to fix it, basically I don't listen to radio much anymore, just stream from my phone. Research on tundras.com may help, good luck.
  12. Considering getting the SLC HD glass, currently have the non-hd (I believe they are the neu version), wondering if anyone has any field experience with both and can speak to if it's worth it or not? And dont think I'm interested in the 12x42 NLs, not sure I can give up the extra power. Thanks
  13. Mog

    Medium size freezer, free

    Freezer spoken for pending pick up tomorrow, 2 other folks in line if it falls through, thanks
  14. I have a Kenmore freezer that meat spoiled in due to a breaker tripping. Can't get the smell out of it but it works great so seeing if anyone wants to come get it before trashing it. Located in Chandler
  15. Mog

    Hypothetical draw question

    I asked this same question with intentions to give my son my tag if it was more desirable than what he drew, GF lady said no.